Official SSF2T: HD Remix General Discussion Thread

This thread is a continuation of the previous SFHD Thread. I decided to start a new thread because I can no longer update the first summary post with any more information because of VBulletin’s character limit for a single post. Therefore, the summary information from the last thread has been split into two posts in this thread.

What We Know about SSF2T:HD Remix (SFHD) So Far

Before I begin, make sure you check out Capcom’s main Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo: HD Remix’s FAQ and the State of the Union address in the Capcom blog before you ask questions about SSF2T:HD Remix (abbreviated to SF:HD from this point on). Chances are that your questions are answered there.

Here’s what we know about SF:HD so far based on what was said by Sirlin, Rey Jimenez, and other Capcom/Backbone employees.

SF:HD is considered to be the next entry of the SF2 series, making it the 6th installment of the series (Hyper SF2 is not considered a new SF installment). There will be actually be two games in SF:HD: the original Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo and a remixed gameplay mode with rebalanced gameplay tweaks. Fans will be able to play the game with the classic ST sprites or the new redrawn HD graphics (drawn by Udon artists) in either mode (however, the backgrounds will remain in their redrawn HD state regardless of sprite-style selection).

The game will be released as a downloadable title for both Xbox LIVE Arcade and Playstation Network (XBLA and PSN), but a price has not been determined yet. Christian Svensson indicated in the Capcom BBS that the price will not be $10. Capcom revealed that both versions will be identical, as Microsoft has granted Capcom an exception to the 150MB XBLA size limit that could have limited the XBLA version of the game.

Release Date

The final version of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix will be available for the Playstation Network on Tuesday, November 25th, and on Wednesday, November 26th on Xbox Live Arcade.


Capcom announced that those who purchase Wolf on the Battlefield: Commando 3 via Xbox LIVE Arcade will be able to access an eight-week SFHD Beta where Ryu and Ken will be the only selectable characters. The purpose of this beta is to test the game’s network connections. Some have complained that PS3 owners were left out of the beta, but Christian Svensson explains why that happened.

Commando 3 is now available on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace as of Wednesday, June 11th, 2008, for 800 Microsoft Points, which equates to $10 US dollars. The beta has been active since Wednesday, June 25th, 2008 and will run for approximately eight weeks.

If you are participating in the beta, be sure to leave your feedback, suggestions, and constructive criticism (Capcom won’t respond to flames) in their beta forums.

Remixed Mode

Sirlin revealed his design goals for the remixed mode.

In this mode, we can assume that inconsistent properties such as random dizzies will be fixed in the game. Characters who did not have reversal supers can now perform them (we saw Ken do a reversal super in the SF:HD footage that Rey Jimenez revealed). Most interesting is what was revealed in a preview article.

Sirlin revealed in a Capcom blog the extent of these changes.

Easier Moves Overview
Dragon Punch timing more forgiving
360s alternate motions
Tiger knee motions removed
Mash moves easier
All 3 button moves changed to 2 buttons

You can read more about the changes in this post.

Brian Dunn revealed this in the Capcom Digital Blog, “This game uses the Dreamcast version as a base. Basically it uses the same base code (with improvements and new features and additions), with all of the “art” files replaced with new ones for the updated look.” Rey added the following in this Capcom Digital blog post after some objected to the use of the DC version of ST.

Updating the Fighters

Sirlin has posted how the ST cast will be changed in the Remixed Mode. Here’s a list of changes revealed so far.

T. Hawk
Balrog (Boxer)
Fei Long
M.Bison (Dictator)
Complete Change List

This list will be updated as more character changes are revealed.


According to this Game Informer article:

Rey Jimenez revealed in the Capcom blog, “The HUD and fonts are very early. We haven’t done anything to jazz it up yet. So I know it looks boring now, but it’s something we’ll be working on.”

Capcom revealed how the HD art looks like now in the State of the Union address.


In a reversal to what was announced previously, remixed tunes will be available in the game. According to the 1up article, Christian Svensson hints that the community will come into play somehow with the creation (or selection) of the remixed music tracks. Rey Jimenez said in the Capcom Digital Blog, “You’ll also notice the new Ken level music. Again, this is an optional feature, but I am working with a bunch of talented individuals to get new music in the game. I’ll let you know who they are later as we get closer to release.”

In recent gameplay videos, the remixed tracks for Ken’s, Vega’s (claw), Fei Long’s stages were modified tracks from the Blood on the Asphalt remix project. It was also confirmed that players can play with the classic or remixed soundtrack in either Classic or Remixed mode.

Many have complained about Guile’s wimpy “Sonic Boom” voice in ST, and Backbone has listened as Guile now has his original “Sonic Boom” from his Hyper Fighting days. Backbone also added a new announcer to yell out “Round x” and “Fight!”

Larry Oji, the assistant music producer for the remixed soundtrack of HD Remix, wrote about what to expect from the remixed soundtrack.

Widescreen Mode

In another reversal to what was said previously, SF:HD will have a widescreen option. According to Rey Jimenez, “As you may remember, we weren’t planning on including any sort of widescreen support that would extend the edges of the playing field to the edge of the screen. But the community voiced that they wanted it really bad, so we decided to put it in. The mode is optional, so you can play in standard 4:3 if you want to. Its not a stretched mode, but something similar to whats been suggested on many forums as a widescreen option. Essentially, its a zoomed in mode, with a portion of the top of the screen cropped off.” Sirlin at one point in his blog said, “The widescreen mode zooms in the camera but does not change gameplay. I was skeptical at first, but it’s turning out surprisingly good. Even hardcore players seem to like it, even prefer it to the regular 4:3 mode.”

Remember, widescreen mode is optional.

Tournament Options

Capcom has revealed that there will be an 8-man tournament option in the game.

Online Matchmaking

There was a very good suggestion for a blind selection option. Setting it so that players wont know whom their opponent selected until the versus screen will prevent players from playing chicken on who picks first (and the other picking a counter-character). Definitely set blind selection as a default option for ranked matches.

In this interview, Sirlin confirms that a visible time limit will appear on the character selection screen. It will visibly dissuade opponents from staying on the versus screen indefinitely (like those in Hyper Fighting who pick up wins from quitting players who are tired of waiting) and also advise indecisive Super Turbo players how much time they have left before the game chooses a fighter for them.

Speaking of quitting, Sirlin has stated that quitters will be dealt with (most likely with an automatic loss). Some have also suggested adding a disconnect stat (like DoA4) so that you can see if an opponent likes to quit mid-match a lot.

Rey Jimenez revealed that ranking system will no longer just track win/loss ratios. It will be a system similar to chess’ ranking system. Some have suggested implementing a decaying rating system, where rating points for everyone goes down after a week or so (or just for those who haven’t played in a week). It prevents people who begin with an awesome record to permanently remaining on top of leaderboards if they never play again.

Furthermore, there will be two leaderboards, one for original ST, one for Rebalanced/Remixed ST.

Quarter Match

Rey Jimenez confirmed that Quarter Match will be available, and according to a Game Informer article, it’s going to be expanded. The Quarter Match lobby can now hold six people with four spectators and two players. Spectators can hang out and opt out of gameplay if they dont want to play. Also, if someone drops out, someone can join a game thats already in progress.

Winner Stays as Same Character Option

Ultradavid had a really good suggestion of adding a “Winner Stays as Same Character” option for the Quarter Match lobby. In the arcade, you were not allowed to switch characters if you won a match and were challenged again, so you could recreate that in a Quarter Match lobby with this option. Players could search for Quarter Match lobbies with a filter for this option on, off, or either.

Allow Guests in Non-ranked Quarter Matches

This feature was missed in Puzzle Fighter HD, and I’m sure some would like to bring their guests online, especially since there are six slots in the Quarter Room. Since guests can only play in non-ranked games (like Halo 3), you don’t have to worry about people using their local friends to do some unscrupulous stat-boosting.

Play Arcade or Training Mode While Waiting for Online Match

A common complaint among online fighting game fans is the inability to do anything while hosting a room and waiting for a match. A good way to kill time is to allow the player to play Arcade or Training Mode while waiting for a challenger to enter the lobby. When a challenger enters the room, the “Here Comes a New Challenger!” message appears, your arcade/practice session ends, and you are back in the lobby with your new challenger.


In the preview article, this interesting tidbit was revealed.

Why is Svensson so confident? You might assume that Capcom will license the GGPO algorithm, since it has been proven to provide almost lagless online play for fighting games. However, to date Capcom has not committed to using GGPO, despite its excellent reputation among the hardcore players that use it.

Why would Capcom invest their resources in reinventing the wheel if GGPO is already out there? Don’t expect an official answer from Capcom or Backbone for now, but some speculated that Capcom did not want to pay to license GGPO (this is merely conjecture and has no factual basis). Despite Capcom’s refusal of using GGPO for SFHD, Svensson acknowledged GGPO’s capabilities and indicated that they are doing “everything” to replicate its capabilities.

Recently, Tony Cannon (aka Ponder), the man responsible for GGPO, revealed that he was hired as a consultant to improve SFHD’s networking code. SFHD will not implement GGPO because by the time Capcom announced that they will license GGPO for their online games, it would have been delayed SFHD even further to implement the algorithm. Nonetheless, Tony assured fans in this Capcom Unity post that SFHD’s netcode will be as good as GGPO’s.

Costume Colors

The removal of the ‘Old’ characters from the Remixed version most likely means the return of the original costume colors for the ST cast. Some have suggested that Backbone use this opportunity to provide 14 costume options instead of the standard 8. A good way to provide more colors is by holding a button. Here’s how I would set up the extra colors:

Jab - Original Color
Hold Jab - ST Default Color
Hold Strong - ‘Old’ Alternate Color
Hold Start - ST ‘Hold Button’ Color
Hold HP, LK, MK, or HK - provide four new color schemes, or three new schemes and a gasp custom color slot (or two new schemes and two custom color slots)

Backbone has not indicated if custom colors will be implemented, but it has been constantly requested in the SRK forum. If Backbone does implement custom colors, an option to disable it for online play should be considered.

Combo/Reversal Message Tweaks

Some have suggested that when the computer performs a combo or reversal, the Combo or Reversal message should appear similar to when a player performs a combo or reversal. Others have suggested that when a player performs a reversal throw, a Reversal Attack message should appear.


Halo 3 has shown how popular video replay sharing is, but I doubt Backbone is going to have the resources to host Super Turbo replays. Nonetheless, the option to save replays (and sending them to your friends if possible) would be welcomed and greatly appreciated by ST fans looking to improve their game (or gloat).

Display XBL/PSN Names during Match

Fans have suggested that, similar to the Xbox KOF games, player’s XBL/PSN names (and maybe even connection status: green dot - good connection, yellow dot - average, red dot - not so good) should appear under the lifebars. In a interview, Sirlin confirmed that gamertags will appear under the health bar during online matches.

Theatre/Gallery Mode

Fans have also suggested that once you beat the game with a character, you unlock his/her ending and additional artwork in this mode. It will give players an extra incentive to beat the game with every character.

Training Mode

It has been confirmed that hitbox display will be an option. Still no word if frame data will also be shown.

Some have suggested that Capcom should take notes from Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution’s training mode. Rey said regarding this subject, “I’ve seen some very good suggestions using the training mode style from the SF EX series or VF 5, but I’m not sure if we have the time or extra file size to support such a feature.”

At the very least, the option to turn off dizzy should be available. Others have asked for a recording option similar to the one in Capcom vs SNK 2’s training mode (dummies perform the correct move even after being crossed-up, recorded actions loop). The Mullah suggested taking the recording option one step further by adding the ability to set the 1p action (block, stand, jump forward/backward/straight up crouch etc) while recording the dummy.

Stat Tracking

From the article:

Custom Button Configuration Profiles

The Furious One suggested that SF:HD should also have the ability to save and name profiles of custom button configurations. Set up the buttons the way you like and give the configuration a name. Provide six to ten slots for these profiles. During local matches, have an option to allow users to choose their button config profile before the match begins. It eliminates the need to go to button config screen every time a new player joins the fray. Super Smash Bros. Brawl has such a system, so Backbone should definitely take notes from that game.

Controller/Arcade Stick Recommendations

To celebrate the release of SF:HD and commemorate the 20th Anniversary of Street Fighter, Capcom should strongly consider working with Sega again to release a version of the Sega Saturn controller for both Xbox 360 and PS3, similar to the PS2 Saturn Pad Vampire Edition. It would make a lot of pad people happy.

As for joysticks, Capcom should work with Sega to release a Street Fighter version of the Virtua Stick High Grade arcade stick for the Xbox 360 and PS3 (and perhaps call it Street Fighter High Grade). Capcom and Sega could improve on the original design by incorporating a longer cord, a more common button configuration, and easier access to the inside of the joystick (like a HRAP). Currently, Capcom has confirmed that they are working on an arcade stick for Street Fighter IV, and Svensson has said that the joystick won’t be “another EX2”, referring to the Hori Fighting Stick EX2 for the Xbox 360 that other companies have used for their licensed arcade sticks (specifically Dead or Alive 4, Virtua Fighter 5, and Soul Calibur 4).

New SF:HD Training Videos

Sirlin revealed in a recent Gametrailers interview that he would like to offer character-specific tutorial videos as a separate download pack. No official word if this desire will actually happen.

Xbox LIVE Camera Support

Burnout Paradise had an excellent use of the camera by taking a snapshot right when you crash another car (or you are on the receiving end of a crash), which makes for great reaction shots. Backbone could so something similar by taking a camera shot right when the final KO occurs. You could also activate the camera in the Quarter Match lobby. I wouldn’t make this feature a priority, but it would be nice to implement it IF all the other wish-list features have been completed.

More Win Quotes

The idea of permitting custom win quotes was shot down by the Capcom blog, but Sirlin has revealed in this SRK thread that he may incorporate three win quotes for every character in the original mode (some of the new quotes are translated from the Japanese version of the game). This change may bring the possibility of even more win quotes in Remixed mode. Raisin had some good suggestions for various win quotes–by providing either character-specific win quotes or win quotes based on how the player won (narrow win, normal win, or dominating win). In a SF:HD gameplay video, Ken was shown using one of his Alpha 3 win quotes.

Incorporate SF2 Home Console Pause Sound

Rioting Soul had a great suggestion.

Different Backgrounds After Each Round

The time of day in certain SF2 backgrounds changed after each revision (Ryu’s Stage: WW - sunset, HF - night, ST - dusk), prompting some to suggest that the time of day for many (if not all) backgrounds should change after each round in SF:HD. This concept is not new, as the time of day in certain backgrounds in Fatal Fury Special and King of Fighters would change after every round. Unfortunately, Rey Jimenez confirmed that the backgrounds will not change after a round ends.

Multi-button pause

This was suggested to prevent accidental pauses during local matches. However, Sven confirmed that a multi-button pause option is not possible.

I’ll keep updating these summary posts as new info emerges. If you have suggestions, please post them in the thread. If enough people like the idea, or if it’s really, really good, I’ll add it to this post.


If you are participating in the beta, be sure to leave your feedback, suggestions, and constructive criticism (Capcom won’t respond to flames) in their beta forums.

about time man 302 pages lol

Are Capcom still planning to release blog updates, or are they hoping we will be too distracted with playing the beta to care?

I would love the option of turning off the menu music. It gets very annoying and tiresome after 100’s of SF games.

Also for the ryu remix, please remove it or cut the first 4 bars of the song. It’s really annoying like ice cream truck music (especially when it speeds up) and it’s all I hear because the matches can go by so quick.


the opening of ryu theme sucks monkey balls

It’s Ken’s theme :arazz:

read -> comprehend -> post


You can turn BGM off in options. Granted, you still have to get either down to the multiplayer menu or go back down into options for the music to shut off when you restart the game.

I think it would be better if the option was that pause would have to be held down for 3+ seconds before it actually pauses (kinda like smash brawl when going back a menu screen during character/stage selection). The problem with multi-button pause is that pausing can still accidently happen if someone mashes, hitting multiple buttons at the same time. With a 3+ second pause holding, there is no way that someone could do this on accident. If someone paused during a game, then it was definitely intentional.

OK, so what if I’m playing my friend and my phone rings. I guess we just have to sit there for 3 seconds while we hold down pause, right?

Have your friend pause it?

How about this, both players have to hit the pause button in order for the game to pause…

You don’t pause.

You answer the phone, and lose

Or don’t answer the phone and keep playing.

^^ QFT common sense ftw

does your phone stop ringing and auto reject phone calls after 3 seconds or something?

Sounds like it. Must be like a tv show or movie where it rings once and the machine picks up.

Get bluetooth and make the person on the phone listen to you play! :rofl:

But seriously, a hold the button for X seconds would work nice. I don’t even think you’d need to go for 3 seconds. Even one or two full seconds is longer than anyone would accidentally press a button.

One second is more than enough really, any more than that and it’s just annoying.

I am not a fan of having to hold down a button for 3 seconds to pause. Some of us don’t hit the pause button by accident, so it’s just a waste of time.

Does anyone notice that the music abruptly stops on the last hit of a round? But not so in a local match?

Winquote music is sooooooo out of place too.

I also suggest cursor memory for the after-winquote screen… or assign a button to the options. Quick rematches are jawsome. :stuck_out_tongue:

The real issue is that sometimes you just need to pause the game, and having to set both characters to a neutral state and run 3 seconds off the clock is annoying. Is it critical? No. If it’s a tourney match or you’re playing for money or something, probably nothing could make you pause the round anyway. But even playing casually, I think having to wait to pause is annoying.

I don’t see a problem with a multi-button pause, just make it more buttons. All 4 face buttons + start seems pretty good to me, it seems pretty unlikely that you’d end up holding 4 buttons and pressing start no matter how you mash, and you can easily slap your palm down and hit pause in a moment.