Orlando - I Got Served? You Got LISTONED!

We’re close enough and it’s time someone took initiative! Mods, please close The Old Orlando Thread.

HeHe 1st. Im gonna get neg repped for this. For some reason i just checked my Control Panel and i have like 7 infractions so Fuck You very much whomever it is.

I went bowling last night, and did a personal best of 229. Anyone else bowl?

Last thread went out with a big, good shit!! I’m glad to see we haven’t lost our true game…Shit Talkin!!!

Thanks for being straight-up with me, David. I really do wish I could play with you guys more often; I don’t learn much by playing anywhere else, and if I do it usually ends up being a bad habit. I just hate the feeling of coming out to play and feeling like I either haven’t made improvement or I can’t catch up.

I’m a youngster compared to you guys as far as the tournament scene goes, and CvS2 is slowly cycling out. I need a new game I can make a good impression on. I think I’d like nothing more than to run the gauntlet at SF4; I want to learn more, and I’m sure I’m going to have to go through the same cycle of pain I did in CvS2 to do that.

Orlando needs a Viper player. I’ll make it work.

Abe, the best advice I can give you for getting your viper on point is to play carlos. Carlos will get your execution up, Trent will get your mind games up. They’re easily the two best players in Orlando.

I closed it sir. I Just fucking woke up! It’s sunday and nicca’s like to sleep in on sundays.:wonder:

Any Chance we can name this thread the Return of Orlando Domination???

Marvel!!! and dan sucks!

Stop talkin bad about the impressive koryuuken.

When i get my car im gonna be traveling around and im gonna hit you boys up for games soon. Any tournies in SFIV or tekken?

I averaged 202 back in my league days as a teenager. We’ll have to go sometime, Finally a game that you could beat me in ;).



God damn you niggas go through threads like underwear.

best advice i can give u is too not take it so sirious, at the end of the day its just a game. trust me ever gamer goes tru it from alex to trent to me. this is what u do get super drunk one day and host, its like a chemical reaction, ur shit talking and random game play get upped by like 200% lol theyll be like what googlemyname doing here

alex is there anything u DONT play back in the day.

Yeah, I bowl almost every day. Started bowling 3 months ago and I average around 170 now. If I get my average to around 185-200 I can get onto the UCF bowling team. I’d love to go with other people. Aloma bowl has $15 cover for unlimited bowling, .25 popcorn, beers and soda on sunday nights.

new thread! hmmm

Marvel is too hype sir. Dan I second that but word is david in the lab trying to put him in that 1# spot.


Is anyone gonna host anything throughout the week? I’ll be out of town this weekend, and I really wanna get some playing in.


Here’s a picture of the last event in the same room we will be in for the tournament :slight_smile:

www.imwiifit.com It’s the very first picture. Get Hyped guys.

We’re gonna have at least 10 TV’s for Street Fighter games, I’m excited about this more then you know and I know Orlando is gonna represent and make this a memorable event.