Oaktown In House Street Fighter Action


Let me know whenever you guys are planning to play and I can come over. Call the cell phone number you’ve called me on before. I don’t check my PM’s or emails really every day, so my cell is the best way to reach me. You can call anytime.


Seth you’ve got my number hit me up!

good games to those who made it last, to those who didnt; maybe next time. Third strike may be out for a little bit coming up here as I need to get the battery swapped, but alpha 3 is still up for those who also are and so is the neo MAME.

If anyone PM’ed me about coming over to play and you havent heard from me in some time, send me another one and I will get back to you, had to empty my message box and didnt have time to sort through everything.

thursday night, anyone down? CableGuy you can play right?
Anyone else post here and let me know and we’ll see whats best for everyone else. Probably next week my 3s is going out the door for a battery change so this may be the last 3s night for a little while.

yea im down to play on thursday night

My mother in law’s still visiting my wife and I, so I’m not sure. I’ll try and make it though, especially if Vism-Sakura master Steven the Cableguy is coming over. What time this Thursday are you guys thinking? I might be able to make it around 7:00 PM like usual.

i’d like to roll out for some thirdstrike action if the offer still stands. i’m probably not as good as you guys though.

hey akuma
offer defintely still stands. Just let me know. Unfortunately fellas I am sorry to cancel on everyone last minute but tomorrow will probably not work for me as I got a line on another 3rd strike set up that I am going to guy pick up. Tomorrow is the only day I can go and it will get sold to someone else if I dont go. On that note, if anyone would like to come play tonight, we can maybe work something out. Dont know for certain but maybe. Sorry fellas. If not tonight then sometime next week will be fine by me.

sunday, sunday, sunday hey i get a request to bring justice leauge heros and T5 with me. Cap’t america whoops wrong game. I should see if anyone wants to play marvel?

you guys still meeting to play?

Hey. How close are you guys to UC Berkeley? My bro is out in that area and next time I visit him I may look up some of the good 3s action.

Rocklee: yeah man, tomorrow 4 pm til maybe 8 or something. Come on by if you would like, should be some good comp. Things get a little tight, but the more the merrier. PM me if you want directions. words.

Capn Spanky; only a couple of blocks away from UCB actually. Whenever you come up this way send me a PM and we’ll work something out. Invitation is open. words.

Dem-Dem; see you tomorrow man. Dont forget those boards for kinkaid and his anger management. yeah you can definitely bring those games along if people want to play em. I cant touch em but might be cool to give others something to play when not winning. heheh.

Any of you guys down for some money matches? Whatever stakes is cool with me, or we can just set up some kind of impromptu tourney.

thanks for coming out guys. Good games were had.

Haunts gets the un-official title belt for the evening. Dont worry though, I’ll be in the dojo until next we meet, makoto must get busted.

Let me know when you guys want to play next. I should have the egret 2 cabinet up and running alpha 3 by weeks end, more soon. words

ggs last night. thanks for having me over.

Hey everyone I’m out in union city, can come hang with you guys next time?

my fingers and forearm muscles are sore :slight_smile: lets do that again.

Haunts the man of the hour. didn’t talk much I get a one track mind around games. LOL next time.

Yo guys…

New cabinet finally arrived, took the day off from work and everything to get this beast up and rolling. Still have to punch out new holes for the buttons and add a kick harness until it is tournament ready though.

Hope you guys can play on the sanwa sticks, no excuses in the future! More soon…


n3ss; sure thing man, I’ll let you know next time we have another one…

Any other newcomers and challengers? it’s open season…

cabinet is nice but more precision for makoto is a death warrant for your local crew<>get on that transformation into the ultimate 3s haven<>

NICE :tup: