Official World War Z movie thread: Holy Crap! Zombie Tsunami!

There seems to be a trailer teaser trailer making the rounds in internet land so I thought I’d make a movie thread.
Has anyone seen it yet?? No, not the fan-made ones, but the real one with Brad Pitt?

Looks like they shit on everything that made the book so great and turned it into some 28 Days Later action movie shit fest with Pitt being the hero. The zombies don’t look like zombies at all, more like 28 Days infected on meth and PCP. Seriously, they are so fast that they create these zombie “Tsunamis” or “rage waves” that “wash” over everything. Words fail to describe how retarded it looks. So disappointing. :tdown:

Oh yeah, this is the best I could find. [media=youtube]xuHdsajGkPI[/media]

How is it zombies have better cardio & conditioning than the living? These relentless, marathon runner zombies in some flicks always piss me off. Can’t get any more unrealistic than that.

Gee golly, i guess i better get in the gym and train my ass off like Rocky balboa so i can outrun a DEAD person when the time comes…

puts “hearts on fire” on the MP3 player and starts jogging

Brad Pitt used to be notorious for turning down dumb movies, leaving them in production hell. Not sure why he committed to a movie about killer crowd-surfing zombies.

Because this movie is made with his production company…Plan B I think.


Yeah…I’d probably swim back to Africa if this actually happened.

This… looks incredibly fucking stupid.

Zombie Tsunami… a new high water mark in mindless, suspect quasi-entertainment.

And I say this fully aware of how retarded media has become over the last 12 years or so.

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I like how there in’t a movie after the zombie invasion or how it happens just happens to be undead…bet Hispanics would blast and roast them.

well, who the fuck would be scared of slouching zombies?

in all seriousness, the zombie genre has seldom been any good.

To think I thought they couldn’t top “Raptor Zombies”/“RTSD Zombies” in Dawn of the Dead/28 Days later then I see… freaking Zombie Tsunami? That is beyond broken. I did have a nightmare when I was younger about a “Zombie Ball” by getting ran over by a bunch of Zombies in a weird Katamari-type ball thing. I guess my nightmares are coming true so this literally scared the crap out of me. But then again when I watch this… it made me remember this: (The fun starts at 2:21)


There is nothing scary or exciting about CG zombies in a live action film.

**Nothing. **

Meanwhile The Walking Dead continues to shamble it’s way to the top of the zombie genre without having to rely on sad gimmicks.

Also this

Brad Pitt couldn’t have possibly fucked this up, I’m hoping it’s just the trailer that makes it look shitty

The CG zombie flood is full of fail. Its ripped off of starship troopers.

Cosign on it looking like a mediocre 28 Days Later ripoff, but I’m still kind of interested.

An epic zombie book reduced to a PG-13 bastardization. What the fuck happened to “If we can’t make it R rated, there’s no point.” hmm Mr. Pitt? oh wait, I know, Money. A PG flick will make more money than an R even if it does completely alienate the main audience that would be interested in it anyway.

Well I read that the original script stuck much closer to the books but they ran into money trouble so they let it devolve into this to make back the money they invested. I can’t imagine how the expensive the original script would have been after seeing this trailer but now I have to go read the book to find out why.

why isnt their 1 shot of a close up of a zombie? suspect as fuck

I knew this was going to happen when it became a movie. I had hope but now it is gone. I wonder how Max Brooks feels about this?

He’s too busy masturbating on his huge pile of money to give a shit.

Also, why is every other trailer using that annoying “inception Bwong??”

“In a world… BWONG”
“random scene… BWONG”
“people running…BWONG”
“random close up…BWONG”


GDer, please.

…with that much money, he isn’t masturbating.

He is BEING masturbated.

By naked beautiful women.

With their feet.

Coated in olive oil.

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I liked because I just noticed you actually changed it to Adderall. :rofl:

I dunno how I feel about this movie. I’ll probably break down and go see it, but…I’m not expecting much.

Remember when Transformers was coming out, and everyone was like “Ugh, how could this possibly be watchable” and then it dropped and everyone was pleasantly surprised for the most part? I feel like this might be like that in a way.

…or it could just turn out to be a shit fest.