Official Rack-N-Cue @SFSU Thread

This will be the official thread of SFSU for CvS 1&2 MvC2 and any other topics concerning SFSU. I will post here regularly any new updates and events.

To all SFSU Players: Please consider creating a team. I just came from Berkeley’s tourney and spoke to the vendor for Berkeley @ SJSU. He holds regular tournaments not only for in-house, but for other competing universities!

On that same note if you want to have a tourney @Rack-N-Cue, you (as a group) need to come up with guidelines and rules to help establish a fair, yet competitive tourney. I will run it w/ your help, but cooperation is necessary.

Finally, if there are any problems or comments about any of the games, this is the place to let me know. I also post on East of Osaka,, SoulCalibur2 and occasionally DDR FREAK. Thanks.

you can start off by fixing the sticks. last time i went there, they were very stiff and didn’t respond that good.

only if you would please be more specific. What game are you talking about? how exactly did they not “respond that good”. I need this info to relay to the vendor.

i go to sf state and am down there playing mvc2 more than im in class i think…

  1. from the times i’ve played, the left side of capcom vs snk2 has been broken for what seems like forever… it’s hard if not impossible to block low and buffering is very difficult.

  2. the marvel vs capcom 2 machine is cool… the player 1 side was broken for a little bit but it was fixed relatively quick.

  3. more people play puzzle fighter than mvc2 and cap/snk2 combined.

i know that when puzzle fighter broke it was fixed within a day or 2 so i know that whomever runs the place does try to get things fixed.

Well the video wasn’t working for puzzle fighter so it’s pretty obvious it’s broken, not to mention it was pulled out by this one girl who was hugging it, telling it it’ll get fixed soon. I think the Cvs2 controls have been broken since last year.

the cvs2 sticks were broken. from what i hear, they are still broken

Player 1 side is teh suk. I can’t block low…a lot times.

actually according to collection reports puzzle fighter is about even or below marvel v capcom 2. We’ll be looking at puzle fighter, cvs 1&2 and mvc2 today. I will inspect them personally.

I’m going to the SJSU Tournament this saturday. I encourage hardcore CvS and MvC2 players to attend. I can hold 2, 3 people in my car tops, (the back seat was made for short people in 1965.)

I have not only had the vendor go over cvs 1&2 and mvc2, but i made him give me service credits to PERSONALLY play each of these three games, both sides. I can tell you that Marvel v Capcom 2, Capcom v Snk and Capcom v. Snk2 are ALL IN TOP CONDITION. The joysticks are smooth and the buttons are responsive. end of story. Thanks though for keeping me on top of them, no one wants to tell me when a game is busted.

hey i’ll be in san jose on sat. look for the tall latin guy. that’ll be me.

I’ve still been getting complaints about the CvS2 player 1 side. About an hour ago I played on that side & beat the game. Saying that the joystick is busted is quite short-sided. However in all of your defense, I do believe that the left joystick is marginally less sensitive than the right. I only say that because a certain rhythm is necessary to get consistant fireballs off. Right now, the difference in play is equiliviant to the funky buttons on the left side of SC2

The buttons are not springy on either side for CVS2, extra effort (pressing harder) is needed to get an attack out. The controls are not really fit for competitive play, that’s one of the reasons no one plays that game now, that and the fact that it cost 50cents.

Also is there anyway to move the puzzle fighter machine away from MVC2? Too congested when everyone is there trying to play.

for right now, I pushed Puzzle Fighter and MvC2 a little farther apart. That way all (4) of you can be sitting down w/out bumping into each other. I may spread them out a little, but these two games feed off each other.

Someone take me!

Just came back from the SJSU tourney. Man! there was a grip of heads there! I was kinda down that only 4 players showed up (just for Soul Calibur), though. But SJ is pretty far away. Hopefully, people who play CVS and MvC2 will turn out for Berkeley next week. I’m still working pretty hard to get tourneys @SFSU as soon a possible and CvS2 “competition ready”, but no promises as of now.

hey poolboss,
i was wondering if it was possible to have the button layout fixed for soul calibur 2. you’ve been to sjsu and other places right? i assume you have seen the standard button layout for sc2. it’s been awhile since i been to sfsu arcade, but i was disappointed in the sc2 setup the last time i was there. the buttons are spaced very far compared to other machines i’ve played on, and i’m not sure, but has the guard button layout been fixed? the last time i played it was in the wrong order on one side.

also, when is the best time/day to hit sf state for cvs2 competition? does any1 still play cvs2 there?

hey, I go to the academy of art and i’m usually down by SF state visiting friends, just wondering, where is the arcade located? Are there any other fighting games other than cvs1/2 and mvc2 (capcom wise…i’m sure they have tekken and sc2)

hey which guy were you? i was looking for you, but i couldn’t find you. that dumbass gerard told me what you look like, but i still couldn’t find you. i’ll be there at berkeley this sat too.

It’s in the student union, the big fat weird looking glass obtuse thing in the middle of the campus. You go in, and keep on going down stairs where they sell chinese food and pizza.