oro's SA1

why doesnt nobody even try to use this sa. I use it and i have better results with it then his SA2 and SA3.

I think sa1 does have some good points.

The one punch version
1: I admit this super generally sucks and is most of the time useless, but its at leeast usable after a st. mp in the air.

2: If you do it after a knockdown, sometimes it will bait something from the oponent thinking that ur gonna try to grab right after the knockdown, wich leave him open for the grab.

3: Some players, when you activate it after a knockdown, will simply jump back to evade, you can predict that and jump towards em and grab.

4: after knockdown, stay close, dash back, dash foward, by the time u do that the oponent might of done a reversal grab or a wakeup, then grab him.

5: when oponents life is low, just to scare them. dont have to grab

2 punch version

1: unblockable
2: exelent recorvery, almost impossible to punsih
3: good damage
4: goes trough any move and any super
5: best super to catch people since its hard to punish and unblockable.
6: forces oponent to be less agreessive, unlike sa2 and sa3
7: bottom line its good if you dont use it like a scrub

I totally agree.

EX SAI might be able to punish shoto sweep on block, if timed well. Pretty sure I’ve either done it or they just tried to block after the sweep.

bodler i use sa1 to but without any success, i’m so busy trying to throw them that shit starts hitting the fan & if I try the ex version and I whiff I’m shit outta luck and have to play defensive till I can build some meter.

SA1 is okay, but nothing special. His other supers provide an unblockable and retarded damage, respectively, so why would you replace either of those? Yeah, if you’re looking for a spammable scrub super then by all means, SA1 is for you… but if you’re the spammable scrub type, I recommend not playing Oro.

when i read this…i picture an ignit ass nigga asking me this.

nice i dint know that

i know it sucks if you whiff and have to start over again, but on the other hand it does good damage, and unlike his other supers its his only super that will force the oponent to be more carefull thus less aggressive fearing not to get caught by it.

i know about his other supers but it just doesnt fit me

i dont get it :shake:

sa2 and sa3 would say is more tournament viable cos you can pressure with them, but theres less fear factor to them.

anybody agree with me?

That’s only if they sweep right next to you, which a good shoto won’t do.

Any character has to completely change their gameplay to avoid a cl.mp if you’re using SAII with meter. If Oro gets a single parry up close it’s his game.

Same thing goes for SAIII with full meter, nobody wants to get caught in a full EX SAIII juggle, that’s at least 50% off most of the cast.

Bad english…

Sorry but not in the slightest, and if you continue playing Oro for a long period of time you’ll realize that there is absolutely no reason to use SAI. Not to mention it will get boring pretty fast.

I used to know this dude who used Oro sa1. Man that fucker was annoying. He’d cough all over the machine, always ask you wait to at the beginning of rounds to do anything, and talk a lot of shit. Thankfully, he sucked.

Bummer. I knew there had to be a catch.

I kinda disagree with that one, you can still air grab with sa1 althou i think it does a lil less damage.

i think generally why people prefer his other sa’s is becose of pressure, theres not alot of pressure with sa1. Well you can still pressure but not the same way.

But in my fights its just crazy how i can sometimes catch people with Ex super, and my oponents has to twice as carefull fearing this and the cl mp becose i can still do some damage with the 1 p version.

Its just a gain and a loss with all of oros 3 supers, sa3 you get the air juggle, and the genei jin type pressure, but you can only do good damage with it after cl mp, cant wakeup super with it or anything.

sa2, you get the booger ball unblockables, but these work also only after a cl mp or maybe knockdowns,and very hard to do during battles, not that good for pressuring, cant wakeup, his ex sa2 kinda sucks.

sa1, all the things i said in the first post, expecially catching people with ex, but sucks for pressure, if you miss it then its done, so just use it wisely

LOL. Seriously? Is that your main argument against SA3? You can’t wakeup super? Wow dude. And you can do great damage with the super without ever throwing out a MP.

SA2 not good for pressuring? What the hell are you talking about? All that super is is pressure: you get lots of EX fireballs, you can trap somebody in the corner, you can push somebody into the corner… hard to do in battle? What? Throw out a fireball, cancel into super. How hard is that?

Also, EX SA1’s damage is awful… 50 damage AT MOST… and you can’t combo it off of anything but cr.FP. Seriously if your only use for this super is wakeup, why don’t you play a shoto? Ryu’s SA2 does a lot more damage on wakeup so maybe you should try him out.



Close thread.

Save your e-breath Spectre7. You’re arguing with a dude who thinks Sean is one of the best mixup characters in the game. Just let him play his shitty sa1 Oro.

You mean he isn’t? But LP roll to SA2 works EVERY TIME!!

Aaah shit, thats mind games son!!


when i say wake up super i also mean you cant simple catch people with the sa3 you have to do it only after c mp and after a knockdown thats all.

i dint mean trow a fire and cancel to super, i ment the booger ball unblockables, you dont see evrybody do them evryday. and yes it does suck at pressuring ur not gonna get to far pressuring with sa2.

if you use ex sa3 well its not only good on wakeup, if you use it only on wakeup thats just scrubby playing anybody can see that coming…

i think i just just record myself playing with oro sa1, you guys think im here saying that sa2 and sa3 sucks or is worst then his sa1, im just saying sa1 can be just as good.

That’s not true at all, my strategy vs lots of characters is build meter and activate as soon as I fill up. If people are jumping over you and escaping when you have SAIII activated than the problem is the player, not the super.

Perhaps not but you can get far pressuring people with EX fireballs, and you have 3 times as much with SAII’s meter.

And we’re telling you it can’t.