Official 2010-2011 NHL Thread: Vancouver suffers ARMAGEDDON! Also, Boston wins cup

Congrats to Chi-town. You deserve it.
Oilers need to draft Hall, or I will slay a baby lamb in rage.
Discuss how little Kaberle and Spezza will be traded for.

Predictions this year? San Jose! lol…

I’m so glad I can say this over here. I hope a piano drops on Kaberles head.

I actually think the Oilers should draft Seguin, he reminds me a lot of Parise. But either way, you guys are getting a stud.

Predictions? Pittsburgh will be solid, with Philly, Detroit, Chicago, etc. It really depends on the draft and free agency. Tough to make a prediction before that.

I can’t wait for the fuckin’ draft. That, and trade deadline are the best days of the year. “We have a trade to announce…” YEEEEEEAH!

How do you guys think the Hawks will look next year?

Toews and Kane just got big bonuses and the team as is is apparently 4 mill over already?

Blackhawks…2 in a row.

Should should be in the last thread. no reason to start a new one until at least we settle in after the draft…

I don’t see how the Hawks can retain their depth next year.
Toews, Kanes, Keith will get huge raises. Plus Toews’ Conn Smythe trophy took away 1.3million on the Hawks cap.

Also I think Marleau will sign with the Kings.

Also I hope Souray gets traded soon.

marleau signs with Toronto, and leafs trade Kaberle for a mid-late 1st round pick and a prospect

That’s if Marleau wants to play for Ron Wilson again.

That’s like saying Dustin Penner wants to learn from MacT all over again.

Hurricanes 2010-11 Champions :sad:

Sharks resign pavelski, although signing with another team might net him 4.6+ million range(depending on new cap), the sharks get 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round picks in 2011, so it doesn’t seem a likely scenario. Pavelski signing with another team will net the sharks at least a 1st and 3rd rounder. I hope we can keep him for around 4 million.

Marleau (probably) wants to stay in San Jose. I mean why would he want to live in LA when he can live in the Santa Cruz mountains? We’ll just see.

Sharks need a defensemen such as Anton Volchenkov from Ottawa. He’d be good.

I’ve read a lot of articles discussing the dissection and dissemination of the sharks core, but they all end up sounding jealous. They just know the Sharks are strong.

The sharks needs are defensemen. They might need to sacrifice Nabakov and use young goalies in order to achieve this within the cap space.

go caps :slight_smile:

we will give you souray for some parts

Halak to Blues. Damn, Montreal. :lol:

eller is good… but still pretty fleeced

Montreal fans will be pissed!!!

Man I wish San Jose had nailed that deal down!

johnny mac finally got the head coaching job.

i wonder if he’ll live up to expectations…

hmmm…i guess they have faith in price? They never show it haha.

Speaking of which i met some guys that were trying to pick up some friends of mine they said they were going to mtls camp this year. I searched all over the internet for these guys and couldn’t find any trace of them…so i’m guessing they are full of shit.

huge rumour control

spezza FOR huselius + brassard + 4th

tim static may or may not be happy!

The sharks chose to leave Nabokov hanging in the free agent market.

Apparently because their GM think cheap goalies are going to be the future because Niemi ended up being a cup winner.

good group of goalies either unrestricted or left free right now. Mason, Nabby and Raycroft come to mind probably more I’m forgetting.

MixBlender’s Predictions:

-Marleau is going to stay in SJ -correct
-Nabokov will go to Florida, or Nashville I’m calling it.
-Oilers will pick Hall
-Souray Traded to Los Angeles, or Buffalo
-Savard will be traded.
-Kovalchuk will be in the KHL, or with Pheonix
-Pronger will find a way to chokeslam another teams skater, and not get suspended.
-St Louis Blues, and the Atlanta Thrashers will make the playoffs
-Odin will buy a Taylor Hall Jersey, while his Detroit Red Wings do NOT make the playoffs.
-MixBlender will buy a Jordan Eberle Jersey if he makes the squad
-Anze Kopitar will be top 5 for points