OBSF-30 + PLexi

Quick question, with the OBSF-30 snap-ins would these snap-in with plexiglass/acrylic 4.5mm thick? read that it “can be mounted in material with a thickness of 2 to 4mm”

is 4.5mm going to make it tight?

The question is… why the hell are you using 4.5mm plexi for this??? lol

I don’t think it will be okay… check out the screw-in Sanwas. Like if you used the snap ins they wont snap and they’ll move everywhere.

i’m making the whole box out of plexi thats why i asked =D

how do you use the screw-ins if i’m going to mount it straight into the plexi?

Just make the 30mm hole! The screws ins have a lot of depth and should fit.

thanks Canto i’ll go with screw ins =D

Yep, snap-ins only give you 1-3.7mm for depth. I don’t think they would grab on to 4.5mm.

lucky my order for the buttons hasn’t shipped yet, glad i found about this lolz =) thanks guys =D

The only way you could make them fit was to cut away a little of the plexi on the inside so the lugs have something to grab onto, otherwise it won’t work too well.

who cares, screw ins are just as good, make sure to post pics of your finished plexi case :smiley:

Snap-ins are a bit frightening to use… apply too much pressure and you’ll crack your plexi.

Only thing is, you may want a particular colour that’s only available in the snap-ins, (ie. black/dark hai) :wonder:

exactly. i wanted black buttons, so snap-ins only. =/

I’d just switch up your color scheme, or go with thinner plexi.

On second thought, just switch up your color scheme, snap ins are a pain in the ass anyway.

I second that Snap-Ins are a pain. I know Raeli has an SE, like myself, and I know i slapped the crap out of my panel to get them in.

First they went in crooked, and I tried to fix them… then I just said ‘what the hell, they are made to last right?’ Long story short I bashed’em in. They work great :smiley:

That’s a good way to damage the button. Just do what I did and take both of your thumbs and place them on either side of the BUTTON RIM and exert as much force as you can.

No damaged parts, buttons flush with the stick!

i shall post the plexi once its finished, hope this all works, getting measurements right is the scary part =/

I think that case will look really cool :smiley: Light it up with LEDs!

How are you cutting the plexi?

leds will be tooo bright for me don’t want anything shining in my face at night :smile:

the plexi is being cut by laser i think, template gets thrown in the machine and out it goes … i have a choice of straight up clear or opal color … might go with opal =\


  1. Place the plexi that you have in between 2 sheets of smooth 10mm marine plywood or MDF and vice and clamp to secure.

  2. Mark your button layout on the top sheet of plywood/ MDF and drill your 30mm holes right the way through the ‘sandwich’ with an arbor and a 30mm bi-metal hole saw drill bit.

  3. Then flip the ‘sandwich’ over, change your drill bit to a 32mm hole saw and set your drill depth guage to 11.5mm.

  4. Drill again on the reverse side through the same holes that you have just made, ensuring that the drill is centered, and stop drilling once your depth guage hits the plywood/ MDF.

  5. This will give you a lip on the underside of your button hole panel 3mm deep rather than the full 4.5mm.

  6. You will now be able to clip the pop-in button brackets on to this lip whilst still retaining the strength and neatness of the top panel.

Hope this helps.

That is a brilliant idea, however only possible with a drill press.

I wish I had a drill press. :sad: