Online petition to Rare: Sell the KI franchise to other company

I saw the last screwattack top ten and they said “F*** you Rare” basically, KI needs a reboot from another company.

Well Mortal Kombat 9 is coming out this year. Franchise wise doesn’t matter, people just want a good game I can agree with you there.

Killer Instinct: Killer Groove on 360 kinect

yeah, thats like a huge f*ck you to KI fans across the world

Killer Instinct does not need a reboot. It would be nice if it got one but I don’t think anyone misses it as a serious fighting game.

I could be wrong, never actually played it when it was in it’s prime.

Link to petition?

Im waiting for a good feedback.

do you really belive that rare would sell the franchise only because a online petition???

FGD sure is off to a great start in 2011!

Never played it seriously. I remember renting it on the SNES back in the day, and I remember not liking it. I played it a few times on MAME and it just feels sluggish. Which I know is ironic considering. I do like the idea of Combo Breakers. And the graphics are pretty sweet and have held up well unlike MK. I wouldn’t mind seeing a new one.

Yeah honestly it doesn’t seem like Rare cares much about KI now so they might as well give it to a company that knows fighting games.

The only major problem with Killer Instinct (at least the first one) was the lack of any throws whatsoever. It made offense annoying. Particularly since combo breakers were pretty easy to do and free, a problem only made worse in KI2. The fact that attacking often left the attacker in a worse position than the receiving player was just dumb.

I’m convinced that Killer Instinct 3 will eventually come. But when and whether it’ll be good is up in the air. But it would be foolish to not take advantage of the IP now, when fighting games are arguably at their healthiest since the mid 90s.

ITT: People who don’t understand how business, petitions, capitalism, or game development work make fools of themselves.

I’ll rather see a new Battletoads.

I agree with Tony, it would be stupid not to take advantage of the IP with resurgence of Fighters right now

just don’t let dimps touch it please.

A port of the arcade version with online play would suffice

I wasn’t speaking realistically, because I knew something like giving KI away would never happen. If Rare hadn’t changed their audience, I wouldn’t even be in this topic doubting they could make a new good game. I still have hope that they will release KI3 and fix the bugs that were present in the first two games because I adore this franchise. ITT: fans who are sick of waiting, not making fools out of themselves.

i remember that some time ago they said something like if they make a new ki they are interested on using kinetics as the control scheme for the game

Doing IRL Jago Kicks will be worth the price of admission by itself. :rofl:

I wouldn’t say it needs a reboot. An arcade port would be kosher. Until then, I guess I’ll just have to play it on Emu! XD

lol or in a cab if you have the PCB. Has anyone ever seen KI1 running on a candy cab? It looks sexy as hell.