Painwheel Teambuilding thread

Hey all, let’s get this ball rolling. If this thread gets busy I’ll try to condense stuff in one post but for now lets just discuss. **What team are you running, and why? **

Right now my team is Painwheel ( (Pillar). Here’s why:
-Painwheel loves an invincible AA assist. Especially when coupled with armor, her defense can be pretty tough.
-Pillar makes air-to-air confirming real easy. Catch with>call assist>fly over>otg>whatever.
-Pillar gives good blockstun to help set up safe strings with PW.
-Both PS supers DHC well in to Hatred Guard. Both force a block and allow you to rush in.

The only weakness I have right now is that PW is an awful assist character. I use to extend block-strings and mid-screen combos, but it doesn’t do much besides that. Having a chargable normal for an alpha counter is cool, but time will tell to see if that’s effective.


I want to run Painwheel/Valentine (Dark Painwheel rises), any tips on what would be the best assist to support Painwheel?

Seems Valentine players say is her best assist, and the same goes for Painwheel it seems.

I’d go with her command grab, her 2-hit, or ninja star. The first two give her more mixup tools and star gives a lot of stun.

Ninja star also gives you the added gimmick of loading a syringe with Valentine and then tagging or DHCing out, then landing a combo with Painwheel and calling the assist. Maybe it could be worthwhile with the increased hitstun vial, I dunno.

I’ve been playing a lot recently against my friend who plays a “hug the other side of the screen” Peacock and am contemplating using a Double assist to get through the stupid projectiles. I have Filia with DP (HP) assist but I’m not sure how to get around a heavy turtler. Anyone got any ideas?

my team is painwheel,peacock,double.

its true that pain can use a gtfo assist and i like h hornet bomber way more than parasolus pillar cause hornet bomber controls more space, peacock and double fit together really well. and painwheel can dhc to peacock then to double easily. if peacock comes out with PW still alive then if have a gtfo in hornet bomber or a screen controller in painwheels mp fireball.

from there its just matchup specific stuff. but basically this team has everything:
an offensive powerhouse that builds and spends meter well, a gtfo assist that also allows teleport crossups and hits fullscreen, a keepaway character if my rushdown got rushed down. and a meter user as an anchor, that has the games best assist as well. plus this team can be played as as 2 duos by putting peacock in front and never dhc’ing out and just using double as assist, with PW there in case peacock dies and some rushdown come from behind is needed.

but lets not lie, this team is based on double and the cheese of hornet bomber. that assist makes this team.


I’ve been messing with the same team and it does work pretty well. I just need to learn more Double outside of throw, Hornet Bomber, super, and LOL CAT HEAD CHIP DAMAGE!!!

I like doing the HP fireball as Painwheel’s assist, though honestly I don’t use it that often since you need that Hornet Bomber ready. It’s not like Peacock has any shortage of crap she can throw out directly in front of her, and the arc of the HP fireball expands Peacock’s overhead coverage past HK George. Of course the problem is it’s still really slow.

So I have been running Painwheel/Parasoul/Valentine (I end up running Painwheel/Parasoul a lot bc my Valentine is ass) and I am having a decent amount of trouble with Peacock when she has Parasoul or Double (or both).

Anybody have any tips for beating this comp? My strat has just been to go in with flight mode and try and prevent item drop calls while baiting assists. I don’t do too badly against the team overall but I definitely have a losing record against the good ones I have played.

I’ve converted to Painwheel/Parasoul and I think it is one of the strongest teams in the game at this point.

I use Napalm Pillar for my assist and well, it’s stupid as most people probably know haha. There isn’t much the assist doesn’t do for Painwheel. The only assist that could be better is Double’s HK Hornet Bomber and I think this is a very debatable topic. Personally I pick pillar because of it’s vertical height, low pushback, relative safety when it comes out and super easy to confirm off of. I also think Parasoul is a better character alone or with a Painwheel assist than Double, even with Catellites taken into consideration.

Basically the team can absolutely dominate the neutral, one thing I haven’t faced with this team is Peacock, but I think she should be manageable and no assist is really going to make Peacock that much less annoying anyway. I should be able to tell for sure after Sunday when I will be encountering a good Peacock player haha.

Also, Painwheel BnB 2 meter DHC into Parasoul lvl 3 does STUPID damage haha. Also Bike Super is a safe DHC on a block DEATH CRAWL!!1!

I was running Valentine second, but I came to the conclusion that both Painwheel and Valentine were point characters (though Valentine is a decent solo as well). Neither really has a oppressive assist (I learned that Mortuary Drop is next to useless against a good player once they expect it. Seriously the only thing you can do with it is an attack, not attack “mixup” that isn’t actually a mixup because super or even chicken block will almost always beat it) and both build meter very well, not really NEEDING to use it themselves but can make good use of it if they wish.

Cerecopter could be a very useful assist for Painwheel as well, but Pillar/Hornet Bomber are probably a better option really.

My team right now is Valentine/Painwheel so the synergy is a lot more specific, I feel. I can’t decide between her Command Throw assist (use sparingly when I can provide cover for her in case of whiff) or her qcf+k to hit low with mixups from flight, or her shuriken (with green vial hopefully)

I would probably suggest s.MK really.

I think Painwheel is a bit sub-optimal without something you can call constantly like Napalm Pillar or similar though. At least s.MK will give you some lockdown to go nuts, just be careful with it you can’t simply fall back on it like Pillar/Butt

I usually fly solo with Painwheel, but I’m looking to get into a second character. So far Parasoul and Double seem like really appealing options, but I’m curious how well any of the characters can DHC back into Painwheel? As we all know, you can’t DHC into Buer thresher so Painwheel’s only got two DHC-into options (Though this is probably a really good way to go into Hatred Install).

I know when Double’s car slam finishes, the other character is typically sent flying, so I’m testing to see if there’s a way to follow up Death crawl after that, but I thought I’d bring it up with the team synergy thread!

While this could be a relatively minor element of a Painwheel/X gameplan, I’m still quite curious.

The nice thing about the Painwheel/Parasoul combination is that, provided you’ve already cornered your opponent, either character can follow up a DHC with a full combo. For Painwheel to Parasoul, you can DHC from Death Crawl to the motorcycle gang super and then catch the opponent with a standing light normal into whatever. For Parasoul to Painwheel, you can end your combo with LP Napalm Shot XX the sniper super, then DHC to Death Crawl, and the Napalm Shot will explode after Death Crawl finishes and let Painwheel do more stuff. You can see an example of that in this video: [media=youtube]O4CGBFRioOQ[/media]

I have been trying many assist with painwheel and it’s very, very hard once you play against a good peacock. For exemple if the player is using peacock + cerebella and abusing cerecopter, you almost can’t approach. Each time you go in flight mode something fall on your head, once you get close, by foot or air, cerebella is here ready for you.

I tried using George’s car and plane and stand HP with peacock but event this does not save you from having things falling on your head. Same with a DP character (Filia or Fortune) : event if it locks Peacock for a short time, you’ll have a lot of trouble going in. I suppose a Painwheel / Fortune / Peacock could be good. I’ll try parasoul as it seems it’s a very good synergy, but against peacock, I doubt the Pillar is gonna save me. :slight_smile:

you need to use hornet bomber dude.

also try harrassing via hornet bomber assist plus pains crged fireball moves… they are good. peacock is hard because of the george moves that come straight down… tey basically pwn the shit out of flight…


Was exactly the solution I ended up coming up with too lol. Began learning Double today just for that.

That assist is so busted (and Double is so stupid with meter) it is hard to see anyone using anything but Double anchor in a couple weeks. Seriously that assist is almost unquestionably the best assist for just about every single purpose whether you are trying to get in, keep out, or mixup it does everything plus it bodies Napalm Pillar hard.

yep, pretty much. if you have ANY problem… hornet bomber is the solution. i expect that assist to be nerfed…but if it doesnt or till it does… its a mainstay on my teams.


There’s also Napalm Pillar haha. Also less chance of Napalm Pillar being nerfed.

wouldnt the parasoul bodyguard egret assist help against peacock?