Original sf2 hyper...aka dash

i can see alot of confusion when talking about hyper/ce for the ae. so i want to make this thread strictly for old school hyper fighting (dash), no hybrid ae engine. this means ken with the indigo suit and guile with the blue cami. as my own personal opinion, i think this game is the best in the sf series. forget 5 minute matches. i like the 30 seconds and someone’s ko’ed…no frills, much to the point.

does anyone have any advanced combos or glitches for sf2hyper?


isnt dash = champion edition…

well…on my jamma board capcom wrote dash. and it displays as hyper on the screen. go figure.

Truly one of the best SFs has it’s own thread:karate:

So Dr. who do you play?

in america it goes: World Warrior (green guile), then Champion Edition (known as Dash in Japan…not sure anywhere else? …and brown guile) then the upgrade known as Turbo Hyper Fighting…which everyone calls Hyper (blue guile). Then super (blah), then super turbo.


In Australia its called Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting, it was released to combat those bootleg Rainbow Editions.

This is prolly my favorite CPS1 game, i think its the only SF that lets you do Ryu/Kens air kick (any kick) + Cyclone kick before you land.

i’ve been playing gief the most and then ken. i’m trying to get into it hard core again. i want to compile a list of combos and glitches for hyper. not just j.fierce, c. forward, fireball or the touch of death, but other things like juggles, obscure stuff.

who knows, maybe if there are interested people i’ll set up a hyper comp at my pad in sf.

so if anyone can help with combos, etc. let me know.

dr. j

by the way, thanks for all the replies. :tup:

I enjoy using Honda in the game, even though he gets reamed by ryu and ken. I’ve noticed most players nowadays get rocked by grabby into slappies, only the hardcore ones know how to break it. Outside of that, I usually end up catching people with his standing forward or roundhouse kids, and using those ever pleasant invincible frames on the jab headbutt as anti air. The best is if they jump too far, and get hit two times from honda’s ass. Insta-dizzy right there.

Juggles don’t exist in Turbo. Can’t think of any glitches.

Gief has a number of combos

Jumping FP or Crossup Body Splash, Standing SP, Low RK
Crossup Body Splash, Low JP,Low Jp,Low SK, SPD
Crossup Body Splash, Low FK, Spinning Clothesline
Crossup Body Splash, Standing SP, Low Forward, SPD (I think it might work but I’m unable to pull it off at this time) I think you can are still in SPD range. If not replace FK with SK.

Ya we use to battle back in the days. Your Honda is no match for Rog though:karate:

My bro does a crossup air forward after the bear hug followed by a crouching double hit forward.

Juggles were only in CE I believe… and only against Sim.

Here’s something you might find interesting… If my memory serves me correctly, shotos (maybe others?) recieve more stun when doing a FB… or something like that.

If you jump a FB with Ken, do j.HP, jab DP. Easy two-hit combo and works from far out, and for some reason, it’ll dizzy IF they were throwing a FB. (It might dizzy non-FB, but succes rate is huge if they were throwing FB)

Might be wrong, but I think I remember this working in one of the old games. Someone plz let me know if I’m wrong.

mr. had.
i tried your gief combos…and i got the body splash cross up, st. strong, cr. short, spd to work. the cr. forward pushes you too far back, unless i’m not crossing up close enough. but using cr. short seems more reliable. dope combos.

are there any for honda?

Thanks Dr.
Ya i can’t get the Low Forward to work neither. I tried to even do a deep crossup body splash and it still doesn’t work.

Ask Uber for Honda stuff.

I’ve got some tips for honda to jump over Ryu’s fireball safely.
Most people dont know how to jump the Ryu’s fireball from full screen.
They often jump too late and Ryu can sweep them using crouch RK or J.RK.
Even you jump straight,Ryu can also pressure you to death using fireball.
So you should constantly walk forward, when you see Ryu prepare to use fireball(before the appearance of the fireball), jump forward RK immediately(if you dont press RK, Honda’s hip will land on the fireball).
If the timing is right, Honda will land safely without being attacked by Ryu C.RK or J.RK.
It requires quick reflex, so practice more.

p.s. Sorry for my Poor English cause I am not native English speaker.

newb, nice tips. i was making good ground and pressure with that, then into hhs. too good. his j.rh has such a good angle, much like sagat’s.

uber…i hear you have the honda info. spill the beans. i saw a vid where honda does a body splash, s. short, s. jab, hhs. is it a true combo? i tried it but the short and jab are really hard to connect. any thoughts.

dr. j

hyper fighting is my favorite street fighter.

i use chun-li.


shotgun, what do you use as a daze combo? chun’s st. strong, throw is damn good. any combos or strats?

this thread is too good. let’s keep it going. sf2 hyper is only like the best game ever made.

i luv when ryu vs ryu do shoryuken and no one is hurt cuz he is invincable

ryu he is,

best man