Official Grudge Match Thread

If I go to Evo I’ll play you in cvs2/3s you can choose.

i VERY much doubt that he checks these forums, but i would challenge Calipower 3 rounds of gg, 3S, SSF2T and cvs2 .

ill play phil for money at evo since he won’t be able to do it at ECC cuz he’s just “soooo fucking busy” at ECC…

if it’s free money, play me first bitch…

i won’t play on console at your house because it’s not comfortable and i refuse to play at FYE.

you won’t come to my house when everyone else is over so that’s not gonna work… anyway, my challenge now stands…

and dasrik, i guess you called that off, but I said I would choose Thanos and 2 assists vs. your megaman team

anyway, that’s it

play me for money =D

Heh…I’ll take you at MVC-1 and I’ll even double or nothin’ that you won’t even kill a character…

oOoOoOoO i got a good match i wanna see again potter vs dj-b13
i saw what happen last time that was good shit nice job to potter:D

ricky vs. viscant in a gravy bowl…:lol:

that match is too good to be true :lol: :lol: :lol:

i got 1.25 on ricky

Id like to money match Joe Ellis from AZ. Got nothing against him, but he beat me at the first EVO with run away Storm and timeout. So I just want to see how we stack up now.

And i’d also like to money match Ruin…better yet hat-match Ruin!! hahahah sup homie, yer hat is dope…its too strong and I want the power!!

i liked to see my nigga potts own djb13 again ok thx

lol that was a good match


i will play you…how much $50 sound good???

Originally posted by AiRiC
DR.B I offer a grudge match against you…:mad: :stuck_out_tongue: I got a pad now :lol: watch out on CVS2

I accept…I’ll use pad too then now what??? Hhahahahaha!!! lets battle…