Official Texas Showdown 6 Thread - March 17-19 - Houston, Texas

its over…

look for the DVD…

it’ll be even better than the tournament…

hope to see everybody there.

Hey im going to come to this. Any matches anyone. Im taking matches in random snk games. marvel/cvs2/3s/t5/st/a3

Any idea on nearby hotels and stuffs like that?

Yes, i’ve been waiting for this thread forever. I’ll for sure be there again, last year was too fun. I also wanna rob Daniel of all his marvel money again <3.

are any of the Japanese coming again this time, and will there be any pot bonus for reload?

No sticky??

Why the fuck would there be a bonus pot for #reload. =|.

KLT, You ask me for housing then ask for hotel info? What… Kind of fuck… ARE YOU?!

And if there are japs… Why even ask for a bonus pot for #Reload. -_-

I’ll definitely be there this year. Looking forward to it. :tup:

That was 2 days ago, ya big dummy! I’m comin to your house!! :rock:

Rob my marvel money?

Good Luck! :lol:

Bring plenty of cash for poker!

Isaac is DEAD MONEY.

anyone can house me? marn?

I might fly out to this thing for #R, trying to drag Gwyrgyn Blood along with me. Somebody house us/show us in the direction of a hotel, and nearby airport.

If nobody can house you which i doubt i can help you out. Only reasin why i say this is because i have no car yet but i should by that time.

definitely making this one, kinda looking for housing too though

  • Alex G.

Because last year there was both, so it doesn’t seem to me like an extremely odd question to ask if either of those things would occur again this year, now does it? Thanks for not answering my question though!

I could also use some housing or maybe if someone has space in a hotel room. Could anyone maybe help me out? R0b0t? Fubar? Kensou?

I’d like to go to this.

Time will tell.


I never knew that #Reload had an extra pot. I’m almost sure your mistaken.

I completely forgot about Regionals :confused: , but will surely attend Tx Showdown 6.:lol:

Lay…lemme sleep at your house. Can anyone else house me if Lay has to house japanese again…or can’t for some other reason?