Official Rack-N-Cue @SFSU Thread

Pool boss what do u look like. I usually go to state on friday around 2. What time are u usually there. I’ll play u a couple of games, and one more thing the first player side is still broken, for cvs2. U can not block low.

Goku have u improved at all since the last time i played u. I’ll play u too at state on fri. or sat. at around 2. I"ll beat u again:cool: Jk.

If u can’t pick me out, then you must be blind. Try to take my “username” literally, you’ll find me. 'Sides all of my staff are women!

Today we shuffled a few of the games around and spread out the Puzzle fighter & Mvc2 games for more space between the two. Also for you CvS2 players, I’ve spoke to the vendor about the controls. He’s working on either changing out the controls or changing the cabinet alltogether. Finally, for DDR players, we put in the last unlock code this morning. Have fun!

pool boss is it possible to lower the cvs2 to a quarter. More people will play if u do.

yeah, lower it to a quarter. afterall, it is cvs2, lol.

no promises on lowering the cvs2, but i’ll see what I can do. 'sides, according to your comment about people playing it more if it was 25 cents, reminds me when I was told the same thing about Tekken 4, which I did get the vendor to lower from .50 to .25 , and it’s the lowest played fighting game we got…but like I said, no promises, I’ll see what I can do.

As for the SC2 players, since I’m lazy this is what I told them on the SC2 forum:

" I’m still working on getting the vendor to fix/replace the buttons, but according to his staff, he’s been really tied up these past weeks. (unless of course you want to trip up any other incoming players with our setup.) What I would like to do is do what I did when DDR was acting up way back when, is to get one of u SC2 players to be there when the vendor shows up to fix the cabinet buttons so we can tell him exactly what we want.(but since I don’t know when he’s coming to do that, you’ll have to hold your breath…)

Finally, since this is the horse’s mouth spilling this rumor, I am “UNCONFIRMING” (meaning that I don’t know when) that I plan to have video game tourneys start THIS SUMMER!! :o Seeing as no one else is having them during this time…he,he,he…"

if cvs2 went down to a quarter and the left side finally gets fixed people won’t play mvc2 as much :frowning:

I wouldn’t worry about that since you probably constitute about 75% of the quarters put in MvC2:D

the majority of the quarters in the mvc2 machine are from other people after they play me! :smiley: its okay though, i’ve been playing puzzle fighter for pc so ima start playing that more now.

So what happened to the tourney? Did not enough people want to participate? We should also have games on console with the use of control pads, only way I can take everyone back to school.

what tourney are u talking about? Berkeley? I asked a couple people about that and they all pointed to someone else who should go. At least the Sc2 people represented.

Tourney happening Starting June!!

I plan to start the first wave of video game tournaments this summer starting in June. The day itself is still TBA.

We plan to have the following:

Marvel V. Capcom2

Puzzle Fighter

Soul Calibur 2

and possibly Tekken 4

If anyone would like to help out for these please PM. Tell everyone! The more people who attend, the higher the chances we will have another one (and another one)

I’m gonna give you the bad news first…

Our DDR machine will be pulled from the Rack-N-Cue Friday afternoon. This should give you ample time to come by and play (I mean, pay) your respects to it before it leaves us forever.

The good news is…

We will be getting a NEW DDR machine as of MONDAY!! And should my vendor keep good on what he said, it should have memory card slots.

Another piece of good news is that not only is CVS2 up and running again, it’s now .25 to play!! For those who complain, I made the vendor clean the buttons (it seems a few on the left side were sticky)

Since CVS2 is back online, there is a possibility that the game may see tournament action. What I need is convincing. If I see people coming out in support of CvS2, I’ll add it to the lineup. 'nuff said.

Damn Poolboss, you keep your shit on lock!

I’m going to be a student at SFSU next semester and I like MvC1 and some MvC2.

And fried chicken. Fried chicken is wonderful.

I’ll be there tommorow for advising day, but until later in the day.

NICE! SF State has a working CVS2 machine… Lemme introduce my self… I’m Cocoumi and I hold console tournamnets at the Univeristy of San Francisco. I make announcements for tournamnets on the San Francisco thread. A good arcade with a decent cvs2 is real hard to come by here in the City. Now that you guys have your’s working that’ll give peeps a good reason to stop by for a lil bit! Maybe Tuesday or so, me and a good friend will come by to play! Nice to see yall have a thread going! Keep up the awsome work.

thanks. let me know if you want to help set up CvS2 for our 6/12 tourney

How did the games feel?

For those who came to our tourney, How did the games feel? There was some grumbling on a few of the cabinets before the tourney started, but once our vendor looked them over, I didn’t hear of any problems. Let me know. And once again, Thanks again for those who came. We should do this again, and perhaps next time it’ll be more accessable to those who couldn’t make it.

next tourny?

when do you plan on holding the next tourny? i couldn’t make it to this last one on thursday because i was out of town on business, but i’ll try to make this next one if it’s real soon. i’m coming out of northern bay area and just looking for competition in mvc2. i used to go to berkeley but that scene is gone for now. so i wanted to know, thanx.

I’ll keep everyone updated.

CVS2 blanked out all day yesterday, but it’s up and running now. I’m gonna be tossing the brackets from the tournament sometime today. If you wanted a particular one, better swing by & get it.