Ottawa CVS2 Console Invitational


  1. Jay - K-Cammy,Chun-Li,Blanka,Sagat

  2. Dave - A-Vega,Iori,Sagat,Bison,Blanka

  3. Jon - A-Chun-Li,Rolento,Bison,Blanka

  4. Newell - P-Kyo,Geese,Yamazaki,Mai

Dee (K-CBS)
Heider (K-Chun,Cammy,Blanka,Sagat)

Yang (C-Iori,Rugal,Sagat)
Shen (S-Athena,Terry,Ryu,Sagat)

Tak (C-Ken,Sagat,Blanka)
Kriz (K-Geese,Morrigan,Ryu,Cammy,Sagat)
Kai (C/N-Ken,Terry,Cammy,Sagat)

Very good tournament with some crazy intense matches. Every single match was captured and match vids will be available for those interested.

Thanks for showing up.

Look forward to more tournaments, possibly more frequent $5 tournaments rather than the $10 entry this time. Hopefully Ottawa U will get a machine and we can move the venue there although I prefer the hori tekken 5 sticks…

EDIT: Post made by ? Gwai Lo ? aka Chin Nuts

Dee, I’m never betting on you again.

in your words: “what happened? WHAT HAPPENED? Ok, what happened?”

let me guess someone was gay and got away with bullshit?

can’t wait for vids. I’m sure it was spectacular.

yeah…I got beasted. Nuff said…

Edit: Man, that was bullshit…and gay.

Good tournie, lookin forward to the next one ya’ll

As expected. Jay wins. These Cvs2 tournaments in Ottawa are fun but man Jay is always going to win. He is like the “Ryad” of Cvs2 or something. Cant wait for vids, you guys need to bring Freddy back down here so Jay can have some real competition.

thats a rather silly comment to make not seeing a single match from the tournament yet.

Seriously… I dunno how you can make a comment about the cvs2 competition when you have no concept of the game…

Prove me wrong

Stop being ignorant

Wouldnt that mean Jay should never win a tournament? cuz the to the best of my recollection, I never won a tournament :sad: :rofl:

Can someone teach me how to use haohmaru?

wow…"Real competition"
Ehsan, what gives you the right to insult the skill level of the cvs2 community?
Tournaments ARE about fun, with a possible cash bonus which is nice but if it wasn’t fun It wouldn’t be worth it. We all knew we coulda made twice as much workin for 8 hours at min wage

A game of 3s against Ryad : $0.25

Gloating about winning a team ranbat after cryin about how Dee shouldn’t enter because he was a lil late and then claiming to be the best in Ottawa: $2

Competing in a CvS2 tournament, smoking mad weed with your friends, and having 10 hours of straight fun? Priceless.

Some things you can’t put a price on…


Where do you get these ideas from???
Everyone got sent to the losers in both of the tournaments. I won the final set against Steve 4 - 3; he beat me 4 - 2 in the first. Thats as close as it gets.

Great tournament guys… everything ran smootly. We have to do more of them from now on. At least one more before MAT

Wow, that’s messed up man. I donno about this last tourny, but if you had stayed to watch the end of the tourny in Dec, you would know that it came down to the last game, last char for both Jay and Steve after 2 sets.

edit: i didnt see Jay’s post :looney:

Wanna learn Hao hmmmm come to my SF dojo heheh

Nice Dee… Now Im worth $0.25… I feel so special…
Goes to stab wrists

Where are you Prez? if not in Ottawa not an option…

Haohmaru FP ftw…

No offense, but if you wake up at 6pm, then there is something wrong with you. You think Team ranbats dont matter at all eh? Alright, lets see how you do in the next tournment with your ken and/or chun li. K? Im not trying to insult the cvs2 community, its just I have been hearing from a couple of people that Jay is the best here, no contest. So Im wondering would the tournments still be fun if he is always winning, but as I see there is mads fun and Jay almost lost in both tournments. Then sorry about that remark. Dee, keep crying and making up excuses whenever you lose in something

True words from the BEAST!!!

Thanks for hosting Jay. The tourney was just too disgusting. Everygame and especially the Grand Finals was just too intense!

Say yes, move to MTL and you’ll beast everyone in no time

This isnt the place to talk about this shit, what you’re talking about has no relation to the tournament results, also, you werent even at the tournament so you shouldnt be saying anything.

edit: if you have a response to this say it in the ottawa thread, not here.

any idea when vids will be available?

no rush, I’m just super anxious (I still watch all our old vids cause love this shit too much).

seriously, props to our CVS2 players for holding it down.