OGs vs Youngblood Dream Matches

C’mon, we all have Dream Matches in our heads. We can’t help it, SRK is like Fantasy Football. And with EVO regionals taking place all over the country, now is the time. You know, those matches you always hope to see in pools somewhere, and then put on Youtube for the world.

A lot of hype came up last year when people were talking about the Greatest SF HF player Tomo Ohira returning to the scene. Sadly, he never did, but his legend lives on.

Last EVO the Wolfe brothers shocked everyone by basically coming out of retirement to take AE along with OGer Jason Nelson.

Rowtron reemerged to take on Sanford in MvC2. And I think Duc vs Sanford MM blew us all away.

And the recent MM of Hsien “Texas Techer” Chang, who was one of the first innovators of Third Strike, vs the current #1 American 3s player Mike “Pyrolee” Flauson plans to be just as big.

Even the recent Magneto Godfathers thread showed that people still remember who inspired them to play, and have tremendous loyalty to players we idolized and revere. Soo vs Yipes was exactly what I’m talking about.

Now who would you like to see play head to head? In your Dream Match? We’re all SFers and can’t help but talk about this stuff when the arcade is closed. Now these are matches that are **really **possible, and in some random cosmic calculation they could just happen.

So, here’s a few of my own suggestions. . .

Mike “Legend in his own Time” Watts vs The King Of Hate DXP in Super Turbo.

Marvel’s Godfather Ducvader vs his once young protege Justin “Dark Prince” Jordan in MvC2.

Justin “Marvelous” Wong vs Alex “Calipower” Valle in Alpha2.

Those are just a few from my tremendously limited knowledge of every game. I’m sure we all have some. Post them up and who knows, maybe there’s a Money Match in the making. . .


EDIT: In no way am I trying to disrespect any of the above mentioned players, or even suggesting that they confirmed any of those matchups I posted. Just throwing a few out there to get the ball rolling.

no disrespect, but all those matches are og rape lol.

besides the ones that will actually go down.

I have to play Devil’s Advocate here just for the sake of the Thread. But I see what you’re saying man.

DXP just won EVO East ST and is hella hungry.

Dark Prince says he beat Duc in ft10 and he’s hella hungry.

And JWong just won the Alpha 2 Side Turney at EVO East.

So I’m trying. Believe me, I started playing SF in '94 so I’m a believer in OGs, but a lot of new SRKers are young.

Jeff Schaefer vs anybody, any game from A2 and back. Maybe the god of the turtles can show Justin a thing or two about ticking down the clock and doing damn near nothing. Seeing what he did to Daigo in AE was really entertaining. Hop, FB, poke, block.

Dogface vs Canada XMSF.

Watson over DSP. Watson can probably still hang with the OGs in ST, he raped in the FFA HF tourneys. Watson is still a young guy and has a lot better comp available than DSP.

I think Justin would get pounded in A2 by Valle. No chance. So what if he wins a sidetourney at Evo East? Back when people actually gave a fuck about Street Fighter, and everybody experimented with all the characters rather than tier whoring and up japan’s ass, Valle went undefeated for like 60 tourneys and won some with garbage ass Gief.

Also, Vic, are we talking “In their prime” or “OG now vs new guy now?” Because OG Now Jeff Schaefer is probably still a beast, but he’s 36 years old and 10 yrs out of practice so IDK if I could put him over Wong.

dsp will admit himself that he is not on the level of the top WC players in st.

i dont know about marvel so i wont comment there

the a2 side tourney was just that. no one there even really plays the game(i was there btw), and even when hella ppl played, no one could touch valle.

oh yeah, and for the record, gief is not garbage in a2, hes high mid. he is actually pretty good in that game, because ticks actually work, his normals have ridiculous priority, and his custom does retarded damage.

He’s low tier (3rd worst guy) in the rankings from the A2 Versus Book. I don’t keep up with A2 past that 1997 knowledge lol. At the time Valle won some with him Gief was garbage, but shit changes.

that book was written in the stone ages lol, gief is definitely not garbage.

bottom 3 are dan/gen/birdie.

I wanna see OG XvSFer Spider-Dan vs. the New bloods.


I think new bloods > Spider-Dan

However all the new bloods vs. Dogface? I think the ottawa peeps have it done as well.

Valle vs. Jwong in A2 would be dope, but I think Valle has it cold.

I’d also like to see Apoc come back and play some A3 seriously, but I don’t know who still beasts at that game that’s new.

I’m saying, at the time Valle won with him, he wasn’t considered that great and probably had a lot of undiscovered/underused stuff so it’s still an impressive achievement. The top characters were pretty much all set by then, unless Ken and Chun are low in A2 now or something (wouldn’t think so). But yeah I admit not knowing the new tiers (where do you get tiers for old games anyway?) for something out in 1996.

you get tiers from playing the game and reading. haha. i actually play a2, even though its old, i think its one of the best SF’s.

my a2 tiers go like this

chun, ken, rose, ryu (kinda in that order, even though valle used ryu as his main, that was valle, for pretty much everyone else ken is better because hes more well rounded.)

high mid
sakura, rolento, zangief, (might be able to put akuma here too, pretty debateable)

mid-sagat, charlie, guy, sim, adon, sodom, bison. (might be able to argue sagat and charlie for a higher tier.)



I’ve been hoping for years for Spider-Dan to re-emerge and dominate all the Newschool XvSF players with his OG tricks. But sadly he doesn’t play anymore.

It’s okay though, I think XvSF has changed a lot since he retired.

Me vs Canada? Ottawa in particular? Well, Dark Geese is flying the top 3 from Canada out to Family Fun this summer to face off in the North American XvSF Championships against me and MegamanDS (Top 2 in US currently).

I’m pretty confident against most players. With infinites, XvSF is anyone’s game. But I think the best XvSF player overall is MegamanDS.

I’m really glad you brought this up though:) I can’t wait to play the Canadian players, and then we all just chill afterwards. Good times.

Epsilon and Grits N Gravy,

How crazy, you two Dudley players basically running the thread. Those avatars are like family.

I would like to see some matches of Tomo vs. whatever at the time or any of the SF legends. But thats not going to happen. =X

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike:

Nothing gets my blood flowing like a good, serious mirror match. It’s a (fairly reliable) of who has a better handle of their character vs. their character. There are no excuses, your opponent can’t do anything that you can’t. You both start off at the exact same place and anything that happens is up to the two of you (and random stuff). I play shotos so here I go:

Yuki Otoko vs. Jiro:
To me, Yuki is probably the world’s best Gouki; but he’s by no means unbeatable (let’s not forget when Nomoto beat him, completely beasting in the 3rd round at SBO3).
Jiro’s easily the most wild top-tier Gouki I’ve ever seen. He’s plays rather unsafely (which costs him matches as far as I can tell) but Jiro on a good day is waaaay more fun to watch than anyone else on theirs’. Lord knows when he hits that Raging Demon your ass is toast.

Match vs. Uraken:
Match is probably the most consistent, safe-playing and possible most boring top-ranking Gouki in Japan. He wreaked havoc in SBO4 (go find the footage, cuz I can’t post it) and has been a 3rd Strike mainstay for some time.

Uraken’s like a cross between Yuki and Jiro. Hella skill with style to match. He’s got the most creative, odd, random mixups I’ve ever seen on a Gouki. Ura’ makes me rethink Gouki.

HarmoNaz vs. TSF

Grey vs. Grey. Two European guys I chat with via forums all the time. HarmoNaz is a UK great but TSF doesn’t enter French tourneys anymore (:sad:). I’d love to see them go at it. No homo.

TSF vs. Jiro

I can’t tell you how entertaining it’d be to see Jiro get hit with his own shit. :rofl:

Hirai vs. Deshiken:

Remember Daigo in '03-'04? That was serious shit right there. You were NOT fucking with Daigo back then. That guy was a beast. He was obviously less impressive in ‘04 but I never worry about it. "Why not? He had that beastly white ken; nobody was stoppin’ the Ume, man!" Turns out Daigo’s not the only one…Hirai is the future. To be honest, he kinda ruins kens for me. I can barely watch anyone that isn’t him, Mokomokufu or some other absurdly good player. Actually, this one’s a rematch. They played at SBO3 and Deshiken raped. Deshiken is so fucking good even Daigo fanboys can’t deny him. Kara shoryus, wicked rushdown/mixup. Both Hirai and Deshi have these on lock; there’s no reason their earlier match couldn’t have been closer.

Hirai vs. [url=http://youtube.com/watch?v=1MJEUKzTlkA]Old [Good] Daigo
Deshiken vs. Old [Good] Daigo

I just want to see Tomo in action!!!

This is more of a side note than on topic, i think Og jap character specialist vs Og U.S beasts would be epic.

wolfes,schaefer(sp?),choi,valle,cole and i can keep going but you already know

*singin dream on

maybe these matches happened sometime, if so, sorry, I didn’t see em :stuck_out_tongue:

(more) 3s mirror matches:

Inu vs J (makoto)

Hayao vs YSB (hugo)

sugiyama vs ab7 (necro)

Sugi vs. Pino

(don’t read the comments; they spoil it).

Hol Horse reported footage of Hayao and YSB but it still hasn’t been posted…



If anything HF goes down between JWo and Your Worst Nightmare/Tomo I got 50 on it.

Bet it.

It would be really difficult to hook this match up I’m sure, unless it was for some serious bills or at a major tho…

when is this going down.