Pad or stick?

What do you play with?
My first fighting game was Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition for the Sega Genesis. I was really young so I didn’t hang out in arcades too much, so I couldn’t really learn how to use the joystick. I got a little older and got a Sony PlayStation, and picked up Street Fighter Alpha and the subsequent re releases when they came out. After that came CvS, CvS2 and Third Strike, but the point is that most of my play time was done on consoles.

I’ve recently been trying to learn the joystick, but it isn’t working out too well for me. All the arcades near me are broken to the point that they’re unplayable, so if I’m going to have to go out and purchase a stick if I want to play with it. I just don’t know if it’d be a good investment, or something I’d give up on after a while.

So what did you start with? Have you switched? If you play with the joystick, how did you learn that? Which would you say is easier to pull off moves with?

It is worth the investment. I played with pads always, until I got serious and got a stick.

Do it do it do it. I learnt it by doing what I normally do on the pad…but on the stick.

Oh no no no no no not this again.

Pad is fine and dandy, and if your used to it, you will be better in pad until you get used to stick.
However if you master the stick, its much better, its range of movement, and ease of changing directions, make it the ultimate choice. Especially button combos etc.

Pro players use stick for a reason. Stick with what you like, but stick has the highest potential.

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Ha, sorry. I didn’t know these threads were so commonplace 'cause I couldn’t find any.

The reason I ask is because I’ve been looking into getting a stick because I end up doing some pretty stupid stuff that I don’t mean to do a lot when I’m trying to enter motions quickly. I think around the time that I started super canceling and using 360 characters, I decided that there had to be an easier way.

Thanks for the advice. Now that that’s all said and done, does anyone recommend any particular stick? I know the SF4 ones are coming out, but I’m kinda sketchy about MadCatz…

hit up the tech talk forum.
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Keyboard. :razzy:

Me too :tup: [media=youtube]gzGDt-W3bgw[/media]

I’ve been seen that video before, nice one! :tup:

I have a pad too, but I can’t do qcf/hcf that accurately for some reason. Maybe my pad sucks, or it’s just me, dunno.

you can be really good using anything.

but pad is the least accurate / consistent. also you can’t really double tap or piano very well.

keyboard is actually pretty accurate if you can good at it. but 360 motions are pretty hard… and you have to make a custom one if you want to use it for like ps2 or something.

stick is the best for almost everything thing. you just have to learn to use it.

and bottom line is… stick is what you have to use if you ever play in an arcade.
so why limit yourself by using anything else?

Can you do a juice kick? If so how? Also that is a very nice old-school keyboard, clicky as hell.

Yup, 360 is pretty hard, tho I admit I wasn’t practiced it too much, and I rarely use Gief or Hugo. I also have some problems with charge d,u but that’s probably because I use the cursors for movement, and there’s not enough place for move move my finger from :d: to :u:. Gotta change that habit.

I’m planning to get one, but hrap is pretty expensive for me, right now…

Those who use gamepads:
Which one do you use: D-Pad or analog joysticks?

Yeh new touch ones can’t take a hammering like the old skool keyboards

Is the juice kick the air hurricane kick with the really short flightly arc, if thats the one no can’t do it. I don’t use shotos that much so I’ve never tried to learn it, but have accidentally pulled it off a few times.

Yeh most of these games were designed for the stick anyway. Games like alpha 3 were designed with gamepads in mind, larger input windows easier mashing etc.

Yeah that’s the one. Can’t do it outside of the usual ST slowdown or mapping uf :frowning:


Although a friend of mine refuses to learn how to use one but is pretty good with a pad. I just hate the inconsistency (can’t do dp or supers all the time on pad) and everything else. It’s too easy to hit d+f or u+f on a pad instead of just f or b.

I have a controller with only d-pad, this one:
What do you think about this kind of d-pad? Is it sucky? Because I think it is.

It looks good actually. I hate the DualShock style d-pads. The complete circle kind are pretty good as long as they have no glaring problems (like the 360 d-pad)

Houses or nunchucks ? NUNCHUCKS !!!


(sorry, I had to post this one)

I hate the PS2 joypad. It really is shitty. And people who play Marvel on the PS2 controller are scrubs, and I am not taking that back ever. The best controller I’ve ever used was a PC controller made by Logitech. Logitech Precision joypad is the most responsive controller I’ve ever used.

Of course nothing beats a stick, but I’m too lazy to ever buy one. Although the PS3 Fighting Hori Stick has caught my interest.