Official UDON Q&A thread

Hey again everyone!

Matt Moylan here from UDON. I just wanted to start up an official Q&A thread to answer whatever you guys would like to know about UDON! Go ahead and ask about our comics, artbooks, manga, conventions, videogame projects or anything else to do with UDON, and I’ll come by every so often to give you some answers.

Just a couple notes:

  1. Try to give a glance and previous questions and recent responses so there’s not a ton of duplication.

  2. If it’s not an UDON-controlled project (like Street Fighter IV or Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix), I can’t give you any info that Capcom hasn’t given out already like release dates or unannounced characters. I can however tell you about UDON’s involvement, our art process and such.

So yeah, tell me what your inquiring minds want to know about UDON!

Matt Moylan
Marketing Manager
UDON Entertainment

ya know sumtin i always wanted know…why so many asian artists. it seems like the predominate race working in udon when their are tons of good artists in general.

So what’s the deal with all the books that are currently on hiatus? I know the team is working real hard on HDR, but is there any announcement on when the comics will restart (ie. Darkstalkers, SF2, etc etc).

OK hmmm, umm any chance you can get Alex Ross to do a spread with all the SF characters?

Also are there any plans on making a Rockman/Megaman comic? If so how do you want the atmosphere of that series to be like?

When the heck are you gonna make SF Legends: Dan Hibiki?! Please make it the 3rd Legends series!

This is regarding the Korean Comics you publish in English; is there any chance you can license the Korean Comic Ares in the US? That is one of the best Shonen-type comics I’ve ever read and I really think it’ll impress a lot of western readers.

-Will UDON ever do art that in turn will be sculpted as figures or statues? I know that the new Revoltech Optimus Prime and Megatron were both made according to Pat Lee’s artstyle. It would be cool to see any of the SF characters after UDON’s SF art

-Apart from the SF3 comic, is there going to be anything else with SF3? SF3 has a good sized but faithful following.


id fully support a sf legends: dan hibiki.

Was wondering if you could float a question along to SF writer Ken Siu-Chong whenever he’s not too busy.

I’ve always wondered if Rose rescuing Killer Bee from Shadaloo in the SF comic was at least in part inspired by Cammy’s X-Men vs. Street Fighter ending since there it seems like Psylocke is the one who brings Cammy to MI-6 (in that game only). And of course there are similarities, with both Psylocke and Rose having purple hair. Also Psylocke at that time could potentially erase Killer Bee’s mind same as Rose did in the comics, not that Psylocke actually did in X-Men vs. SF of course because she didn’t.

Once again thanks for doing this Matt! :woot:

I just wanna harass you to reprint the Ultimate Edition.

The SF3 characters have much less existing backstory than those from SFII or Alpha, but we?ll work to stay true to what has already come before, and also definitely expand their stories. One of the best part of working with SF3 is that we hav ea lot of room to add our own contributions to the SF mythos.

We?re a company based in Toronto, which happens to have a large Asian population, so that?s pretty much the reason. Though still we do have a lot of artists working with us from different places ? Mexico, Norway, Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, and all over Canada and the U.S.

We?re done with HD Remix, so that?s off our plate. If you haven?t heard the news though, the comics are back! Beginning with Street Fighter Remix #0(on sale today!), then continuing with next month?s Street Fighter II Turbo #1, and two more new SF series starting soon.

Darkstalkers will be back as well, but we want to get the SF comics off to a good start first. Next year IS the Darkstalkers 15th anniversary…sounds like a good time for some DS projects, yes? Until then you?ll have to fill the time with Darkstalkers Graphic File, the ultimate DS art and history book on sale October 2008.

Unlike a lot of Street Fighter fans who are children of the 80s, Ross grew up in the 70s so SF doesn?t have the same nostalgia factor for him as it does the rest of us. Would be great to have him do a piece, but he?s so huge that he can pretty much pick and choose what projects he wants to do, and I don?t think he?ll want to do SF. We can always hope though!

Lots of Mega Man fans here at UDON! Unfortunately the series Dreamwave did a few years back left a bad taste for a lot of fans, so we?d like to make sure people have a chance to forget it before tackling the blue bomber. We do have other Mega Man projects in the works though ? the Mega Man Zero Official Complete Works art book is out now, and we have another art book planned for sometime next year featuring all the artwork behind the classic Mega Man and Mega Man X.

Dan will be playing a part in both the upcoming Street Fighter Legends: Chun-Li series, as well as in SF II Turbo. There have also been some ideas floating around for some sort of Dan-centric project. So we?ll see, might depend on how loud the fans cry out for more Dan :wink:

It?s possible. I hadn?t heard of the series before but the art does look interesting.

We actually already have! Last year?s Akuma Limited Edition Statue was designed by UDON?s own Alvin Lee, and before that we produced a series of our own Street Fighter busts. Hopefully we get the chance to do more in the future.

Maybe, we?ve been considering continuing the Street Jam Poster (our best-selling poster!) to include the SF 3 & 4 cast… how would you like that? Also there are tons of new SF3 pieces in our 300+page Street Fighter Tribute art book, on sale at the end of the month.

From Ken: ?Haha, actually, I never thought of that. It’s pure coincidence.?

Like I?ve mentioned before, we did try resoliciting it last year, but did not receive enough orders to do a new printing. That said, we are playing around with some ideas to get Ultimate Edition or a similarly formatted edition, back in print.


I just bought the new SF Remix and I really can’t wait for the rest of the issues!

My question regarding the SF Legends series

Are you all thinking about making “Street Fighter Legends: Final Fight” in the future?

R20 eh? Nice choice:tup:. RM/MM fans will absolutely adore this book. I know I am.:bgrin: Now if only Capcom would make a similar book for SF.:pray:

omg. that would be fantastic. please look into it. :pleased:

A coincidence huh? Ah good to know thanks. Guess it’s true what they say, great minds think alike. :tup:

Words wouldnt describe how incredible that would be :sad: I be sure to get anything SF3. Im so excited by the upcoming series and want to thank everyone at UDON for your dedication and hard work. How far is Capcom allowing yall to go as far as the storyline goes in Street Fighter?

That would be fantastic! Please make that happen! I’ll buy 10 of these suckers!
But please add POISON and EFFIE with Hugo and Necro PLEASE in the poster! that would be just a dream come true for all the characters to be on it, especially the sf 3 characters!

-you guys do plan on putting in ALL the sf 3 characters in the comic ,right? and I assume if the series does well you will extend it and keep going with it?

you guys are the best!

haha, yeah I agree!

People still have memories of the old comic huh? I personally think they overcame it and would IMMEDIATELY welcome an UDON version what with the reputation you guys have :slight_smile:

They’re about as loud as the DC fans who want the animated Teen Titans: Judas Contract movie :wink:
…and Dan’s gonna be in the SF Chun movie?! Now you’ve given me a reason to watch it XD Thanks.

I hope you will publish it in English eventually :tup:

He never said that. ‘Steet Fighter Legends Chun-Li’ is a comic book. Not to be confused with the new live action movie, ‘Street Fighter The Legend of Chun-Li.’

Hey any chance of Ingrid showing up in the comic, even as a cameo of sorts?

I know some people don’t like her and stuff - her fans like myself are few and far between lol - but maybe she can just be a punching bag for Sakura or Karin? :rofl:

i would only like ingrid to have a cameo if in it she either gets violently murdered by claw or smashed by a truck so badly that even her soul dies with her so she wont even be resurrected if one day resurrection becomes possible.

will the comics ever do a dudley vs balrog?