*Official Borderlands Thread* - Mad Max + 5 Billion Weapons

Its basically another RPGFPS, but this one has a bunch of vehicles, Co-Op and tons of weapons.
So imagine Fallout 3 + the above things.
You can pick from 4 of the main characters, all which have their own story.
From wiki, here are the 4…

Mordecai came to Pandora in search of a man from his past named Demosthenes. Upon learning that Demosthenes has died, Mordecai sets off to learn how he died and what he was carrying. Mordecai’s play style is that of a lone ranger, preferring to snipe enemies from afar. Some of his special abilities can augment the party’s damage from headshots or give accuracy boosts. Later in the game, he will befriend a bird-like creature named Bloodwing that will assist in combat.[citation needed] His skill trees are Sniper, Rogue, and Gunslinger.
[edit] Roland

Roland is a former soldier of the Crimson Lance, a sort of highly trained private military that disregards law and order. A decade-old vendetta is rekindled when Roland learns that the leader of the Brigadiers has a suspiciously similar name to a man he has sworn to kill. Some of Roland’s abilities are meant to supplement and support the party. His Leadership skill can boost the party’s experience gains, while his Medical skill will increase health regeneration, and Support will increase weapon damage or regenerate ammunition for the party. Roland is a soldier class and the only class that doesn’t have to worry about ammo as a special backpack produces an infinite supply.[5] His skill trees are Medical, Support, and Soldier.

Once a human, Lilith at one point was turned into a siren. One of only six Sirens, they are a group of people with unbelievable powers, but no way to control them. She comes to Pandora in search of another Siren, in an effort to find out more about herself. Lilith is essentially the mage of the group, using her Siren powers to support the group and attack the enemy. Some of her powers include the ability to increase the group’s rate of fire, as well as the power to create temporal bubbles, which she can manipulate to slow down enemies and hostile projectiles or speed up allies. Her most iconic ability however is called “Phase Walk”, where Lilith becomes invisible and can sneak around enemies, upon revealing herself, she detonates a shockwave that can do area effect damage to all enemies.[5] Her skill trees are Controller, Elemental, and Assassin.

Brick. A massive specimen of a man who likes to use his fists to smash the enemy above all else. He wears a necklace adorned with the paw of his beloved deceased dog. He fills in the tank niche and can take quite a beating as well having the ability to chug berserker-state inducing pills for short bursts of power. Not much is known about his story or why he is in Pandora.[citation needed] Brick’s skill trees are Brawler, Tank, and Blaster.

Its coming out in late October and will I got high high hopes for it.
Here are some videos to get you HYPED

[media=youtube]CdBFWti6mkg[/media] - Comic Con Trailer
[media=youtube]_qexkRYkxfs[/media] - Australian Preview Event
[media=youtube]7CwOUJ7Xn9U[/media] - Gameplay trailer

I just like the game cover.

It’s Bajillion. ji made it better lol.

I’m only worried about 1 thing about this game. And that is the frame rate.
-prays the frame rate will be gdlke-

Been pumped for this since last year. Combat looks satisfying. Hopefully it actually IS satisfying too.

Shits all over Fallout.

Let’s do a coop run on 360.

A Co-op RPG? Just how long does this game take to complete?

I’ll assume that it’s like Diablo in terms of having the ability to join whatever quest instead of doing a complete play through, A to B.

I’ve heard figures of 50+ hrs, then again, that’s typical publisher talk for RPGs

ya its basically diablo-esque
which will lead to many item hunting runs, reminicscent of teleporting mephy runs… ahh

cannot wait to murder mutant scum

i wonder if you can kill the giant monster thing with a vagina for a mouth

Just heard of it today and I’m already considering getting it, which is extremely rare for me. The last two games I’ve purchased in the past 8 years are Fallout 3 and SF4.

Whoever is in charge for marketing this really dropped the ball… it looks like there’s a lot of fun to be had via co-op.

This is probably one of my top games that I’m looking forward to. I’m really hoping it fills in some of the gaps that I felt in were in fallout (like customizable weapons/skills, more fluid gunplay). But either way I look forward to playing it.

Too early to say that.

Well…I said I was hoping it had more fluid gunplay so…you know.

From what I’ve seen the gunplay is more fp-esque. Fallout 3’s was really broken up by VATS and such.
My biggest concern with the game is that all the weapons will only be slight variations of each other, and the world could be incredibly dull and repetitive. But again this is just speculation.

check this out
goes indepth for every class
watch the vids too

roland looks like a beastly support hero
im kinda meh about mordecai
brick feels like playing DOOM all over again with a berserk pick up
lilith also seems really cool and different for an fps

Got the latest QORE and they were talking about Borderlands for almost 15+ minutes.
And I got to say, I’m bought, and considering this game 100%.

It looks badass, will most def get it. Hopefully, the PS3 version will have 1080p support. I doubt it though.

is there a pc version? can you use mouse and keyboard for ps3

im only getting pc version
comes out about 6 days later, but worth the wait


Assuming the reviews are good I’ll be using Lilith. I think it will be hilarious to mess with people’s minds with smart phasewalking.

what are the min req for the pc version?