On kara-throw

I just discovered and tried kara-throwing.
Chun Li’s far-forward kara-cancel owns! I can totally see how that can be used.
But for my chars ken and akuma, they only gain a modest distance.
I mean, i can see the point of always using Kara-throws (instead of just throws), but… they need to get so close anyways, so…

How do you add kara-throws in your game?
(that’s my question :karate: )

hum, Akuma’s kara throw owns…Ken’s sucks

I find that some characters greatly benefit, notably Q and Elena.

Other notable characters would be :

Chun (duh)
Makoto (kara-karakusa owns)
and im guessing Remy and Alex as well.

Ryu and Akuma’s kara-throw is damn good if you ask me. Ken is the one with the shitty kara-throw.

ryu and akuma have the best karathrow in the game.

Chun’s karathrow is just wrong.
I see guys like Nuki/Wong get tons of throws off just because it’s hard to counter throw that early.

ryu and akuma’s kara throw is really good. chuns is best tho. you may not see that much of a difference physically. but it chances dynamics alot. the opponents option select goes down the drain, especially against chun since at her max kara throw range, weak attacks, depending on character wont reach her. eliminating damage options off hit confirms with weak attacks. plus it keeps you out of range of some possible wakeup attempts. kara’s change a lot of dynamics in the game…

Don’t kara throw in a situation where it isn’t needed, the throw takes longer to come out because of the few frames of the move you are using to kara cancel.

I wouldn’t count out Alex’s kara-throw. That one’s got some good range on it as well.

The short answer is that it makes throw range deceptive. So you get thrown when you wouldn’t expect to be thrown, and it is difficult to counter.

It’s applications are hard to understand. My friends who don’t play 3s at high level thought it was stupid when I explained it to them, then when I started doing it in matches they screamed about how cheap it was, heh.

Oh, and BTW, Q’s kara throw owns. Chun > Q > Akuma+Ryu > Remy+Alex when it comes to kara throws IMO.

LMAO, I’ve seen good Ken players simply walk into Q kara throw range. They beast on Dudleys, Chuns, other Kens, etc, but as soon as a Q comes up he doesn’t know what to do^_

just the fact that it’s b+mp doesnt give him a good game when he has someone in the corner

…Is Elena so uncommon that people don’t even know about her kara throw? How is it not the best one in the game?

Although not as good, regular mp is still a pretty good kara throw too.

Oh and about Elena’s kara throw. I play her quite a bit and I think hers kicks ass! Especially when combined with her great mixup and poking plus her fast walk speed, it’s very dangerous IMO.

Yeah you have. Hi-o!

With Q I only use b + strong to karathrow if I’m in midscreen or the wall is behind me or if it’s necessary that I have that extra range. Otherwise, I’ll stick with neutral strong or toward + strong. No, toward + strong is not an extra move, but Q’s neutral throw is different from his toward throw, the opponent gets thrown farther away with the toward version, so it just depends on where I want the opponent to be, near me or away from me.

i still cant do kara throw fuck!!! i press slow… i press fast… fuck… nothin comes out… damn… been tryin for months now… shit!!! frustrating!!

heh i came accross http://www.shoryuken.com/features/s000313.shtml and did what it said:

I picked akuma, did his towards+mp and pushed jab+short as fast as i could.
If you hear the grunt while he does the throw animation, you got the timing right.

Overhead punch+grunt -> bad
Throw anim only -> bad
Throw+grunt -> Kara-throw!

Its not that hard =) just 15 mins in practice mode!

What i’m discovering:
Easy to do, hard to master

whoops, forgot about hers. Hers is eally good.

Elena’s probably the best one, though most good kara’s rock anyways.

Yep, I use 2/3 Crouching Shorts to Kara-Throw with Gouki alot.

omfg! thanks!!!