Official 2010 MLB season/fantasy baseball thread

i’m doing another fantasy baseball league this year. 12 teams h2h with 4 spots already reserved. post up if you want to join. season starts at the end of march!

5 more days until pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training.

Go White Sox…

Are you going to have a Roto league?

I’d be game for H2H, but for fantasy baseball, <3 Roto.

Anyway, my Red Sox have possibly the single best starting rotation of pitchers in decades.

Josh Beckett, Jon Lester, John Lackey, Daisuke Matsuzaka and Clay Buchholz.

Cliff Lee had foot surgery the other day, but it suppose to be minor. Any who go SEATTLE! FELIX + CLIFF > YO MAMA!

Let’s go Twins!!

I am in.

Go Yankees!

White Sox can pitch. Floyd, Buerhle, Danks, and the Peavy guy make one of the best starting rotations in baseball. If Carlos Quentin returns to form and Gordon Beckham reaches his potential the White Sox can win the A.L Central.

I’m down to join the league, anything will be better than eppie’s league last year, that was garbage tier. Let’s see if I can carry over my SRK football dominance.


Fuck you, dude.

Its cool that the same people like multiple sports.
You guys may argue with me and others. But you guys seem like cool people.

I think my number two main question of MLB is.

Why does the all-star game determine home field for the World Series?

Why is there isn’t any decent instant replays for baseball?

It is like this sport is lagging behind other sports in terms of rules.
Also my team(Braves) kinda suck in this sport.

Why shouldn’t it? Then the game has true meaning.

There’s not a single good answer for this. There should be, everyone knows it, and there’s no good explanation coming from the MLB as to why they’re not doing it. The real answer is because the people in charge of baseball are old, stupid and stubborn.

I am down for fantasy. Hopefully the mets can rebound from all the stupid shit that has happened the last few seasons. Fuck Beltran.

This thread isn’t official until the 70,000 Blue Jays fans start posting.

That was the worst league ever imo. I was winning the league and lost in the playoffs because I didn’t even care to set my lineups. It was that bad.

lets do it again, yankees.

Phillies number 2!

This year they’ll be back to number 1.

Also Go Panda and Lincecum.

Let’s go ANGELS!

Let’s go DODGERS!

you guys need to get me your emails if you’d like an invite. either post it up or send me a pm.