Pacific Northwest Majors: Please Check: Important - June 28th at UW

Here is the new thread for PNWMajors. This first post will contain all the info relevant to Northwest Majors for quick reference. Hope it helps.

Quick Reminder. Try to keep posts in this thread related to tournament planning. It needs to stay organized so we don’t have to look through unrelated posts to find actual information. Everyone is welcome to contribute and participate but no negativity. Discussion is fine, but telling people their ideas are stupid or a waste of time doesn’t help. Stay Positive. :tup:

All the Reference Information is below.

Official Title- Pacific Northwest Majors. Call it whatever you want, but that is the official name when dealing with businesses and other organizations, like the UW. It is being held by the “Fighting Game Community at the University of Washington.”

Location- Walker Ames Room, Kane Hall @ the University of Washington in Seattle.
Room Pic 1, Room Pic 2

Room Layout - If you want to get an idea of what the tournament is going to look like, check here. We can take out the tables in the center if we need more room. This is the actual room setup sheet from where I work, so the dimensions are pretty accurate.

Date - Saturday, June 28th, 12:00-10:00 or until finish

Late Registration starts at 12:00 PM
First Tournaments start at 1:00.


Marvel Vs. Capcom II
Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike
Super Street Fighter II Turbo
Guilty Gear: Accent Core
Virtua Fighter 5
Capcom Vs. SNK II

Cost of Entry-

10$ per game.
5$ late registration fee at the door.

Max Attendance- 150-175 people. The Walker Ames Room can hold 200 people standing, but we will have a lot of equipment inside, so we can’t hold that many all at once. The amount of games people sign up to play will determine how long the event will go and how many people will be in the room at a specific time, so we may have to start capping certain games if we get a lot of people registered. I realize it is lot more complicated then that, but we can figure that out in a bit.


The website has updates, driving directions, maps (coming soon) rules, games lists, a schedule (coming soon), and preregistration, where you can get a spot early, save 5$ by not registering the day of, and see who else has signed up to compete. Preregistering will also help us estimate the size of the attendance, and help us to plan more ahead of time making for a better tournament.

Tournament Day Information-


12:00-1:00 - Registration and Set-Up
1:00-3:45 - Tekken: DR, VF5, CVS2 Tournaments
3:45-4:00 - Inventory Check
4:00-6:45 - Super Turbo, Guilty Gear:AC Tournaments
6:45-7:00 - Second Inventory Check
7:00- Finish - Marvel, 3rd Strike Tournaments with an inventory check at 9:00 as people start to leave.

Tournament Runners-

**Marvel- **Mandel [Deezo]
Super Turbo- Alex [Axel Kelly]
CVS2- Nate [XTG]
3rd Strike- Elias [Mechanica]
Guilty Gear:AC- Rob [Zigmover21]
VF5- Clayton [Sorias]
**Tekken: DR- **John [JWO]

Room Setup- Click Here
Starts at 12:00, but better to start earlier and finishes by 1:00 when the first matches begin.

Questionares- At the front table and in the room, there will be small questionares that people can fill out with advice and info about who they are, how they heard about the tournament, who they brought, and how we can make the tournament better for next time.

Financial Info-

Room Cost- 50$ per hour + 15% overhead charge = 578$ for 10 hours
For every hour we go over it is another 50$.

The total payment is due May 28th.

Printing Cost- Free!!! We get a shit load of free color and black and white printing for the club, so we are set on printing. Just need to cut the flyers out of huge pieces of paper. PM me if anyone needs any kind of printing for the Event. It is no hassle.

Total Tournament Cost = 578$

Income- As of 04/18/08.

80$ from Brian Ma
11$ from 04/04/08 ST Tourney
15$ from 05/23/08 ST Tourney


  • ST tournament entry fee (if everyone keeps agreeing to this)

  • 10% of all Prize Pots at Northwest Majors - (assuming at least 200 total tournament entries (not attendance) this could be at least 200$) This was raised from.

  • 5$ entry fee for late registers (no estimate on this)


Tournament Flyers- Flyers are up for anyone who wants to help advertise in their area. These are the color versions and print out in 8.5"x11".


Ryu Handbills- - For handing out to friends and other players. This is the cheap and conveinent way to advertise.

Avatars-- These are the Avatars that everyone is sporting to help rep for Northwest Majors, all in one place for your convience. Huge thanks to Elias (Mechanica) and Grant (Shadowless) for working on them. I realize it is nice having them be kind of personal now that we all have our own, but I don’t want the links to just get lost. Hope no one minds if someone ends up using theirs.

Mechanica’s AVs-

Seahawk Juggs for Nate:
T. Hawk for Julien:
Dictator: [Premium Size]

Shadowless’ AVs-

Mega Man/ Tron:
Roll 1:
Roll 2:

Here is the text in a photoshop file for any who wants to make their own.

Announcements on other sites

Facebook Event Page- Event Announcement on Facebook. If you know anyone on facebook who plays fighting games, sign up for the event and send them an invite to spread the word.

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I think whoever can help with housing should post up immediately. We’re getting a lot more interest for this tourney than we expected. That information should be edited into the first post of the tourney events thread.

im gunna ask my roommates for the OK on housing folks

I’ve tentatively offered to house 5-6 people I think (infinite, justin, bill, somebody traveling with bill, ruin). That’s the limit of beds that I have and at that point I just have floor. This is assuming they don’t have a better place to stay. :smile:

I’m so excited now that I’m actually gonna practice. Gotta help hold down the fort this time.


Those are some big names. I also couldn’t help but realize they also all played Marvel. I’m ready to lose big.

Someone want to be in charge of this? You would need to stay on top of it and check the tournament thread regulary for requests (Ideally once a day or every two days), look up hotels which are close to the UW and hopefully in a decent price range, and talk to people to see if they can help out with housing. It would also help to organize the hotel info and we could put it on the Website.

You would also need to make a list and keep track of who is staying where and what places are still available. Anyone want to do this? If you can keep posting the info I will keep updating the main post in the tourney thread.

I want to go so badly! Man, I have training in California that week and I don’t think I’ll make it back in time. I told my little brother Francis (some of you old school Marvel heads might remember him. he’s graduating from UW in June! woot) and he’s gonna try and hit up the Majors with a few of his homies.

Instead of taking on that attitude, lets just get on that marvel grind. Time to put in some work and get in shape so we can represent. I’m not trying to get steam rolled by the Cali or the EC players that show up.

I feel like its a good situation for us, because all the pressure to win is on them. I don’t think anyone outside of Seattle really knows who a lot of us are, so this is a good opportunity for us to suprise some people and show them whats up with Seattle marvel. Sure we will be going against some absolute monsters, but fuck it, we are good too. Lets practice up, play with confidence, and see what happens.

I think a lot of people have been sleeping on our region. Our good players have been somewhat quiet but still remain, IMO, some of the most beastly players out there. If things go our way, a lot of cali and EC players should be in for a rude awakening.


“EVO would provide some financial sponsorship and perks in exchange for running the the tournament at your event.”

Something to consider? lol
I’d probably enter it

Hmm, yeah I saw that but I don’t know what to think. I’d like to help Shoryuken, but I am more interested in just running a good event. I guess it depends on how much they would be willing to contribute financially and what the “perks” are. I guess I am just not sure where we would fit it in time and space wise.

It definitely is something to consider. I will PM the admin who wrote it and ask for some more info.

That sounds pretty cool, but I’m still a little worried about maxing out here. Do we have an attendance estimate so far?

I get the feeling that lots of people will just show up, and very few will register online.

Not really. But a lot of people haven’t heard about it around here quite yet, and a lot (including me :confused:) haven’t pre-registered yet. I am going to register on Saturday.

We still have 2 1/2 months to advertise, so I think there is still a lot of time for the majority of people to preregister.

Overall, I think it will be more trouble then its worth to try and fit SC3 in. I was going to ask the admin how much financial assistance and perks they were offering but I couldn’t think of a good way to ask. It all came out sounding like “Make it worth our while.”

The other concern is that SC3 is run on PS2, and we are running games on PS2’s for every hour of the tournament, so we would need more then the ones that we already have. I guess that is not such a huge concern because we could always get more.

For Guilty Gear,

I remember it was like 26 turnouts @ Random Select and 39 @ Overture ( and see how many people from US went there!!).

If I were to estimate it, I’d say about 40 but it’s still a very rough estimate…

I hope this info helps.

I agree wholeheartedly. Fuck that pussy talk, let’s practice up and show em what we got.

So what does everyone think? We could probably make it work if everyone wants to. There is a small room outside of the main room we are using that we can hold that tournament in exclusively. It is so small it shouldn’t cost very much at all to rent it out for a few hours, but should work to hold space for one tourney game.

If you don’t think it will interfere with the rest of the tournament at all, then I say go for it