Obama Mannequin hanged at NC State Fair





source: http://ontd-political.livejournal.com/10136022.html

While I have an overall opposition to constraining speech, depicting the POTUS hanging from a noose is probably not the smartest thing to do.

that can be construed as a threat to the president right? which is not covered by free speech in which case they’d be in trouble…

Yeah, that’s a pretty stupid thing to do regardless of which president you’re in favor of.

Whoever did this is probably never going to be heard from again. :rofl:

You can find a better gas station to hang him at than Shell.

No suprises here, after all people actually buy these stickers:


Dat Loaf N’ Jug.

on the subject of republican racist back-pedaling…


If it were someone else I might not really care but it embarrasses me that Sarah Palin is involved in any political discourse.

Wait just a cotton-picking minute. She said what? Man. That girl is a few jimmies short of a sundae.

That’s actually rather disturbing.

While I enjoy the painting of Obama burning the constitution. This is kind of too far.

As a strong proponent of free speech I personally find nothing wrong with it.

However, considering the things you can be indefinitely detained or imprisoned for this probably wasn’t very smart. But maybe the attention is exactly what this guy wanted. Some people have a martyr complex.

dont worry the govt will kill him

murca wedabes

Woah, that’s fucked up.

if that dude was a real artist, Obama would be lighting a smoke with the burning constitution, chow yun fat style


You can be detained for no reason now

Agent Pierce is comin’ for you.

How the fuck can you see hanging a black person as not racist?

It’s too bad the news media hasn’t done a study on how much of the racist vote Romney is getting. I assume racists make up at least 30% of those voting for Romney.

On the flip side, he’s showing that Obama likes dat Tupac. Keep ya head up.

People still hang effigies?