Online Edition Patch Thread

Since Iron Galaxy announced that they’ll be working on another patch, there’s a need to get a solid list of everything that needs to be addressed. After we’ve got a good list we can send it their way. Just list the problems with a clear description of what they are and why they’re issues, and I’ll keep this first post updated. I’ll start pulling stuff that’s already been mentioned in other threads as we go, and add that in with the stuff we post here.

Here’s what we’ve got so far:

General Gameplay and Glitches
The gameplay speed is off compared to the arcade version. Several players have suggested that it’s slightly too fast. Having the speed and feel correct is probably the #1 most important thing to getting the high level community to adopt this game.

Sometimes after a match in ranked instead of ending the match and giving the winner a point, the game automatically takes you back to the character select screen. Whoever wins the second match gets a win point and the first one doesn’t get counted.

Music cuts out online and offline at times. This happens more often on the PS3 version.
Sometimes the player colors get swapped. A description, how to trigger it, and a screenshot can be found here:

Post match screens take too long to get through. Cutting the achievements screen entirely and having both players share a rematch/character select/save replay screen would fix this. You could have the achievements screen as a selectable option there if that’s important. So rematch/character select/save replay/achievements.

Input display in replays and training mode would be really useful.

Add option to more easily select the stage of one of the two chosen characters, possibly by adding it to the stage select box. Many players prefer the arcade version’s format in which stages are not randomized.

Option to disable stun in training mode. Stunning is an inconvenience when practicing a combo or setup repeatedly.

There has been a lot of discussion since OE released about whether it drops EX inputs offline. We’d be interested if you could investigate this and see if you come up with anything. If it really is an issue, it’s important that it is fixed.

Rounds and Round Time selections in the Settings menu only affect VS. mode. Make it also work in Arcade mode.

Knocking Ryu’s bag over is way harder than in the arcade version.

Put back the glitches that were in the arcade version. for instance Yang SA3 being turned off by certain supers or Akuma’s teleport turning off Yun’s shadow in Genei Jin.

Investigate whether game adds lag on non CRT tvs (not visual lag that comes with monitors, but additional lag from displaying on high resolution monitors and TVs.

Add a soft reset feature.

Fix using a Save State in Parry-Training Mode.

When recording the Dummy in Training, the game will not recognize any combos you perform. You can still do combos, but there’s no indicator on the screen like usual showing the number of hits in your combo, which can throw you off. Please fix this.

Add option to unbind buttons.

Add option to remove handicap screen from pre-match screens. It rarely sees use, takes extra time, and occasionally is modified unintentionally.

Online Play

If there’s anything that can be done to improve the netcode, it would be appreciated. We’ve seen various games on GGPO (including 3s) as well as a few console fighting game ports that used GGPO netcode, and they all seem to perform better on similar connections.

The ping should be represented in numbers instead of colors. The ping colors are vague, and often convey information that is not really useful.

Ranked matches are kind of useless. You’re matched up against someone at random, regardless of connection or player skill. We’ve got a couple ideas to address this. Any combination of the following would be great:
-Mirror the SF4 system where you can see who is in ranked and challenge any of them.
-Allow you to filter based on region or quality of connection before searching.
-Have a ranking system where players similar to you in skill level match up against you more often when available.

The leaderboards don’t make a lot of sense. Losses don’t seem to be weighted properly if at all. If the leaderboards are going to be useful at all it should take at least win-loss ratio into account, and preferably the level of competion played against as well.

To address the last two issues, having some sort of rating system where players are ranked based on their ability and who they win and lose against would be helpful. Many competitive games do this, either publicly or as a hidden stat - Chess, Warcraft III, Starcraft 1 and 2, Skullgirls to name a few. By having that system in place and using it for matchmaking, it would make ranked actually a worthwhile place to be.

Disable the start menu in match during ranked matches. This is to address players quitting during the middle of the match.

Allow player matches/lobbies to automatically reject red connections with host.

Allow lobbies to specify an allowed region.

Allow players to add a “only for beginners” tag on lobbies, so people can know going in that they don’t want to play experienced players.

Make it more clear in lobbies how private slots work so people who just want to play their friends can set it up correctly on their first try.

Make Gill banned by default in ranked and lobby matches. A lot of times we inherit lobbies from other players who didn’t ban Gill and it can be an issue.

In pro tournament and marathon formats, have the winner’s chosen super art prepared instead of defaulting to SA1 This saves time, reduces mistakes and mimics arcade mode.

Show number of consecutive wins, preferably both in lobby and in game. This is an important part of playing any fighting game in a public setting.

Reduce pre-match countdown. 5 seconds is too long.

Add round settings for player matches for 3/5 99 seconds.

Fix rank level cap and rank 0 reset. Most of us have been looping for quite sometime now. We would like for it to accurately portray our current rank or better yet just get rid of it entirely.

Currently the PS3 version can only display a maximum of 8 player lobbies in Player Match online mode, and the lobbies are not rotatated at refresh so it displays the same 8 lobbies until a lobby closes and only then will it add new lobbies to the 8 lobby limit. In short, make it show more than 8 lobbies, all lobbies if possible, or refresh the lobbies so that it shows more than just the same 8.

Allow for a selectable resolution for uploads, with filter on or off. Allow Xbox 360 version to upload to private Youtube channels.

Allow player to choose whether player names are included on uploaded replays.

Lobbies should have a different button for readying and unreadying. People mashing through post-match screens and accidentally unreadying in the lobby and being sent to the back of the line is a common issue.

When setting up a Ranked Match give an option to mute the other player’s headset or adjust voice volume.

Suggest a delay setting on GGPO for the connection before the match like Skullgirls, and allow GGPO setting to be changed on the fly in the ranked and lobby screens.


The in-match HUD being restored to the arcade version would be preferable. This includes things like character portraits and super bars. Character portraits (and how the colors of the portraits match the character) help differentiate players during mirror matches, and people use visual cues from the length of the meters for gameplay purposes. Since the arcade version is the standard that tournaments run, having the console match this is important. If there were an option to use either the new HUD or the old HUD, that would be fine.

To match the arcade version, Urien’s Aegis Reflector should be blue on the 2P side. This is helpful in Urien mirror matches.

Allow alternate color selection at character select screen instead of under DLC menu (this could be accomplished by making random another character slot like Gill is, and using the Back/Select buttons for color select).

Allow original character select screen as an option.

The Crisp and Smooth filters are mixed up in Settings.

Scanline look “weak” and not particularly good, could be improved.

Bilinear Filtering as a filter option would be great.

Be able to turn off all vault point and achivement stuff on the side of the screen in all resolutions and display modes.

4:3 support for higher resolutions (non-widescreen).

The music should be the same as the original arcade music. The music included as the original music in OE is the arranged soundtrack from earlier consoles.

The music transitions between rounds are not as clean as the arcade version. They are more abrubt here. Music transitions should match how they work in the arcade version.

The DLC music from earlier games does not transition at all, but resets at each round. One long loop over the course of the whole match would be preferable.

Sound effects cut out sometimes, online and offline. Shoryus sound correct, Twelve’s XCopy voice is garbled.

Separate sound effects and music to their own volume adjust instead of both being tied to one.
Be able to select original arcade music at character select screen.

Allow Dudley’s stage with Q’s music as a selectable stage.

[]CPSIII arcade music and HUD
]Ping numbers
[]Stronger search system (maybe similar to Skullgirls’ approach)
]4:3 support for higher resolutions (non-widescreen)
[]Better music transitions
]No New Generation/2nd Impact music restarts after rounds
That’s all I can think of besides fixing glitches.

for now i’m not going to include the actual glitches since they’re already detailed in the glitch thread. these are improvements that i feel would solve most of the annoyances i’ve had since last august:

[]locations shown in ranked matches and player match lobby list [rationale: the main criteria that helps most people decide if they should accept a ranked match or enter a lobby is location]
]more intuitive lobby size settings [rationale: many players still do not understand that the lobby is always set for 8 people and unknowingly allocate public slots when they only want to play their friends]
[]option for host to restrict players able to enter lobby by location or ping [rationale: many players do not want people from other continents entering their lobby]
]option for beginners to label their lobby with an icon indicating that they prefer playing other beginners [rationale: there is currently no way to know this in advance]
[]remove kick button in lobby [rationale: the above three suggestions make this function unnecessary]
]Gill banned by default or remove banning feature altogether [rationale: players often forget to do this, and countless times i become the host of someone’s lobby in which gill was unbanned]
[]in pro tournament and marathon formats, have the winner’s chosen super art prepared instead of defaulting to super art 1 [rationale: saves time, reduces mistakes and mimics arcade mode]
]do not let players enter their pause menu during online matches [rationale: makes it extremely easy to preemptively quit from matches]
[]number of consecutive wins shown in player matches, preferably both in-game and at the lobby screen [rationale: this is one of the defining features of fighting games played in a public arena]
]reduce pre-match countdown [rationale: 5 seconds is far too long]
[]original arcade music with proper round-to-round transitions [rationale: many players prefer the arcade music]
]option to disable post-match challenge report, possibly by adding “view challenge report” as an option to the post-match menu [rationale: saves time, reduces the likelihood of freezing while challenges load]
[]correct super meter lengths [rationale: all players would prefer if the sizes matched the arcade version]
]blue Aegis Reflector for 2P Urien [rationale: this is a recurring problem in every port. Aegis Reflectors for both players shouldn’t be the same colour]
[]option to more easily select the stage of one of the two chosen characters, possibly by adding it to the stage select box [rationale: many players prefer the arcade version’s format in which stages are not randomized]
]option to disable stun in training mode [rationale: stunning is an inconvenience when practicing a combo or setup repeatedly]

visual idea for online mode menus

Multiplayer selected from main menu:
[INDENT=1]Ranked Match[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]Filter menu (Location: same country/same continent/all)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Player Match[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]Filter menu (Location: same country/same continent/all) and (ruleset: standard, pro tournament, marathon)[/details]
whew. there are a bunch of other small things that i don’t like, but i focused on ideas that i think everyone can benefit from. even with this giant list i feel like i’m forgetting something.

Get rid of trashcan Shoryus

how about better round settings? like best 3 out of 5 with 99 seconds? BETTER MATCHMAKING. Png numbers just as was stated before. Input display in training mode? Offline glitches fixed like the sound going out. I think they should just mirror SF 4’s lobby system. stabilize the netcode too.

2I/NG stages (would be pretty cool and I always like ryus NG stage). Color edit mode.

  1. Fix Win Streak Glitch. (It always just says 1 game won)
  2. Fix leaderboard standing scoring. How is it that some people who have horrible win/loss ratios are on top of people who are winning 20:1 or even 50:1 ratios? Wins should have a greater weight than volume of matches played.
  3. Fix the matchmaking!I want to see who is available before I choose them.

These are the most important ones others come second. And that music restart on the dlc fucking sux. I PAID 2 DOLLARS FOR THAT SHIT!!!

Edit: Oh and another one only on the ps3. When you refresh the online list of games you always can come up with 8 games max while xbl list is huge.

Edit2: I sent the link to the thread to iron galaxy and within less the an hour got a reply from them stating:

“Thanks for sending this my way, I’ll be sure to watch that thread and let people know what we are thinking in terms of fixes. Be sure to check out the panel stream when they post it as we have our initial list of things we plan on fixing in there.”

I guess that they are really zeroed in on fixing some of the stuff. Good to hear that.

WTF? They said they’re working on a patch? Capcom approved it?

You better not be pulling a Roshikari dude or I’ll fly over to Alaska or Nebraska or wherever the fuck you live and beat the shit out of you.

Make the game an actual attempt to be arcade perfect rather than a recoding of the Dreamcast version.

Other than that…don’t care.

Oh and if they’re patching this game that pretty much means a patch of UMVC3 is most likely possible also.

Shimapan underwear for Urien.

1: fix the lag
2: swimsuit ibuki

A few things I can think of that I can think of right now (I’ll add more later):

Fix rank level cap and rank 0 reset

  • Most of us have been looping for quite sometime now. I would like for it to accurately portray our current rank or better yet just get rid of it entirely.

Allow both 2I and 3S colours to be selected just like in the PS2 version.

  • Having to toggle colour sets is pretty cumbersome and I would like some variety.

The option to toggle between new or old HUD

  • I like the pixel HUD and the old profile avatars. I also like arcade accurate super bars.

to be continued…

**Fix the EX inputs dropping offline. **

Ping numbers.

Regional matchmaking.

Skullgirls style matchmaking.

**Adjust the lag. Even in optimal connections there’s still really bad frame drops and moves don’t come out, dashes become teleports, unable to quick roll, wakeup jab beats command grabs, blocking a high dive kick and the Twin player can still follow through with their combo as if they timed the dive kick correctly, etc. **

Fix Twelve’s Xcopy voice. Same with Blue Aegis for Urien.

**Ban gill by default. Or just ban him online permanently. **

When creating a lobby, add a restriction preventing high ping players from entering.

**Re-size the Super bars correctly. **

I wish that there actually was a rebalance patch for the game that just nerfed Chun, Yun and Ken slightly, pretty much left Makoto, Dudley and Yang alone and buffed everyone else below them in the game up to their level, with the intensity of the buffs given varying on how weak the character is.
If players don’t like it they can always revert the game back to version 1.0 or there could be a separate option offline and a matchmaking option online for which version of the game the player wants to play.

I’d once again like to remind everyone in this thread that they probably can’t do major changes to the game engine eg. color 2p Urien’s Aegis blue, fix Twelve’s voice or change the speed of the gameplay, so just try to stick to realistic requests.

Priority issues:

-Fix the sound issues, eg. music cutting out for the rest of the round or sound effects either not playing at all or cutting short. Happens offline and online. Online it’s due to lag, but offline?
-In online modes, sometimes the character palettes get switched between 1P and 2P characters, even if they’re different characters. For example LP color Sean will have HP color Akuma’s palette and vice versa. This seems to have something to do with a player leaving the lobby after a match after he’s pressed Rematch in the menu, and if a player waiting for a match comes up next, the colors will get mixed.
-Tweak/optimize the netcode, eg. less rollbacking and make the color orbs more consistent. I personally get at most a yellow orb with players who live within the same city and it still lags a bit with small, random rollbacks here and there. I use GGPO delay 2, have a wired ethernet connection to a router and fast DSL internet. PS3 is NAT type 2.
-Ban Gill by default online, or make it a choice to either have him or not have him selectable like Akuma in HDR. In ranked he should be banned no matter what.
-Make the matchmaking better. Ranked is a joke because it just finds and connects to somebody without any sort of choice of filters for the player to try and get a favorable connection. For me personally 90% of the time it’s a red to orange orb connection, and since the orbs are inconsistent anyway you can’t trust what you get, sometimes a red orb connection works well, sometimes a yellow orb connection is rollback hell. A region select or max ping restriction would help a lot.
-Region select to player matches would be nice too, and/or some kind of ping restriction.
-Currently the PS3 version can only display a maximum of 8 player lobbies in Player Match online mode, and the lobbies are not rotatated at refresh so it displays the same 8 lobbies until a lobby closes and only then will it add new lobbies to the 8 lobby limit. In short, make it show more than 8 lobbies, all lobbies if possible, or refresh the lobbies so that it shows more than just the same 8 every time.
-Super bar lengths being the exact same as in the arcade version. This should be on all the display settings eg. Normal, Widescreen, etc.

Nitpicking, no real priority:

-Separate sound effects and music to their own volume adjust instead of both being tied to one.
-Rounds and Round Time selections in the Settings menu only affect VS. mode. Make them also have affect in Arcade mode.
-The Crisp and Smooth filters are mixed up in Settings.
-Scanlines are “weak” and look bad, could be improved.
-Resolution select for Replay upload. Currently the game uploads replays to YouTube only at 360p, which is an improvement over the old 240p, but it would be nice to have them in full 720p because of loss of detail when converting them to a smaller resolution. It should be an option to select which resolution and aspect ratio do you want to upload a replay at for people with slower connections, or just preference.
-Player names in YT uploaded replays randomly either show the player names or not. Would be nice to have an option to either have the player names visible or not, just some consistency even.
-Old arcade HUD option, it would fix the super bar lenghts at the same time.
-Arcade music. Currently the Classic music in the Vault is the arranged soundtrack from the last gen console versions of 3s, not the original arcade music which there was an option to enable in the console versions.
-Change the color orbs to an actual ping value, this alone would help much in matchmaking.
-Q’s HUD portrait is “wrong” because it uses the new 3SOE artwork where as everyone else has the old artwork by Daigo Ikeno.
-Twelve XCOPY Super Art voice is garbled when he does moves and stuff while the super is active.
-2P Urien’s Aegis should be blue.
-Knocking Ryu’s bag over is way harder than in the arcade version.

EDIT: Damn typos…
EDIT: Grammar, few clarifications, added one more request.

I want to pick the old HUD and old character select + character select song and an England stage with Qs theme

I think they should undo non-gamebreaking bug fixes like Yang’s SA3 turning off by other Supers, might just be me.

One addition I would make to your nitpick list is the correct colours for 2p Hugo and Poison/Roxy. If you fix 2p Aegis for Urien you should at least fix that as well. One thing I definitely feel should be a priority and not merely a minor issue is the return of the Arcade hud. The correct meter lengths and ability to differentiate between 1p and 2p instantly in mirror matches because of the character portraits is too important imo.

I’ve been thinking about that, but I’ve realized it’s not too much of an issue if you pay attention to the start of the match and note which side both players were since in mirror matches the characters have different colors that are easy to tell apart from another.

Hopefully they can somehow correspond the color chosen for your character to correlate to your avatar. It would help a lot when watching mirror matches. This may also sound real bitchy of me, but maybe instead of having the stage selection default be “random”, maybe they can have the stage default be in tandem with the challenger’s character selection. :frowning:

& everything else yomipower stated.

THIS is a HUGE priority. Seriously.

all good ones

I subscribe all of these

Unrealistic? SERIOUSLY? I can pass over Urien’s Aegis color, but Twelve’s voice worked right in every other conversion. They have no excuses over this.
Speed is already better than past ports, if they can tune it to be 100% to the arcade it would be great but I’m still good with the current (which was an improvement over ps2 version and the best part about OE)

Super bar lenghts would be trivial to fix. They have a fixed ratio in arcade 3s, just do them the same ratio compared to the resolution.

no real priority???

you don’t love 3rd strike.