Old and forgotten arcade 3D Fighters

I am planning on writing an article about the older arcade 3D fighting games (pre 2000) , and just hoping to hear some stories and memories on some of these games. Also it would be a great help if anyone could sort out the chronological order of each year.

-Virtua Fighter - march?
-Tekken - December?

-Battle Arena Toshinden 2 (also any info on PSX toshinden 1 would be good too)
-Psychic Force
-virtua fighter remix
-Virtua Fighter 2
-Tekken 2

-Heaven’s gate
-Mace: The dark age
-Soul Edge
-Star Gladiater
-Street Fighter EX (I realise its not a true 3D fighter, but i still plan on mentioning it - so, “no flame”)
-Virtua Fighter Kids
-Dead or alive

-Tekken 3
-Beastorizer/Blood Roar
-Mortal Kombat 4
-Rival Schools
-Street Fighter EX Plus
-Virtua Fighter 3

-Bio Freaks
-Bloody Roar 2
-Flgihting Layer
-Plasma Sword/Star Gladiator 2
-Soul Calibur
-Street Fighter EX 2
-Dead or Alive++
-Tenth degree

-Dead or alive 2
-Final Fight Revenge
-Street Fighter EX 2 Plus

No doubt i got some of the years wrong and definitely missed loads out. So please correct me, but please no games post 1999, unless you feel they are worth mentioning.

Fighter Maker - 1998


Okay, so this one was console only. I CAN’T READ.

How could you forget fighting vipers!!!

From what I heard from older dudes in VF community, VF2/VF3 days were pretty big.

For older DoA, I’m guessing Tom Brady (MK Bill) would know the most.

Older tekken (1-2) I don’t know but I’m sure there are dudes around who can tell you how great the T3/Tag era was.

I remember playing Mace on the n64.

It was the shit way back when

I still play Mace: The Dark Age. Found a cartridge for sale over at Bookman’s and stepped into the late-90’s all over again.

Battle Arena: Toshinden was killer, I used to drop all kinds of tokens into that at the local Peter Piper Pizza.

Also, what about Dark Rift and cringe Fight for Life?

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I remember the 1st time I saw the SF EX games. Played SF EX2+ like crazy back then. I also saw JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure in that same arcade.

I would talk about Tobal 2 (1997) but I just realized that it’s console only.

Sonic the Fighters came out 1996. It was arcade only until its gamecube release nearly 9 years later. Probably should be overlooked because of its catch up system. I would kill for a sequel using the same basic gameplay concepts and the removable of the catch up system.

Thanks for the replies so far. Incident bring on the Tobal love.

Tekken Tag?

Are yeah how could i forget.

As you wish.

Me and my bro bought Tobal #1 on a whim and were amazed at it’s polish and execution, especially for it’s time. I found out that Tobal 2 was being made, I was elated…Until it was announced that it wouldn’t be brought over here. I was devastated. Years later, I learned about modding systems, found Tobal 2 bought it and played it like hell. To this day, I consider it one of the best 3D fighters ever made and has helped make me into the fighting gamer I am today. It got me into importing and for the 1st time, I was driven to learn a fighting game inside and out, even though I had no one to play against.

Fighting Layer was pretty good. What about Ehrgeiz?

I remember when I saw it arcades for the 1st time. I knew it was from the same developers as Tobal, so I knew it was something special. It wasn’t until I bought it on PS1 that I started to explore the game in depth and noticing the blend of roaming 3D fighters like Power Stone and standard 3D fighters like Tekken, VF and Tobal. As much as I enjoyed it, it made me want to get Tobal 2 more.

forgot about Bushido blade another Square fighter but with weapons.

War Gods … let’s keep it forgotten.

wheres these 2 sega fighters from that last

holloseum(on the sega hologram arcade cab)
last bronx

Not really “Arcade” but Fighters Destiny on the N64 was maybe the best game for the genre in the system.

ultimate dan? I think that was the name for that random atari fighter