Official Gamestop Tournament Round 3 Thread

First up, a couple things I gotta say:

  1. our tournament was pretty poorly run, but thank god we had one really nice employee. Otherwise the whole thing would’ve been unbearable.

  2. Fuck Xbox360 pads

  3. Sagat RH>>>>>>>>>>All of Giefs moves

Anyway, post up if you qualified so far and if you plan on going to round 3 or if you know of anyone else who has. There were about 16-17 so cal locations so I’m expecting maybe 30 of us.

Qualifiers in no particular order:
KillerKai- Louisiana
Mike Ross- Georgia
Keno- San Jose
Kai- Arizona
John Rog- Arizona
selfscience- San Jose
Alex valle- San jose
DJ jago
Shin Rotendo
CSB- San Jose
Tony- San Jose

I’m heading to Chicago or Minnesota. So I won’t be going to San Jose.

I was actually hoping to possibly go to Minny myself. If we can, it would be great if we could spread a couple of us around the country. Anyone wanna play the role of the assassin and fly down to NYC? :badboy:

I’ve been hearing conflicting reports about how you HAVE to play at your district store, and others saying you’re free to choose. Probably should confirm with Wiz.

The manager at my store didn’t know and said she’d call me when she finds out. Ideally, I think we can all agree that we’d rather travel to play people we’ve never played before as opposed to traveling to play people we play all the time.

Add prophetical to the list of winners

CSB won as well at my store.

I did not make it out of round two… franctly because I’m not that good and I was at Valle’s store anyway… however I have family right outside of San Jose and could house a ton of players that weekend. I’d be happy to roll up there to show my socal sf4 pride to help the cause.

If any one is interested let me know.

why the fuck does round 3 have to be same weekend as final round =[ im really torn between the two tournaments

Guess what? Remember when I said the driving distance between FR and the Georgia Round 3 Gamestop was 20 minutes? I was wrong:
3 miles down the road for a 5 minute drive


Yeah, single elim 1 game means that it’ll only last about 2 hours absolute maximum. More like 1 hour, I bet. Everyone who qualified for Round 3 and is going to Final Round, you can just do both and have them hold up your matches.

Take that shit!

–Jay Snyder

Anyone know for sure if we can we can use sticks in San Jose?

Anybody going to the one in Arizona? From LA to San Jose is about the same distance as to AZ…might be worth it since the competition there is probably gonna be a lot less.

I’m currently waiting on confirmation on which round 3s if any are going to be on stick. Where the sticks are, I’m going.

You willing to drive Pete? Lawlz

Man, it sucks that we only have two weeks to plan our trips. Plane tickets are pretty damn expensive for anyone who wants to fly out to the middle of nowhere. And it’ll really suck if you scrub out after flying all that way. But then again, I’ve been there before (fuck you Chicago). I’m going to make a couple calls tomorrow to the gamestops to see if they’re letting people travel from out of state and if they’ll be using sticks.


No one will let people outta state…

The end… I had asked mn already

that sucks. Hopefully for our guys goin to FR, they could just show up and present their certificate. I doubt even Gamestop will have the lack of conscience turn back anybody who just shows up with their round 2 certificate after traveling across the country. And even if they do, at least those guys can just drive 3 miles down the road back to Final Round.

congrats to john rog for winning the irvine store…worst “randomized” bracket ever.

same here. The round 2 store manager said I have to stay in my district and already sent my info to san jose…