Ottawa CVS2 Console Invitational

Dude you better show up to MAT…me and Fred want our revenge for losing to you two years in a row in the CvS2 Team tourney finals. PLus, I want you to enter the singles - you know you can get that money.

I am going to edit them soon but haven’t figured out how I am going to upload them. At the very least I can burn the videos for people who want them in high quality (likely the place I upload them will force me to reduce the quality).

Just post it on youtube. Or any site that allows you to put your vids on so other people can download like : There are so many

I’ll try post them on youtube when I get home tonight. Are there any format restrictions?

I was leaning towards Yousendit/Megaupload but we should probably do both. I just hate youtube’s video quality.

On youtube, if you arent a premium member or something it cant be longer than 10 megs, but the best bet is megaupload. Though on youtube I have seen perfect quality vids before(anime,movies).