Official Battle for Seattle thread, Sat+Sun May 28th+29th

(Check this post for the most up to date information on the event)

When: Saturday May 28th and Sunday May 29th
Where: Hotel Deca, U-district
Game list: SSFIV, Blaz Blue CS, Mortal Kombat 9, Tekken 6, MvC2, MvC3, Vampire Savior (Arcade), Super Turbo (Arcade)

Schpiel: A two-day tournament event with free-parking centrally located in U-district, BFS is a part of Seattle Retro Gaming Expo. All tournament registration ($20 pre-register, $25 at the door) features full access to the main SRGE hall to buy and sell games, and the freeplay hall where people can play dozens of consoles, including the complete NES library.

I really, really recommend pre-registering at This helps me plan the event better, helps me pay off the venue faster (which means I can spend more on making the event better for you guys), saves you $5, and also gives you two raffle tickets for the prize drawings, as opposed to the one that everyone who enters at the door gets.

A bit over a month away now, it’s time to up your game and get into tournament mode for Northwest Majors and Evo! Post up your questions, comments and concerns, and let me know how you can help out, this is definitely grassroots and depends on the community. :rock:


Tournament schedule is as follows:
11:00am Mortal Kombat 9 (xbox 360)
2:00pm Super Streetfighter IV (xbox 360)
4:00pm BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 2 (PS3), Tekken 6 (PS3)

11:00am Marvel vs Capcom 3 (xbox 360)
3:00pm Marvel vs Capcom 2 (Dreamcast), Super Streetfighter Turbo (Arcade)
5:00pm Vampire Savior (Arcade)

I’ll be entering MVC3, ST and Vampire Savior (which means I should probably play it sometime between then and now). I should also register.

I am down for bringing-

1 X-Box 360
1 MVC3 Disc
1 SSFIV Disc
1 20" CRT TV for Dreamcast games

Just wondering, is it $10 per tournament entry or does the $20 (with 2-day pass) encompass all tournament fees?

I will bring a table with a sign. Will be open to questions and I will bring a Polaroid for pictures, but those are $10.

Who can help with monitors and systems? I will waive the registration fee of people who can commit to bringing a setup for both days.

Also need volunteers who know how to run tournament brackets.

$20 is just the venue fee, you will pay $10 per tournament at the venue for each tournament you want to enter, that is the money that will go into the pots for the winners. Except for Vamp Savior, ST and MvC2, which are $5 to enter.

Yo airthrow, i got another spare 19" tv, just like the one i let you borrow

Also got a 360, PS3, Dreamcast, along w/ sticks american/japanese…

I’ll also bring my hdr setup…

I have no idea how to run tournaments but if you need me lift & moves thing let me know…I dont think i can make it for 2 days though…

Oh did you get my pm about the monitor? Were you able to talk to the guy about it?

Cool, but I think I have enough tubes to run Marvel, I really need monitors for all the 360 and PS3 games…

That will be a big help!! Thanks!

Cool, what’s your HDR setup?

I have no idea how to run tournaments but if you need me lift & moves thing let me know…I dont think i can make it for 2 days though…

I have had too much on my plate the last few days, I will definitely shoot him that email ASAP for you. He is an AMAZING guy, I asked him a question and he got back to me, then months later he saw a deal on ebay for a part I told him I had needed, and he emailed me to let me know it was available.

Bump… I guess we are going to play the entire event on my 1 evo monitor. Should be awesome. :rofl:

PLEASE make it so that I can run a VGA type cable out of the ST/VS cab and if MvC2 is on cab, that one as well

I will order one of these:

And also some JAMMA edge connectors (I have some, not sure if I have the right kind tho).

Hopefully it will work out without too much hassle.

I might show up depending on my work schedule. Been itching to get back into playing SSFIV in tournaments.

Moving back to seattle around this time hope I can make it. Saw in another thread you needed some help promoting the MK9 portion ill be posting it at which is the biggest competitive MK site.

Battle For Seattle May 28th and 29th MK9 MvC3 and More!

Also check out the site for anything MK related from in depth guides to other events featuring MK games.

Hey man, thanks for the help! Glad to have someone like you in our community, make sure to say hi when you see me so I can thank you. :tup:

I had a nice long 4 hr meeting with my team on saturday, everything is pretty much planned out, I’m very excited about the tournaments now. :karate:

Hey Julian, put me down for a setup. I have a monitor, a 360, SSF4, MVC3 and MK9.

Great, venue fee waived for you, thanks mike! I can waive a few more venue fees for people that bring more monitors, so speak up and save 20-25 bucks, this is a recession baby. :rock:

Mike check your PMs too in just a sec…

Hey Julian I cant really promise I am going to make this but if I do I got another setup I can bring. TV - 360 - SSF4 - MvC3

Great, thanks brother. Let me know when you’re attending for sure, or for sure not, I will mark you down as a “maybe” for a setup.

In other news, I’m starting to buy the prizes ready for the raffle drawings, everything is coming together because I have a great team, this event should be very awesome I’m thinking. :rofl:

I still have flyers to pass out, I’m going to ACME tonight to hand out flyers in person to people who might not have heard about it, if any of you guys can pass out flyers in a place you think would get some signups, let me know and I will give you some flyers. Or, here is the PDF for my flyer in case you want to print out and distribute:

If I bring a monitor do I get my entrance to the expo waived?


Put me, Barry, in for a Asus monitor, I just confirmed today that I have the days off work.
I have a PS3 with SSF4 if needed, my xbox is the old one without the HDMI.