Overlooked, Obscure Fighting games

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Yeah, we all believe there’s that one fighting game from some time ago hasn’t been played because it wasn’t popular amongst you and your cavemen, but it had some type of mechanic that would keep you hooked. I’ve stumbled upon a few of those within these past 6 years. For Example; A couple of hours ago through my regular match video search I’ve stumbled upon a japanese import title by the name of “Slap Happy Rhythm Busters” which was made by the same folks who has created “Fighter’s Impact” and “V.S”. My first video had me amazed, but weirded out. I introduce to you Jet Set Radio-esque fighting game:

I thought to myself that this is another game on the list I gotta show some folks. I really don’t care how they will receive the abnormalty of the game, but according to how short the attack recovery is within this game, it’s mechanics seem close to that of a SF target combo, with a hint of some breaker’s revenge. I will test it out.

Other games I haven’t caught a thread or a proper match vids for are games by the name of

Daraku Tenshi:The Fallen Angel-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yw1qShM4MFY
Asura Blade and Buster(the Sequel)-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRx2freFxgw
Martial Masters-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGaXlmYDiHw
Fighting Layer-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EHMpO9KsZw

For each I’ve put up a combo video link to show you just some of the potential these games have. I hope they keep up with the games growth so they could all be realized soon.The next update, I will talk about some doujin games tht have put in some work to make(Have you eard of Mai Girls Revolution, or Fuuka Sigma Taisen?) and dig up some more stuff about mainstream console fighting games that haven’t been checked out in a while. By all means discuss some games that need some exposure

I’m pretty sure Crayfish made a famous thread about this topic but i can’t find it even with the Search box… :frowning:

Cyberbots… I miss that game SO much.

Also, Asuka 120, Waku Waku 7, AVG, and Robo pit

Jump on this too: http://www.gamespot.com/ps/action/criticalblow/index.html

I LOVE Martial Masters. Such a overlooked gem.

I’ve played Cyberbots, Asuka 120, WW7, AvG and Robo Pit(love that game). Critical blow is new to me lol

Evil Zone

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I love Evil Zone. I actually have 2 copies in my home now. Ihadurca was a problem back in the day

You’ve played Tobal, I assume?

Groove on Fight?

Slap Happy Rhythm Busters!

There’s also a Pokemon fighting game out somewhere… I don’t know what it’s called though. I saw a video of it somewhere…

tobal 2 was really ahead of its time. The whole game is just amazing IMO. After tobal 2 was made, the Dream Factory team broke up and went to help the tekken\VF series. The 2 main competitors now for 3d fighters were actually once on the same team as an underground dev group.

The whole progression of 3d fighters actually started really moving after tobal 2. Fantastic concepts for a fighting game. I even prefer the movement in that game even though its 15 years old compared to modern tekken\virtua fighter movement options. The newer 3d games just feel so stiff, Tobal 2 got it right.

if you’ve never played the game or have only played part 1, I highly suggest playing part 2. Its probably still one of the best 3d fighters around today.

I had a Ps1 with capabilities to play imported games and Tobal No.1 was my first game to use it. I liked the story mode for that game, even though I haven’t finished it. According to the recent video I’ve watched on Tobal 2, the US has missed out on a very good game. Unprecedented character Roster(using a chocobo…WTF???), Nice juggling system, smooth counter system…all for the PS1. I speculate that If the first game received high acclaim like Tekken, I believe we could’ve been seeing sequels and spin-offs for that game today.

I saw martial masters at a shady arcade (Tacoma WA residents know it as “THE B&I”) and some older guy pulled a knife when I started doing some basic B&B combos I figured out in the first round against him.

<3 me some SHRB. It’s funny, I was just talking to a fellow SRK member about this game last week. In Cyberbots, it’s all about Z-Gouki! :slight_smile:

Found it Obscure Emu'd fighter roundup

Thanks! X_Sword, try to post your suggestions there because that thread is pretty awesome.

thanks guys. I like the setup of that thread so I’m just going to copy/paste the topic starter

Asura Busters looks great

For more info on Slap Happy, there’s a good article on it over at HG101.

That said, I find Fighter’s Impact more interesting in that it’s “Motion Slide” combo system provided an interesting alternative to the usual canned string type combos we see in 3D fighters.

One game that comes to my mind is Shaq Fu. :lol:

Tobal 2

Battle Fantasia…did not last long at all…