Orlando Thread: CEO De Mayo May 5th, CEO 2012 June 15-17 ceogaming.org

In before Torrin :). Today is gonna be a Fun tournament over 75 Pre Registered with tons of new names especially for Mortal Kombat. Crazy how many people attend now every month.

Three Orlando threads?


Picked up MK today. Sticking with Sonya for now. Jeff laughed at me for playing this game, and an hour later he’s beating my ass at it. Story of my life…

After playing MK9 tonight at jebaileys…i don’t think i’m goign to try and take it seriously. I’ll enter team tourneys for teh sake of Team Drunkards(holla atchaboi Tony) but all it’s ended up doing is fucking me up in marvel. No offense to those i played tonight in marvel but i was playing like shite. Also people claiming Xbox is superior in that game are smoking crack. I couldn’t do Drill claw xx Fatal Claw to save my damn life, that shit suxx compared to the ps3(even if it does have slow down when you ahve 80 bajillion things on the screen!!!)

EDIT: Good shit for Dwayne(aka Enkindu) making front page, even if it was for MK9 :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be an attendance for the tourney later on than expected. I mainly just want to play MK anyway. Lol Don’t know if there’s a sign up cut off time or not, but just thought I’d throw it out there. Can’t wait to test out some of this Noob nonsense.

Anyone interested: wtt MvC3 for PS3 for MK and 2 $10 Best Buy gift cards.

Hit me if you are interested. Thanks! And I’ll be at CEO with my copy of MvC, so please let me know.

New thread title: “The Orlando Thread: Jebailey’s Second Twitter Page”

Did you actually begged or cry to BobSmack to take over the thread? Is it really that important to you to be popular? You have a sticky, a webpage, twitter and facebook advertising what ever ego-boosting thing you do. I want to make sure that the Orlando thread is not about YOU and is about Orlando! But, Douchebag Jebailey wants that too. Understand I’m not upset, but astounded what you do to get attention. Would you won’t do for it?

Kind of agree with this.

Good stuff today at Calm Before the Storm! Not too shabby for getting 4th place in the MK9 tourney(which got 4000 viewers!) :smiley: Shout outs to ARC for repping that Kung Lao and everyone else who kept the hype going when I played. :stuck_out_tongue: He got 2nd Place! :smiley: Also shout outs to talking shit while on stream. I hope people don’t make that a habit but I kept my composure and show the stream how to be classy. :] Though my Marvel performance was incredibly lacking, I still had fun at the tourney. Can’t wait for CEO 2011! :smiley:

Yo real talk, talk shit get hit.
3rd/2nd Party Shit talk is okay though…just don’t yell at my boy josh’s face…he may seem fun and lovable but he can fatality you irl. I hope that the person who got a bit to hype over Mortal Kombat of all games learns his lesson for next time.

Shout outs to my fellow swag monsters Akeem and BPR!!!
(And Akeem for beating me and the two people who beat me last tournament all in a row in a weird change of events in the brackets!)
double shout out for BPR helping me with Brackets along with the lovely Sara and Beardless Brian!!!

More Shout outs:
CJ for being a godlike teacher, Vicente for being Vicente, Torrin for being free, Jebailey for hosting, Broken Loose for switching to Phoenix at the cost of everyone’s respect, scrub tactics, and the rest of my Avalon Park niggas<3!

Love, Sincerity, and Salt,


Wish I played Marvel casuals before the tournament, and mained Kung Lao lol. It was cool hanging out with a lot of the MK players

good shit to…
rafy–you’re getting better for sure, just keep it up and be patient
voltaire–im pissed but you did eliminate me from both tourneys
nestor–for being my big puerto rican santa claus
jebailey–you looked stressed out today but i appreciate the events you throw, for sure
torrin–for the tips and criticism
dave p–appreciate the help man
anybody i just met for being warm and friendly human beings :slight_smile:

Good games to all that I played. I had a blast and thank you, Mr. Jebailey, for hosting another great event.

Great event

First time coming out to Orlando for a tournament, was definitely enjoyable and well ran. GGs to all.

My “ego” is one of the biggest reasons CEO is where it is at today. I have no reason to change it.

Thanks to everyone who made it out I did not expect such a massive turnout so the heat in their got me stressed all day lol. Results in the morning. Thanks to everyone who helped out.

Yeah the heat/smell was intense. We had a couple of our guys come back from the tournament with flu-like symptoms and minor heat exhaustion. Anyone else feeling ill? Hopefully we can figure out a remedy to the congregations, it was almost too much

Com’on Curaga… Don’t be that guy. Did you have a good time at least? Anyways, great tournament ran by Alex, Rafy, Sarah and Big Pete. I promise guys I’ll be top tier in Marvel it’s taking some time with work and school, which last classes are Tuesday! Shout-outs to Jo Gray, Albert, James, Stanley, Allen, and everyone else who made it out. I hope MK9 isn’t the highlight game for CEO.

You sound salty. Yeah it was hot but shit happens, pretty sure no one expected that many people.

We all had a fantastic time and it was an excellent tournament.

I just wanted to know if anyone else got sick; what kinds of symptoms they have.