NW Evo Update Thread

This is basically for anyone who’s too lazy to venture out of the NW section, yet wanna know what’s going on at Evo. I’ll post with more NW stuff when I hear about it.

Here’s a site that has live updates apparently…

Taken from the Evo Update thread…

Tekken DR - Top 8

Tekken Results
1st - Ryan Hart
2nd - Gandido
3rd - Cano
4th - Owen
5th - Lingmassacre/KOR
7th - Rip/Som


Ryan Hart



Random Tekken Notes:

-No Bronson this year. :frowning:
-vfanatic = Owen, aka Filipino Champ?

Third Strike Results
2-Justin Wong-Chun
5-JR Rodriguez-Akuma
7-Mike Watson-Ken
7-Ryan Hart-Ken


JR Rodriguez
Justin Wong


Mike Watson
Ryan Hart

Sunday 3S matchups
-Amir beats Tokido 2-0.
-Justin Wong beats JR Rodriguez 2-1.
-Ohnuki beats Watson 2-0.
-Fubar beats Ryan Hart 2-1.
-Tokido beats Fubar 2-0.
-Ohnuki beats JR 2-0.
-Justin Wong beats Amir 2-0.
-Ohnuki beats Tokido 2-1.
-Ohnuki beats Amir 2-0. Goes on to play Justin in the grand finals.
-Ohnuki beats Justin 3-0 in the first set to force the second set. Ohnuki wins the grand finals 3-2 over Justin in the second set.

CvS2 Results
1-John Choi
3-Ricky Ortiz
4-Justin Wong
5-Gene Wong


John Choi
Ricky Ortiz


Justin Wong
Hail and Kill

CvS2 Sunday matchups

-Choi beats Bas 2-0 with C Ken/Cammy/Sagat.
-Ricky beats Tokido 2-0.
-Gene beats Combofiend 2-1.
-After being ocv’d by Buktooth’s Morrigan in game one, Justin wins 2-1 with C Vega/Iori/Sagat.
-Bas beats Gene 2-0.
-Justin beats Tokido 2-0 with C Vega/Cammy/Sagat.
-Choi beats Ricky to win winners final 2-1.
-Bas beats Justin 2-1.
-Bas beats Ricky 2-1. Bas vs Choi for grand finals.
-Bas wins first set 2-0, John Choi wins the second set to win it all, 2-0.

ST results
1-John Choi
3-Alex Valle
5-David Sirlin
7-Justin Wong



Sunday’s winners matchups
Valle vs. Kusumondo
Nuki vs. Sirlin


Justin Wong

Sunday’s losers matchups
Tokido vs. Justin Wong
Shirts vs. John Choi

-Ohnuki beats Sirlin 2-0.
-Valle beats Kusumondo 2-0.
-Tokido beats Justin Wong 2-1.
-Choi beats Shirts 2-0.
-Tokido beats Sirlin 2-0.
-Choi beats Kusumondo 2-0.
-Ohnuki beats Valle 2-0.
-Choi beats Tokido 2-1.
-Choi beats Valle 2-0.
-Choi beats Ohnuki 3-1 in the first set to force a second set. Wins the second set 3-2.

Taken from IRC
<SabinBB> I’m about to play nki at the end of my pool wish me luck
<SabinBB> Lost a close one to nki

<SabinBB> Cole is out lost to Nelson
<SabinBB> Its fatboy vs Nelson I play winner

<AfroL> NKI is in winners bracket
<AfroL> out of his pool

<AfroL> fatboy defeated nelson earlier
<AfroL> this will be a rematch
<AfroL> kusumondo is going hulkamania over everyone

-Sabin beat Jason Cole earlier in winners.

<AfroL> valle defeates choi, puts choi in losers
<AfroL> sirlin is in winners

Marvel Results
1st - Justin Wong
2nd - Chunksta
3rd - Smoothviper
4th - Crizzle
5th - Toan/Wes
7th - MegamanDS/Fanatiq


Justin Wong



NW Players Stuff:
-Paul Lee apparently had a ridiculous bracket for 3S. Stated that Ricky Ortiz, Ohnuki, Combofiend, AND Mike Watson were in his pool =/.
-There apparently will be an invitational Tatsunoko vs Capcom tourney at 11pm. Nate has recorded casual TvC matches.
-Julien Beasley lost to Ohnuki and I believe Shirts in ST.
-Julian Blake lost to Justin Wong.
-Nate lost to Apoc.
-Axel lost to Shirts.

Wow. Freakin’ JR?! Where the heck has he been?

heard geesemaster got 9th in tekken

JR = Image right? That is hella hella random to me. Who knew that guy even played 3rd Strike. Haven’t heard about him in years.

P.S. - Thanks Mandel for bringin us the info.

Evan, that’s not Image. JR Rodriguez is an Akuma player that’s hella raw. He’s been around for a while.

Oh alright, that makes sense. That guy is a beast.

I just paid 15 dollars for fucking internet here, so here’s some random notes:

Beasley was one match away from top 8, he was one pixel away from winning his match against Nuki, but his sky high claw whiffed and he lost :frowning: it was a heartbreaker

I lost to two Dhalsims (FUKCING DHALSIM WHAT A DICK), had a close match against Shirts, ended up 4th in my pool
looking back on it, I should have picked DJ against them, oh well

Kusumondo was in my pool, and he is fucking good. Like, really god damn good. I would have rather fought him than stupid Dhalsim though :frowning:

also, apparently Ryan Hart got rushed to the hospital on friday because he hadn’t been eating or drinking anything and fainted, he was back today though

edit: more stuff:
-fatbear was 1 match from semis in 3s, and was also close to semis in cvs2
-sf4 is awesome
-hd remix is lame (only 6 characters, no one is playing it lol)
-my ST prediction: nuki beats kusumondo in grand finals
-bang the machine was good
-julian blake sucks


dude is crazy, flying all over the place, what a champ

RBX!!! Nice Work.

LOL @ 5 Chuns in the 3S top 8.

is there any complete brackets? I want to see how far the people I lost to got.

Yeah, even worse is that the chun’s placed 1st - 5th. Those finals must have been fun to watch.:confused:

The top 8 for Marvel looks all goofy too.

I heard MegamanDS got top 8 with Megaman/Sentinel/Guile. That guy has some pretty good Magnus/Ororo combos, I don’t know why he doesn’t use them. I like how Zach would match up against that team.

That’s a pretty beastly top 8, Dann. I don’t know if you could have cracked that.


yup :rock:

There is definitely some question in my mind about how high some of those 8 would place at a local tourney with everybody showing up. shrug

When somebody from SoCal was mad at me they said that MegamanDS knew more Megaman tricks than I did, but I haven’t played him ever that I can recall. He’s fun to watch. One of my favorite things about him from my ignorant perspective is that he’s crazy and just picks whatever team he feels like. I have no idea how he decides whom to pick, but I’ve seen him do great with all sorts of madness. :smile:

I heard that some Colossus player came close(?) to qualifying - Pablo? VDO? Maybe even MegamanDS? I’m curious.

That Collosus player was in my bracket (not Pablo). H Bracket was ridiculously easy. I went 2 and 2 in it so I’m not to dissapointed but I should have won my first match and I had a damn good chance of reaching semi’s. My last set was actually a good fight. For a guy who goes 2 and out repeatedly at Zach’s, that says something.

I don’t mean to disrespect any of the players in that bracket (Randy Lew was in there) but it was quite low level compared to the bi-weeklys at Preppys. Even the HUB. :confused: Any top Seattle player had a real chance this year of making finals.

I played a guy named Mono who has a really good Guile. I wanted to match up Guiles against him and see who’s was better, but I decided to go for the sure win instead. I picked Preppy’s team and clinched it. :bgrin:

Side Note- Fatbear won a 300 dollar money match against Kai in 3rd Strike 10-4. The whole thing is on video.

Yeah too bad we didn’t come down for marvel. We might have been able to make some noise.

grats to fatbear for his mm victory

also to Ray for winnin VF down in TX, even though I was pretty sure I posted that already, but I guess not.

Congratulations to Frank, without him I couldn’t have created the best Astaroth customized character in history with the name Frankdadank.

Okay, so like…why didn’t any of “the big names” head down to Evo?

God damn. Congrats fatbear on that MM. 10-4 is rape. I’ve gotta see that video.

Awesome seeing 9TNine and Pablo again though we didn’t talk much.

Met Airthrow and Brentobox. Real chill dudes.
Met Zass but didn’t really talk to him.

Met XTG as well. He liked me giving him rep.

All of them but Zass said they want me to move back so I can be apart of the scene again since I had kinda had a falling out due to moving and shit that has hopefully blown over.

I heard Kuenai and Paul Lee were there but I didn’t meet them.