Official Grudge Match Thread

You knew this was coming…

Since I’ll probably be returning to the West Coast this year for EVO console or not, and I am the King of Hate (and needless drama), I figured I had to start up this thread.

Who do you want to see go at it at EVO this year? What do the SF fans, players, and SRK regulars want?

Probably the #1 most requested match for those who attended EVO last year would be Justin Wong vs Soomighty. HOWEVER, I have pretty good word that this is going to be going down at ECC this year…

…as well as the 5 on 5 WC vs EC MvC2 rematch that everyone is looking forward to.

Therefore, besides these matches, what else would be appropriate for a good grudge match?

Sanford vs Rowtron?
Mixup vs Combofiend?
Viscant vs Ricky in a gravy bowl match?

I personally would like to have a rematch with a certain someone…a grudge that began back before EVO2k2 but was never finished…

Yes, Shady K and I have unfinished business.

Any other ideas? POST!

fuck grudge matches. winner never gets glory anyway. there is always the talk of “well, it wasnt in a tournament”. or some other excuse for whoever loses. i get less than more credit for not only beating wong, but everyone else last year at evo in the 5 on 5. not that i ask for credit. i just dont like it when people take it away. and while im posting (i dont post much), let me explain my thoughts on a few things. and before i start, i want no one to agree, or disagree with me. these are my thoughts: beating wong isnt the hardest part of winning evo. getting to him is the challenge. beating him is the adventure. not taking anything from him. and second: about the grudge matches. combo vs mixup is easily mixup. sanford vs row would be interesting to watch. i think it can go either way. no comment about the third. and phil vs shady? 2 years ago it was easily shady, but now. iono. i heard phil got alot better, and i dont doubt that he has. so i cant say. if there was money behind these grudge matches, and im talking about real money. then that would make it interesting. otherwise, i would not be interested in watching any 2 players battle it out over whatever grudge they may have. shit, id barely be motivated to watch if there was money on the line. this has been a random tandrum by the mighty.

I wanna see Potter vs ORG(Evil Rahsaan) Round 2 mutha fuckers. And i still have 100 dollars on Potter :evil:

Combo vs. Mix should be pretty interesting. You have a WC style Magneto player from the east coast who straight blasts his way through and an EC style Magneto player from the WC who isn’t as flashy but uses his head.

Row vs. Sanford went to Row last time it happened in what was my opinion the most entertaining match of last year. Both have gotten better. I’d like to see this again

Viscant vs. Ricky is… :confused:… something. I’ll say Viscant since he has the height advantage.

Crinkles two fresh Ben Franklins

Did somebody mention money? Come and get it. You know who you are.

I have STRONG word that sanford wont be at evo :frowning: . His sig gives a hint.

I guess I’m fighting Wildcat, but it’s retarded Thanos/Doom/Sent vs. anyone I want matchup, so I won already.

Up-back > Thanos

DR.B I offer a grudge match against you…:mad: :stuck_out_tongue: I got a pad now :lol: watch out on CVS2

I’d play you das in some ST, Kid vs uhh older guy…

This is mixon, i’d like to play dc-static,soo,potter,clockwork,row and combofiend from the wc side

from ec side, i’d like to play X, wigfall and dsp(and of course justin). Sanfords not coming, that sucks since he’s the person i want to play the most…

Juicyg and madbooface from the midwest.

I know thats a big list, any takers post up.

This is for fun and to test myself, i don’t play for money.

btw, this evo will be funny, console warriors are going to rush that shit down, we play alot better sitting down{knock on wood}

mixup- non money grudge match? I’m there.
Edit: tell you what. Let’s make this match more interesting. Since I saw what you could do with Magneto/Doom last year, let’s make this a Magneto/Strider/Doom mirror match.

nice nice!

We can do sent/strider/doom as well:D

Phil I wanna play you in CvS2, $50, since you’re the master of the grudge match :evil:

I play CvS2?

whaaa sanford not goin to evo this, i was actually looking forward to seeing row vs sanford.

ay DSP ill santrax mirror match

wow!! i got mentioned for WC side??? … :lol: , id be more than honored to play you again, i got some new tips i can show u with mags thats off the hizzle :lol:

see you at evo dogg :slight_smile:

goodshieeet, i want a re-match bc i know i got lucky last time:lol:

straight /:smiley:

I challenge anyone at EVO for $200. I’m not lying. ANYONE. If Justin wants to play me for $200, then so be it.

Actually, I challenge anyone IN ANY GAME for $200!

shaq fu?

haha till this day our match haunts us :lol: