Official 2012-2013 NHL Thread: Canucks SWEPT. Nothing else matters

Us Seattle sports fans welcome all Oilers fans to join us as one.

The actual team they’ve put on the ice recently maybe not so much.

It will never happen.

Lemieux did the same when he went to Vegas and Kansas City.
No other sports franchise (except the Leafs) would sell out after ending last, last and second last in the league.
Katz is a jewish fag.

On-topic: Apparently the KHL signed a deal with ESPN to air some games which is pretty sweet. Not having a hockey fix this time of year really sucks so at least its something.

The only positive I can see is that a few key Panthers are injured for long periods of time. Gudbranson, Versteeg, and Bergenheim all out for a few months.

Off-topic: I bought a few new sticks on hockey monkey yesterday. I’m trying out different curves to see which suits me best. I’m looking for something to keep my shots down so I bought a couple of “Closed” face curves. What do you guys prefer?

Anyone have or tried skating on any of the Bauer Vapors? I need to upgrade.

I know there was already a KHL section on ESPN 3, good to see that you guys will get SOME hockey.

I actually saw my first live hockey game ever during the lockout before I moved out of Buffalo, Rochester Americans in the AHL came up there for a game.

I’ve decided that in the event they get their shit together and have perhaps a half season or something, I’m boycotting. Gonna sit this one out. Not spending a dime that goes to the NHL. Not going to attend games, not buying merch, not paying to watch games in any way, etc.

It’s a disgrace that a major sport like this has this many lockouts, and they wonder why the NHL isn’t as popular as other sports in the U.S.

Yipee. The us little people get to see pro hockey again.
As I stated above, the NHL and NHLPA can go fuck off this season. I really don’t feel like rewarding their behavior by giving them any of my money, but damn I do miss watching hockey. It’s going to be real tough, but I just can’t do it out of principle.

Not sure how people will look at a team that won the cup on just a half a season.

thread title needs to be changed…whats this 2012 bullshit?

Fuck Bettmam and Fehr both. This could’ve been finished earlier.

Still glad the lockout is over. With that said, I’m actually going to a hockey game in Seoul this winter.

Korean hockey, I’ll let you know how hilarious it is.

저는 론 버건디 입니까?

I have seen it, it is hilarious. Japanese hockey too. I would be their Gretzky.

The league is all-encompassing of East Asia. So there’s 4 teams from Japan, two in Korea, and one in Shanghai.

I can only imagine. But at least it’s hockey.

저는 론 버건디 입니까?


aaaand BURKE IS FIRED!!! HAAHAHA Oh Maple Laughs



just fired like 2 mins ago. time to fap

This is currently the hockey world.

yeah, so apparantly when management got pissed about trading away all our young talent and drafts, the new Burke idea of “lets trade away 2 years of drafts where we know we will be finishing as close to last place as humanly possible, then avoid trading deadline and draft day deals because you don’t like the frenzy involved, except in extremely odd year end shotgun blasts of wtf” didn’t pan out so well.

Sadly, I don’t really blame the poor guy. He came in, and he had no fucking body there he could use, and like 7 contracts that had to go. But putting together a team for him seemed to be more like snatching up players from the Ducks and Sharks. And discussing having a team full of truculence and tenacity, then watching them avoid hits and act like pylons with sticks and blowing any lead they somehow managed, whenever it wasn’t a 6-2 blowout or another shoutout against them. Trading away Schenn for question marks seemed like the last idea that Leafs Nation could sit back and say “yeah that could work can’t be worse than when we had McCabe on the team”.

Why the fuck did the leafs have an American as a GM anyways?

edit: news conference in 50 mins, got damn, now I gotta sit around the house

Any word on when the season is starting?

I better hear about like 50 trades before I go to bed, Leafs…

I wonder if this was a team decision rather than management. I doubt any Leafs give a shit he is gone. They just talked to Mike Brown and he really honestly didn’t seem like he cared in the least. Or was that shocked. And why is the go to guy Mike fucking Brown?

If they just shove somebody into GM position, we’re fucked. Even more fucked. I already predicted Leafs would tank horribly anyways and aim for a nice draft pick.

Season starts a week next saturday btw…might be mighty empty in the stadiums due to the first game protests that might happen:

I like how Burke made 50% of the Leafs American players haha He has a hard-on for yankees.

Jan 19 most likely.

Thanks to NBC for taking it off the Kings game before they got smacked down, and switching to the better Pens-Flyers game.

All LA’s plan to get in as the 8th seed and repeat.

Got damn opening night was nice. LA got slapped around like children, and Leafs start of the season by reminding the Habs just how fucking awful they were.

Also, got damn @ Montreal for having 40 minutes of pregame nonsense. Olympic torches, every all star ever in attendance, I kept waiting for them to start naming off the concession stand attendants. Still not as bad as:


w00t Kadri on pace for GPG, leafs undefeated and #1, scrivens looking solid in net. I like 2013 so far.