Oaktown In House Street Fighter Action

If anyone is interested in playing on some arcade (remember those?) machines, I have SF alpha 3 and SF3;third strike. Looking to get some good competition and hopefully some cash tourneys in the future. All are welcome, just no crybabies. PM me if you are interested.


What’s up!!!

how close to oakland are you??? I know of a few people that would be down to play. Sometimes crybabies can be good morale boosters.

any marvel? :open_mouth:

"Sometimes crybabies can be good morale boosters…"
heheh, true that. I live in Berkeley, by MLK High and close to downtown berkeley BART. I will be back in town in 2 weeks, Ill send you a PM when I get back in town. Yeah if you got some friends to bring along too, thats great. The more the better. A few people from the bay area have shown some interest so far so it should be a good thing.

Sorry man, no marvel, was never any good at that game.
But if you want to get down on 3s or alpha3 come on through. No better way to learn than to get beat by better people. Open invitation if youre interested.

i like 3s!!! i live in pleasant hill, but i go play with mgl cats usually (kin3tix serves up the best milkaine around). berkeley is easier for me obviously so give me a pm and we can try to work something out for this weekend maybe. you straight with people bringing booze? cuz im happy to bring some beer, morphine, mdma, whatevs. :looney:

to everyone who was interested;
just got back in the bay yesterday to find my machine all fucked up. Wiring problem I think. I had wanted to have something come off this weekend but it does not look like that will happen. I can probably get the machine patched up and then maybe the following weekend if people are still down. I will send everyone a PM who has already sent me one. Looking forward to it…Laters

well guys. After having finished up the rewiring on the 3strike cabinet, I decided it was time to have the battery replaced just to be safe. The guy I had replace it sadly was not able to and killed the board. Fuck capcom. However all hope is not lost, I have another source for a new 3strike cartridge and I will be getting that one hopefully in a week or so. If anyone is interested in some alpha in the meantime then cool. Just let me know when. Otherwise I will get back on here when the new game arrives. This suicide battery thing has become a big fucking joke and right now I really hate capcom. Ill keep you guys posted. Sorry for the carrot dangling. Itll be worth it when its all ready. laters

It’s all good i was getting ready to P.M you that I was going rafting this weekend. I fa show have about four to five heads that’ll come with me. if you’ve been to MGL i’m sure that you’ve seen them up there before. Get the board lets get it crackin.

Til next time peace out


I’m down, I live in union city

I’m down for Alpha 3 comp. Check out my PM and let me know TigerCraneFist.


okay guys.
good news. Just got the call about the new third strike set up, testing as working and ready for pickup! Im driving to modesto tonight to get it. So we can certainly have a few battles but I will eventually have to get the battery replaced again as I do not think this one has been done yet. Everyone who sent me PMs, I will get up with you guys and let you know the deal in the next day or so. Thanks for being patient, believe me this is more irritating to me.
Damn, I havent even touched third strike in 2 weeks, no excuses, gotta get my weight up. More soon

Hey dude, You have actual arcade cabs? I’m curious, which models?

GG’s TigerCran someday V-Cody well be invincible until then GUY wins. Unless I use Zangief. Next time it would be cool if Makab is able to make it just let me know ahead of time so I can bring him some boards to break.

Shit seem like I missed out on a Battle session:sad:…When is the next one ?

TigerCraneFist and all,

Good Alpha3 games yesterday.

It was hella fun.

Until next time, peace.

Hydro the sticks are 8way no 360, the switchs are about two maybe three points off center. Not sure if it’s exactly your cup of tea see you there one of the sessions another session

Dem Dem, if it makes you feel any better, PcLan whooped up on me and macabe brutally. But bring that 'gief. Please. V-honda. heheh.
As for the sticks, I’ll work on em.
As for the boards for macabe to break; bring alot

PcLan, thanks for coming out man. And thanks for making me eat bitter in my own house. hehe. Dont worry though, Im back in the Dojo training.

more soon…

Sorry I missed out on sunday my mother is leaving town and I had to attend the bar-b-q/party. PcLan you may have taken Tigercrane down but do you think you can handel the furious, coop flyin, jailbird AKA V-Cody -the interupter?

Don’t worry about the sticks seth because the holes need to be redrilled. Oh man I don’t think all the wood on earth will be enough for macabe. How many times did he kick the machine?

Let me know the time and the day the crew is down.

alright then. I know macabe is itching for some repays against 'mo. hehehe. Ill let yall know soon. this weekend most likely