Outrage in China after toddler run over, ignored (Yes i copy pasted the cnn title)

perhaps should be moved to disturbing stories thread, but the story is making major headlines.

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either way im disgusted

That’s pretty fucked.

If only people were as durable as Deer.

Poor kid.

china :coffee:

Chinese nationals. I wouldn’t expect anything other than this to be honest.

human rights and humanity doesn’t mean much in china nowadays.

Because China has enough girls as it is.

NYC cops will start arresting jaywalkers before any overpopulated third world country gets traffic lights let along traffic laws.

Also before you judge the passersby not giving a shit about a little girl getting run over please remember it’s just the Peng Yu effect in play.

Nuke the bastards!

But, on some real shit…

Nuke the bastards!

Right, they’re more concerned about legal liability than they are about the 2-year that’s bleeding to death on the pavement. Yay for Chinese nationals!

can’t find any words

Shit really pisses me off.

Fuxking robots man.


if it was that bad here in america, best believe imma let you die on the street rather than lose my money over your dumbass

You didn’t hear about this then…?

Let’s hear it for New York, New York, New Yooooooooooooooooooork. (Don’t get me wrong, I still love that city.)

When there’s an excess of human life, it tends to lose value. With China being over-populated like it is, this is no surprise. And let’s be honest here: asian civilization is polite, but cold as the fuck. If you’re suffering an injury in the street, don’t expect help too quick. People don’t want to get involved to the point where you don’t even exist.

In Wisconsin, we actually have laws that protect Good Samaritans from any liability if they try to render aid to an injured party. Like, if the Good Samaritan accidentally breaks a person’s rib when administering CPR while trying to save the life, he’ll be shielded from any liability.

Blame China all ya guys want, but fact of the matter is disturbing shit happens everywhere in the world, even the glorious nation of America.

Two things stand out.

A two year old survived being hit by a van and a truck!? - That’s… I am genuinely impressed. That’s one tough kid. I hope she makes it and moves on to do something incredible. Ideally, this will include punching those two drivers in the throat fifteen years from now.

**“some criticism that (the rescuer) was seeking fame” - **What. Are you… is that for real!? Multiple people ignored a critically injured child, and the rescuer is being blasted as a gloryhound? Really? Correction to above; I hope the child gets to punch every single person who walked by in the throat, fifteen years from now. This is heartless and sick, regardless of nation of incident.

Yeah, stupid shit happens everywhere.

Was there ever a topic made about the video where these two people in Kenya -or some African country, I forgot- were burned alive as a crowd watched, all for stealing some potatoes?

Did it ever? China never did that well in that area.