Official 2012-2013 NHL Thread: Canucks SWEPT. Nothing else matters

That is all.

Let’s go Odin. 30 minutes countdown. Get hype!

Edit: Too many rumors going on to keep up. I’ll be so pissed if we get Luongo and give up something significant.

Life is good!!

Thank god they picked Nail!

First the Staal trade, now this!


Lol. Yeah I’m not sure what to make of the trade. I’m not too high on Schenn, but Philly dumping JVR’s contract sure looks good. If they got Bobby Ryan I’m gonna be less than thrilled.

Dude, what’s up with Yakupovs mom being pretty hot?


The Justin Schultz sweepstakes are killing me!!!



jesus christ

Yeah this should be a real smooth ride to a new CBA.

5 year entry level contracts could potentially kill a lot of teams, and rookies.
No more salary arbitration would also piss the fuck out of the NHLPA.

and as it stands now, I have like zero reason to watch the leafs next year.

Let’s enjoy our lockout, gentlemen.

Damn Vancouver fans are annoying. There’s a Nick Bjugstad thread on HF that basically turned into a Luongo thread. They are beyond delusional if they think they’re gonna get anything of value from Florida. I would love to post there and rip on them but I got banned and don’t know how to get around an IP ban.

hahaahah I’ve been so so so very careful since I made my new account.
Got 5 infractions (2 active) since March.

You think canuck fans are bad? Imagine living in a city that has a bunch of them.

I vote we change the thread title to “HURRAY FOR 3 PLAY STOPPAGES IN LESS THAN TWO DECADES!”

also fuck me I need to STFU sometimes:


I owe that man a lot of money for dem Kings winning btw :frowning: And yes I was drunk as shit. Best way to play EA games.

Play stoppage would be the greatest thing in the world for Canadian teams. Think about it.

Has anyone else tried out the NHL13 demo?

I’m not sure how I feel on the focus of it being SO simulated. The CPU had control of the puck practically the entire time.

I’m still gonna pick it up but I gotta figure out how to stop sucking.

Odin, are you on XBL? I got Soviet on there and I still see him playing NHL12 every now and then.

I don’t play on consoles where I have to pay to play online hahahahaha
And I don’t play on consoles much anyway anymore.

NHL13 comes out today, gonna try and pick it up later. I played the demo some more last night and its still hard as shit to score.

I tried out the Hockey Ultimate Team and got a a ridiculous team in my starter pack of cards lol. Some of the guys off the top of my head

Dougie Hamilton
Some other 2nd tier prospects like Scissons, Noeson, and somebody else.

Still can’t score, but it was pretty cool lol.

No Oilers.
Shitty pack. =P

Lockout has officially begun. Let’s do our best to keep the thread updated with all the events that don’t happen this season.

i haven’t really followed the lockout this time around because i’m just annoyed at how there could be another one so soon. didn’t the owners JUST win a lockout settlement 7 years ago, and now they cause another one? the NHL sucks.

Exodus to Europe has begun…