Out Of Luck!: The Jill Video Thread

Not set on the thread title, feel free to suggest something new. Figured that one of these will be nice just as a hub for matches or combo videos instead of having to wade through pages of a thread to find what you want. Post anything you see fit here!

I would say refrain from posting up combo videos for now as I’m sure even a week from now jill’s combos will change and it’ll require a lot of editing

that said:
infinite combo

basic combo

brief explanation of FC cancel

This doesn’t explain much of anything, except that it can be done. However it doesn’t really say how she’s doing it

Well, from just looking at the videos…
#1 She x-factors (probably level 2 or 3) and then does the knee drop move over and over.
#2 She does a pretty simple to break down combo that will probably be ancient technology in a few days.
#3 She cancels just about any move with down down S.

Works with level 1 as well. Also, that bnb is still not good enough, damage wise there are better variants without Feral Crouch cancels.


Found this while searching for Shuma-Gorath combos. Apologies if it’s been posted in another thread.

Even if it was posted elsewhere, it will be easier to locate here, which is the point of this.


how about we put up some good matches showing her in use, an not just combos. combos are great, bu ti like to see some good usage too

Yeah, I hope we can get some nice matches up soon. Hopefully Justin will have his Jill/Shuma/Sent team ready.


I agree, if anyone here thinks they have a decent Jill I’d love to see a video of your gameplay

Little fun video I made to show how many times Feral Stance > :l: xx Feral Stance (repeat) combos into itself:


I think jill being dlc combined w/ capcom lazily not adding a replay or spectator mode. Videos are gonna be hard to come by. Not to mention the stream wars causing a lot of stuff to not be posted to YouTube. Our creativeness as Jill players is really gonna be tested

hmmm can we just put up some fights using her in matches, no matter how good or bad you are lol

I’ll try to record some matches this week or next. if I can’t, I’ll atleast try to record a lil demo vid with some ideas i have.

I can’t say I have a decent Jill but she did help me win a tournament recently. I think her appeal is the fact that she can technically have almost infinite frame advantage, leading to some ridiculous frame traps. Everything that leaves her at a frame disadvantage can be feral crouch cancelledand followed up with her flip kick moves with little to no frame disadvantage resulting in it.

I have some videos but they are only of combos and not actual matches. Still looking for a decent video capturing device that will work with my laptop.

lol sad to say, I do not use combos in her actual matches. I just rely on little things and tricks to hit the opponent, switch out, or go for the DHC trick. BUT i do enjoy her fast pokes and simple ariel series as well as he somersault H to super, which is what i usually do in online matches due to lag throwing off my timing for my actual combos.

Just in case someone missed it:


added to the video playlist