Ottawa Thread 2016

Happy birthday.


happy new years

Does anyone in Ottawa mod sticks? I’m looking to make my Qanba Q4 compatible with the PS4.

If anyone sees a bunch or any sf5 paraphernalia please post properties promptly. I am ready to unload all my money into capcom and madcatz’ coffers.

I just got back from the eb games in billings bridge. They are taking preorders for all the new sf5 sticks! I just preordered 2 madcatz sf5 pads, but the dude there said they are getting lots of sticks as well! The Canadian dollar’s exchange rate SUCKS right now…way cheaper than online

Bruekkvlle? :glasses:

If you’re willing to not have sanwa parts, the HRAP4 is a good choice. I was lucky and got for a good deal last year.

forest31, you should drop by gonq if you can one of these days. I need someone to teach me Tekken.

And for any stragglers, Ottawa has a discord chat server. Bug Will on facebook or pm me for an invite (they expire within a day).

I ended up paying $277 or so for my hrap 4 after tax, exchange rate and delivery. But yeah, we have the same stick! That from the on-screen price of $149.99. Are you referring to the Ottawa fb group?

Yooo We’re throwing a launch week tournament for SF5 on the 20th. Here’s the details:

We’ve migrated the SRK group to Facebook and Discord! Here are the links:
Discord Server ID: 140285885571661824 or PM for an instant invite link

Information for the tournament on March 26

I think you mean march?

I will try to be there.

Yeah, March. Thanks.

Anybody selling a stick? I’m looking to buy

This Ottawa thread so full of activity

This place still exists o_0 ?

For those who still check this thread, would you happen know of any local hangouts in the Ottawa region for newcomers interested in fighting games to check out?

Well since its the close-ish every thursday in Brockville at the comic shop is Fighting game day(sf is 99% what is played), we got a small but enduring little community here.

For anyone looking for weeklies in Ottawa there’s two things going on:

Thursday from 5-degen o’ clock at Algonquin College
In the Student Commons building room E209 It’s on the second floor above the Starbucks.
There’s always at least six lagless monitors, people bring their own setups too.
SF, GG, Tekken, MvC, and Smash are the main games played here but people bring other games too.
You don’t have to be a student to play. Bring your own controller.

Wednesdays from 6-11 at Blurry Pixel
Blurry Pixel is a game bar downtown.
They have a setup on a projector and play anything anyone feels like playing.
Blurry Pixel sells booze and food, so that’s a plus. They also have mario kart and that type of thing too.

Most of the forum activity has moved to facebook:

Hope to see you soon!

Anyone want to order brooks universal board?

Anyone up for sf5 online play?