NYPD Getting Exposed Hard In 2011: Post Your Own Experiences Too

I’m sure most of you are aware how I often complain how I’m tired of the NYPD, especially in Brooklyn, selling drugs to children, planting drugs on children, raping women, and shooting innocent children.

Here are some quotes that makes me sick:

"Jason Arbeeny, NYPD Cop Accused Of Planting Drugs On Innocent People, Found Guilty "

Read this for details and don’t forget to click the forward arrow at 1 of 13 to get text for more stories:

Post up if you have experienced any of this.

I’ll start off with one example. A cop would sell drugs to my sister and one night my sister wouldn’t pick up her cell. Obviously I couldn’t sleep even when it was ~4am, the point at which the cop who sold drugs to her brought her home in a state in which she looked like she was about to die from drug overdose. First I froze, then I dashed for the phone, and before I knew it the cop who invaded my house pulled a gun to my head and said if I call or tell anyone that he would shoot me and my sister and say that we committed suicide. My sister lived but another girl that was like 15 died because of him, which was a tragedy but was at least enough to cause my sister to try to escape. When I was young I was weak and I hated myself for it.

Years after, back when I was still in college, I was coming home late from the train and someone approached and tried to sell drugs to me. It wasn’t some random bum because he looked clean, from clothes to haircut. I was ignoring him and just continued to walk to the side but then he cut me off and showed me a badge and said I had to buy the drugs. I told him “that’s wrong and illegal.” After that he made gestures to his gun. It wasn’t in the middle of nowhere like you see in movies, so if he would have shot me, then the neighborhood would hear it. I straight up told him that I had things to do and that I would defend myself at all costs. He told me that I would go to jail if I touch a cop. I told him that if someone like him doesn’t follow the rules then there’s no reason that I should either. At this point he got like a WTF just happened face. I was ready to kill him to survive if he would have tried to take my life, but luckily, he backed out. Since he had a gun, I just stood and faced him. I didn’t start walking because I wanted to keep him in my sight at all times and if I were to walk I would have to look back and that would show him that I’m afraid. So I just kept staring at him until he went around the corner and then I saw a cop car drive off. Luckily, I never saw him again.

Anyway, if anyone on SRK has experienced this type of bs, don’t stay quiet, post up.

I remember my first time getting exposed **[SIZE=5]HARD. **[/SIZE]

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Real talk. Dog getting slapped out of a window article made me laugh my ass off.

I thought you was joking.

Isn’t it bad enough these niggas eating nasty ass Robin Hoods pizza in NY.

The cop was a MvC2 player, he did a snapback to get rid of the assist.

It’s not funny though, it’s sad what the people who are supposed to protect us have degraded to.

Unlike e-thugs I live in reality, sure there are more than a few bad apples but generally I like to think corrupt cops are just the louder minority I feel bad for them because there are millions of (usually younger) people who grow up in a culture that celebrates hating all cops. If it was my job to protect the lives of random people I’ve never met and they hated me for no reason I’d feel pretty shitty.

I’m a brown guy living in a town that’s 97.1% white/jewish so obviously I’ve had more than a few bad experiences with cops and let’s not get started on being randomly strip searched every time I go to the airport lol. But whatever unlike most people I don’t bitch about the abuse of power and/or prejudice there I just accept it and keep it moving because you really can’t do anything about it.

Heh way to lay down and die Zoo.

Christmas quota bs…

I got a ticket for “cutting in front” of a officer I was already in front of, dude followed me for about three minutes then pulled me over…

am I going to pay? fuck no…ill see your ass Jan. 9 sucka…

It’s that train of thought that got us to where we are today. By being silent about it you are giving your consent for them to racially profile, use excessive force, and abuse their power in other ways.

Who do you think you are helping with that mentality? Because it sure as hell isn’t the real victims.

And yes, cops get a lot of flack from people. But why? The reason is because they rule by force. The law is an opinion with a gun. Don’t believe me, next time a police man tells you to do something don’t listen and see what happens.

It’s not just “e-thugs”. It’s anyone who believes that people should not be ruled by force; Anarchists, Libertarians, and people with beliefs that do not reflect mainstream opinions. Along with those who have been directly oppressed or abused by the police.

You can’t expect a coward to do anything better than find solace in his own inadequacies.

ElderGod you should do something about this. If you start an action group committed to fighting these corrupt police officers I will join you and give you my full support.

What’s the next step?

That would be pointless. If you play by the rules set out, then you will lose. I have no intention of getting involved in their corruption, I do not want to turn up missing the next day. The comprehension of most of the corrupt isn’t as great as they think it is, and those that can understand have no need to change, on the contrary, the only change they allow is that those below them sink further.

I have my own ways. I will become a great asset to this country, one which most will not ignore. With enough economic and political presence, only then can my plans be set in motion. Ethics and morals may have been forgotten, nothing but ink on a meaningless paper, but I still believe that one day people might remember.

You will fly, and as you soar the skies, people will say: “There goes ElderGod, he who defied all and is now a tremendous force to be reckoned with”

I can’t wait!

If you take your glasses off then no one can tell its you. I see it in movies all the time so it must be true.

Dumbasses need to understand there’s a difference between protesting at occupy wallstreet and arguing with a cop who stops you for bullshit. Most of the people who bitch about how messed up the world is are usually the laziest ones when it comes to actually doing something about it. I’m not a government hating hippie who spends all his time devoted to “fighting back” but I’m willing to bet I’ve done a lot more to contribute to positive societal change than most people on SRK. Throwing stones from a glass house without equity isn’t a good look

It’s exactly your type of mentality that makes most people not take anything haflway seriously on the internet. If the last time you were at the airport if you didn’t cause a scene and get arrested for refusing to go through a body scanner and/or pat down you’re being a hypocrite really. Everyone accepts a certain amount of bullshit from authority figures it’s just that people like you, AP, and RGS don’t have the maturity to admit it.

Dealing with day to day occurances is not the same as being a spread eagle vagina waiting to get fucked like your sellout whore ass. You want to be a door mat, good for you. But don’t waste your time talking down others because you want to keep the status quo the same you circus monkey.

This thread has such a refreshing pre-09 feel to it.

Cops are crooked everywhere. Especially here in orlando. I got two stories about crooked cops.

Back when I was in hs I was chilling in math class. I see my weight lifting coach with one of my friends next to him. He ask for me to come with him. He takes us to a room where the school cop hangs out at. Next thing you know he grabs me, slams me down, drives his knee on my back while he’s searching me. I yell wtf is this about!!!?? he says we’ve heard that you have a gun on campus I say well you heard wrong, as you see I don’t have shit he gets off me and says remember one thing BOY, I run this school, ya hear me?? and walks away.

Another time involves me, two cousins, and 3 friends. All of us are black. We all go out clubbing because we celebrate my cousin going off to college. His mom rents us an Escalade to go out in these were when escalades were all the rage. We drive downtown when suddenly we see a cop pulling us over. This redneck cop walks up to us with a flash light and says nice car, where’d y’all steel it from? so we are stuck on the side of the road and his back up arrives. They think we really stole the car since it wasn’t in my cousins name. It took 40 mins to get everything cleared up.

I’m sure there might be good cops out there very few but I will say this. Out of my 25 years on this planet I never met a good one. And no I didn’t hang around bad people or did anything bad. I stayed out of trouble, was on sports teams, made good grades, and then some. Its like all the cops that ever dealt with me say in their head big black nigger up to no good

You’re always going to have a few bad apples in every line of work. These shitbags are not a representation of the entire department and most Police Officers in the NYPD are not crooked. People just love to moan and bitch because they got frisked at one point or another.

I live in Canada, and I’m a white male. Cops pull me over and ask me if they can get me anything. Cannot relate.