Options to add weight to an arcade stick?

What are the best ways to add some extra weight? I have a T6 wireless that I’m going to mod cause it’s a nice portable size, but it’s too light. What have people used to give some extra weight?

Sticking adhesive weights on the inside of the case. Like these:

TowerHobbies.com | Great Planes Segmented Lead Weights 6 oz

^^ I put three of those into my HRAP2.

Personally, I’m pretty “whatever works” fellow when it comes to the innards of a stick. Could get a few rolls of pennies taped against a corner. Duct tape. It does stuff. XD

I like the adhesive weights method i did. Nice, clean, simple, and the adhesive is strong and stays put.

You could save mopey on cheaper methods such as Nerrage detailed above, using stuff you already have, but imo this is worth it. As you won’t have to worry about anything rattling around in the case, stuff coming loose, messy tape, etc.

Rolls of pennies would be the most cost effective option

A couple bucks of pennies makes any stick rock solid in my lap. (no pun intended)

I’m thinking of adding extra weight to my stick once I do dual mod it, since it slides around a lot (Mad Catz SE), the extra weight should help with that right?

Yeah it’ll help for sure.

Thanks! Now I just have to consider whether I wanna be cheap bout it lol.

Putting a few dollars worth of pennys ducted tape into the case isn’t being cheap, it’s being practical.

Why spend $15 dollars on weights you’ll never see when you can put $5 or less worth of coins that will work just as well.

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Oh no, I meant if I wanted to be cheap and roll the pennies myself or just go to a bank and get a few rolls.

Depends on how much space you have. Taping them yourself means you can get the perfect fit in any space you want. Rolls are limited to the size they come in. That said, taping pennies into rolls was more frustrating that I’d expect.

I used pennies to add weight to my Mayflash stick, but I taped them up into rolls of 25 pennies which turned out to be too heavy for the tape I was using to attach them to the top of the case.

Over the course of several weeks, some of the rolls of pennies started to peel off and I ended up having to reapply and add more tape several times until finally I decided to use stronger duct tape.

So if you’re going to use pennies, my advice is to tape them up into rolls of 10 if you want to conserve your use of tape and fit the rolls into smaller areas in your case.

Or get some gorilla tape

They don’t charge you to roll pennies in fact to do it yourself you would have to go to the bank to get the penny roll things (or go buy them which would be quite a waste of money)

fill it with sand!

I’ve seen person put BBs into their Arcade Stick.
Those cylinder things inside the Case, filled with BBs then tape to cover.

Another person also put BBs into film container.
Then tape to the cylinder things of Case.

In my situation, you can see the weights.

But yours look cool. Lol. And about how much weight did it add, if I may ask?

I don’t have a scale to see.
Wish I could have done a before and after scale.

rocks are free :wink: