Official My Little Pony is LULZ discussion thread

Hi, recently I was made aware of a phenomenon known as My Little Pony. Apparently lots of “bronies” are getting into the show. Please explain the appeal? Did the fan base start off as little girls + furries, and then once the furries made it really popular, other non furry males jumped the bandwagon?

EDIT: added link to wired magazine article

Inquiring minds want to know.

It’s all in the wrist.

My friends all watch it, they honestly believe it’s a heartwarming and well-made, quality show that teaches about friendship and working with others

I obviously proceed to call them all fucking morons

I blame Tara Strong’s incredibly sexy voice tbh.

I think that it feeds off of the rage of others. It is a funny show, on par with Foster’s and Power Puff girls. I honestly think that the inserting them into places that they don’t belong is funny.

Now the porn…

I have no idea either. First half of the first show here. Watching it right now to see wtf is all the fuzz about.


i’m dying of curiosity. what is a good episode to watch? i wanna see for myself. does the show stand on its own merits, or are these nerds just trying to look cool by being non conformist and enjoying a show targeted toward little girls?

me personally i like winnie the pooh.

if you watch ponies you are >>

Show is just standard corny kid fare with cheap flash animation. Like dude said, it’s like power puff girls except with more random spongebob bs that seems to proliferate modern cartoons. The fans themselves are just fetishist looking for the new thing to latch on to and apparently it’s cute exterior makes it easy to initiate others into this gay furry culture.

It’s basically like an easier to get into version of Sonic the Hedgehog with the same type of creepy fans that want to sex up and roleplay as characters of the show. The only thing that makes it different is that the fans are SUPER verbal and feel the need to show of their fandom at almost every inopportune moment from what I have seen. I guess that makes them forget the pain of being a virgin/fugly and is just another form of self delusion and escapism on the highest level.

Edit: But from judging by that picture it just looks like an way for budding young bisexual white males to hook up and engage in unprotected anal sex.

I watched the first episode like 3 months ago. I can see it being sorta funny, but I feel like people like it just because the ponies are cute. Which then brings up the topic of the hentai…Which we don’t want to talk about.

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My understand of it is that its a combination of things:

  1. The show is actually incredibly funny (if I remember, its made by the Foster’s Home crew, which I can say is one of my favorite modern cartoons and is, on a humor level, up there with Archer for me though obviously not as mature.)

  2. Nerd culture has a way of taking things that are already unlikely or unexpected (a grown man liking a cartoon arguably designed and marketed for young girls) and getting troll tastic with it.

Because of this, you end up with people who enjoy the show, but also people who enjoy the show as well as they enjoy FLAUNTING that they enjoy the show. They like being able to make jokes and/or make people uncomfortable about their “security” in watching a show that’s purportedly for a completely different demographic – this similar to the hipster mentality of “Tch, you’re just not cool enough to understand it, man!” except its more about the awkwardness and the trolliness of their enthusiasm than it is legitimate enjoyment of the franchise.

I know plenty of people who think the show is hilarious, but the people who do things like call each other “brony”, create meme pics, dress up as the ponies at anime conventions, etc end up being (in my experiences) people who less like the show and more derive immature entertainment out of the reaction people have to their enthusiasm about the series. This mentality and behavior is one thing that makes me dislike anime conventions and otaku – instead of just being cool and liking things, folk start to turn their interests into giant balloon dildos they run around and slap “normal” people with. Instead of just being cool about something, they make it weird in attempt to siphon additional enjoyment out of people who don’t agree with their tastes.

It’s like rubbing one out then walking out of the bathroom of a restaurant and saying loudly, “Ah, nothing like a good wank to loosen you up!” and being way too happy about the awkward faces people make as a result.

Deep down, we are all a little pony.

That and powerful subliminal messaging.
…must eat…unicorns…

If I have to be a pony(cause god knows I am hung like one anyway) I might as well be a fucking bad ass one that was animated by studio madhouse. Not this gay pastel flash poop.


Also I used to think it was an incredibly stupid meme/fanbase but I did like the character designs. So one day I decided to give the show a watch and ever since then I’ve been a “brony” It’s just a well-animated, colorful, funny, feel-good show.

I watched a couple of episodes while babysitting my sister’s kids. I never quite got into it, but that one crazy pink pony made me laugh.

A 4chan masculine meme “I watch girl shows like ponies!” went too far into becoming a furry fandom excuse. At that point it became no different than how Balto, of all things (an animated talking wolf movie) got an abrasive fanbase. Forced fetish in face. Quality of the show is a popular excuse about provocation of intolerance of trying to make you accept their tastes and join them, etc. the usual gateway furry shit. Their defense phrase is “I’m going to tolerate the shit out of you” if they can’t agree to disagree.

tl;dr: closet furries in denial and furries. a fad phase, will end soon. Don’t think too hard about it. It’s what it really is, and I do my best to ignore it, as I know the obvious targeted demographic for the show aren’t even legally allowed to be online.

I haven’t watched any of MLP other than random gifs, but isn’t the show like Spongebob? I just assumed the irony was that it’s an IP for little girls, but it has humor for boys.

Jeff Nimoy Digimon is where it’s at.

“Don’t you know wherever you go there will always be garbage?”

Show ain’t like Spongebob. The shows characters ain’t idiots doing stupid things and pretending it’s funny.