Ono's Riddle

I was thinking about the interview between the tekken producer (sorry I forget his name) and Ono. He said he left a clue on his twitter, I noticed an interesting picture, and I wonder is Ono gonna re-vamp puzzle fighter or pocket fighter? Deep down I want him to re-do VS, but he said it won’t be the end of “SF” that was a clue as well. Anybody esle wondering about this?

Can I see a link to not the end of SF?

It could possibly be SF5 or SSF4T (though its really early to announce SSF4T right after SSF4.)

We all thought it was DS, but by now it really does seem to be in the SF direction.

SF5 seems too close right? But he said it reminded him of the UK Press Event in Oct, 2007, when SF was just released and we saw that strange first pic of the boner Ryu in our first glimpse of the SF4 engine.

I think its SF5

either ssf4t or a new sf alpha game

Red head band Ryu to me says SF5…

First, i want to say Yoshinori Ono is becoming a hype/marketing genius.

Second he said it’s not the end of SF4 not SF in general.

Let’s just ask the German octopus.

I think it will be some sort of Street Fighter Universe MMO.

I plan on rolling a Shotokan as my main char and specializing in Hadouken.

My secondary may be saikyo or ninjutsu.

SF5 would be cool. I think it’s a strong possibility that we can get VS, or Rival schools. Ono so good at being a trickster. Lol.

YouTube - gacktrammstein’s Channel. Found this vid of Ono talking about VS. It’s on the right panel. It’s titled “Support Darkstalkers Ono asks”.

Well Ono said the game will be really big news, bigger than SF4 so I highly doubt it will be Rival Schools (though I would have loved that) or even DarkStalkers as I don’t believe that either of those two series’ are bigger than SF. Also, if we depict the clues so far, it is pointing towards a SF game but with SSF4 being released so recently, I don’t think it will be an update on that, or SF5, as that will piss the fans off. Also, this news will not be “bigger” that SF4, especially if it was released this quick (you have to remember, SF4 was announced a LONG time after SF3). So I have deduced three possible outcomes:

  1. SF3/SFA3 HD Remix - I don’t think this will be it as although they are games people will love, the news will not be as HUGE as Ono has hyped this up to be…
  2. A new VS game, possibly against Namco - This doesn’t even look likely as they are releasing MvC3, so it wouldn’t make sense to announce another VS game so soon.
  3. A SF1 Remake - For me personally, I think it will be this. They can give it a HD makeover and release via PSN/XBox Live or even release it as a game. I think that news could be quite huge as the re-imagining of the characters could easily allow them to make a new game based around that.

My opinion, feel free to hate on it as most people tend to do with OPINIONS that they disagree with…

@Supa wow dude I never thought about a HD remix to SF1. That would be cool. I think VS would be big news though. I mean yea the game never really got the popularity in the states, but we had a strong scene for VS IMO. Also my reasoning behind my first statement is this quote from Ono “Super SF4 on sale!! SuperSF4 is nothing compared to what’s coming!!”. So I think to him it’s bigger than SF. Hinting away from SF, or a venture into revamping another SF game. I do agree with you about A3 I think it could really lean in that direction too.

I’m not hating man I respect your opinion. It’s a strong one. You thought in a direction I didn’t and that’s cool.

I wasn’t hinting at you with end bit of my comment, so sorry if it came out like that. I just don’t like it when some people start spamming at me when I post an opinion as that is what forums are for… but I do agree with some of your points… anythings possible and nice to have something to look forward to, I just hope it doesn’t disappoint!!

A lot of good points Supa.
I myself am starting to think it’s just more SF. Another full retail price update won’t work though. He is supposed to be talking about the future of SF though…

Ono’s Riddle:
What do you get when you press u/f, d/b, u/f+p?
The answer is a dragon punch in SF4.

Another possibility (albeit a slim one) is a cross over game between SF and Tekken but not as how people have thus far imagined it. I think it will be a mixture of 4 games:

  1. SF - From the clue, it will be SF related
  2. Tekken - Ono has been pictured with the producer of Tekken and contesting the biggest selling 2D fighter against the biggest selling 3D fighter would be news that is bigger than SF4.
  3. Smash Bros. Melee - It is obvious that a strict fighting crossover between SF and Tekken cannot work due to the games being so different, so maybe they will take a Smash Bros. Melee approach. Capcom already had Powerstone, which has an engine that is not too dissimilar to that of Smash.
  4. Pocket Fighter - With a game with the features mentioned above, the graphical style of pocket fighter would be suitable.

What do people think about that?

lol, I know you weren’t hinting at. I caught on my dude. I’m just trying to keep it friendly. I’ve been on the boards for about a decade now, so trust, I know hot the “flames” get. I value the community opinion. That’s why I love making threads with interesting questions, because I know I’m not the only thinking about this.

lol, I know you weren’t hinting at. I caught on my dude. I’m just trying to keep it friendly. I’ve been on the boards for about a decade now, so trust, I know hot the “flames” get. I value the community opinion. That’s why I love making threads with interesting questions, because I know I’m not the only thinking about this.

In case you haven’t seen the hint Ono-san has given us here’s a link to the pic on Capcom-unity enjoy: Whoops! Browser Settings Incompatible

I agree with Pocket fighter, allow me to add my addition of puzzle fighter. I had a thought about maybe bringing the EX series back too. I’m still trying to see Tekken Vs SF though. I don’t know if I even want those two worlds to cross. I guess looking at it though, SF would get a lot of exposure with the 3d fan base that way. Maybe it would setup a revival of the EX series. Good points again Supa. Your keeping my mind wondering about the possibilities.

my vote is for a new SF Ex. WAY too early for a SSF4T or SF5. I do believe they will do some sort of SSF4T via download eventually, but not yet.

New SSFIV DLC characters. Probably just a new fancy trailer with different art panel filters just like how SSFIV trailer suddenly had this cross hatching pencil stencil effect. Maybe this new one is more ink and water color based art filter trailer with Rolento and co!