Otakon 2007

yea every year there is a anime convention in baltimore md at the convention center. this year is no diffrent from other years. its july 20-22 just wanted to know who will be there from the md va or around the usa cause its a prity big turn out every year. what im goign to try and do is throw a cvs 2 tornny just for kicks but there is already going to be 3s torrny at 8pm friday. whos going from srk???

I’m thinking bout it. Be fun to beat up on some scrubs in 3S.

I’m going to Otakon mainly to hang out with friends, but I’m also signing up for the 3s tournament because I can.

thats cool man mabye we could hang to im tryin to hang out wit everyone this year other than just stay in the game room the whole time ill shout you out in the game room when torrny starts.

but fyi im comin to win 3s my chances are pritty good and high to take the win or second if devil jin can beat me:arazz:

I’ll be there to play marvel.

I’m goin’ to Otakon. Hopefully, if you go, I won’t let you get away with beating up on everyone.

Hmmm…well looks like I wont be able to make the 3S tourney at this point. Have to close on Friday and I would be like barely making the tourney at 8:00. That’s just between actually getting to the event. Unless somebody can get someone to hold up the tourney for like an extra 30 minutes. Hell…you can even throw me in the losers’ bracket. :lol: I’m sure I’ll still have to find the pre reg line and all that other fun stuff.

Basically…if I do go to Otakon it’ll be just to play casual 3S between Saturday afternoon and Sunday. Well…and check out the cosplay girls.

definitely sums up why i’m going
although i think it was eli who pointed out that all guilty gear players are secretly anime fags :looney:

its not secret 4649 you will be therea marlve guy som gear heads. sorry dj that tornnement isnt like others there is no losers and people line up for spots at like 6 oclock just to get in the tornny i just want to rape dj you oshould still ocme any way for causals and what not and asian gurls whowhowhowho and blacks and whites so on and so on

but since we are all from srk lets all go out for din after the tornament go to the rave and get drunk how about srk gets together and party

Yeah…I’ll think about it. It’d just be shinobi rape for everyone at the tourney any ways. Magfest part 2 etc. I just wanna push some buttons and meet girls and spend money unnecessarily.

I’ll be there saturday and I’ll enter Accent Core

Your plan is top tier. I’m in.

My plan has been decided.
-Friday I work and then head over to the con
-play some 3s
-Get Crunk
-Meet up with some of girls
-Party some more, do my thang.

Sometime during this We should all meet up. I might be leaving for the 3rd day.

Hope to see you all there. Please PM me your cells if u wanna meet up. Well play some games and drink and if u catch me at the right time… wink

prizes for the tourneys? i may show up:wonder:

What was the last con you went to?

went to otakon 2004/05? i dunno. i met rugal there tho, he won a tekken 5 stick

they always give out prizes, sometimes the tourney is free sometimes its like 5 or 10 depending on who has set out to run the game room (under a proffesional) setting. Its not like other cons. Plus u can always run ur own shit and con people at a con. Like loose a few rounds really bad and complain so challenge them for like 10 or 20 bucks and own dem hard.

to therapist and devil jin

  • hey its alex strife im bringin my ps2 and gamecube when im goin got otakon from thrusday - sunday night…if you guys are interested lets all go chill in my room its 2 blocks away from the palce and we can play 3s all day and ish lol

im me at lightxdream lets get otakon going off right

Good luck finding the hot ones.

mr. mamation postin
i’ll be there
who wants to MM me in gg or hnk