[Oni + Evil Ryu] SF4 Characters as SF3 Sprites

Check out the Tutorial here

Hey everyone, I made some SF4 characters in the SF3 style.
The Gouken one I posted on another thread as an April Fool’s joke, but I started making more so I thought I’d start a new thread, enjoy~
update Oni + Evil Ryu **

Since a lot of people have been asking similar questions, here’s a short FAQ:

What program do you use?
I use Photoshop for everything. I learned the basics from this awesome tutorial: Derek Yu’s Pixel Tutorial and also zweifuss.com for SF3 sprite reference.

Can I use your sprite for__________
Please feel free to use any of these sprites for anything you want.

Please make [character]
I’m not really interested in making any characters who already appeared as an Alpha style sprite, other than alternate costumes.
efex has done a lot of em, you can check out here: link (if you are efex and you want me to remove this link, just PM me:china:)

Characters by steamboy

Rufus, Gouken, C. Viper, Seth, Abel, El Fuerte, Gen, Dan, Cammy, Chun Li, Sakura, Juri, Hakan, Oni, Evil Ryu

Characters by others


Guy by ncrow
Dhalsim and S-Kill by johnnyutah001
froman by sf4FROMAN
Potemkin by Zinac
Vulcano Rosso by Prodigy_LXM

In Game

Ah, I thought I seen this before.

If you’re really planning on making some more, I wish you luck. These turned out fierce.

Wow! Excellent

Very pro dude! They fit right in with the other characters. They’re looking about the right size as well. Very very good job.

As mentioned in the older thread, you’ve got that SFIII sprite style downpat. The newer Rufus one is yet another example which shows it.

Can’t wait for the rest.

Beastly. You know someone is going to bring out a patch with all the new SF4 characters for MUGEN or something.

Excellent job on the sprites.

Too good man… I wish you luck on doing others… I know these take a billion years to make.

Dude…this is awesome!
You got some real skills at sprite making.

Make C.Viper next…pleeeease?
Im subscribing to your thread.

Take off image tabs when you quote images please… =]

gouken is beast there. i also hate you for being so good at it. the color scheme is very sf3. sf3 for some reason is still my fave in the series.

i saw a sf2 rufus before but this is another detail of work. you should try to do a standing animation for your fave fighter. thatd be cool to see

this is simple E-L-I-T-E!!!

Sprite animation is no joke when it comes to the solid amount of mind numbing work it takes… Would be fun to get a complete set of the ‘missing’ characters from SF3 and crank up that roster though. I really like the color palette used in both of these- Gouken especially looks like he belongs.

great job. looks amazing man

wow sexy!

Hi. :wink:

Still not happy with it though, I’m still making a few changes.

Back onto the OP,

I like them both, though, Rufus seems a bit off on the color and shading, but only when compared to Yang. His pallete bugs me the most because of the fact that he has a lot of large spots that are one color. It’s hard to avoid this though, I learned that making Rufus in SF2 style.

I think the outlines seem little too boldly done on the darker areas (black on Rufus, grey tunic on Gouken), and doesn’t match the original style and pops out too much giving it that cartoony look instead of a 3D-esque style. Rufus’ outfit seems to depend too much on outline as well.

Facework and framework is definitely excellent though.

I have a whole flash drive of completely incomplete animation sheets. It takes me about a month to perfect a 2/8-bit sheet, and even longer for 16-bit (I’ve only ever completed one). I don’t think a 32 bit sheet would be possible for me to complete within my lifetime unless I dedicate myself to it for a year or two.


Oh my god these are beautiful. I would love to see Rufus doing a dive kick in the 3s engine. You should seriously send these to the Capcom blog or Ono or something.

Like I said, animation is no joke. Unless you could somehow compile a team of spriters that can swallow egos and work together to lighten the workload. My Felicia animation is taking yonks due to the higher amount of detail- so much more is noticeable in the HD. I’ve learned alot just from working on that.

I had to pimp these creations on my website, too cool! :slight_smile:
Keep us posted with your progress!

Amazing. Please do Viper! Also, maybe you should give King Cobra a go?