NW Character IMPROVEMENT Tier List ( 11/24 UPDATED)

**AfroDojo Presents…****NW Players Improvement Rankings **

“NEW 4/27 - Challenge Brackets”
1st…Tier_1…First -> 10
2nd - 14th…Tier_2…First -> 5
15th - 30th…Tier_3…First -> 3

  1. Bracket Rules
    players are free to challenge ANYONE within their Tier.
    If champion loses, he moves down one position and the challenger takes his place (If a Champion allows a challenger from a lower tier and loses, the consequence is a direct swap)
    To challenge into the next bracket, a player needs to be within 3 spots and can only challenge the bottom 3 ploayers of the next bracket* (this will make it so there is not much of a bottleneck trying to get into the next bracket)*

  2. Players are free to play their challenge game anywhere. It does not have to be at the dojo. You can challenge online, at Tournament Wars, AfroDojo, Freedom Bunker, Toe-Fu Dojo, Tanaka’s…anywhere you can find a station, even GameWorks.You can also play challenges out during tournament matches.( ex: Cole vs Tanaka are up in a tourney match. Cole makes the challenge request to tanaka before their tourney match.) ***.

  3. Upon challenging someone via SRK, cell, in person, at dojo etc. The challenger has 1 week to find time to make the challenge. If the challenge is not resolved within the week, the challenger automatically wins the match and moves forward. (this is to keep the ranking chart fluctuating constantly and not bottle necking players advancement)
    NEW - If there is a station ready to use, both players are present and they are within the same Tier, the Champion CAN NOT refuse a challenge and must always defend.
    Players are allowed to challenge outside their Tier, however the Champion is not obligated to accept since they are not in the same tier. If the Champion DOES accept, then all the same rules apply.

  4. Any new player not on the ranking chart can freely enter their name at the bottom of the list and begin to challenge. Currently the list ends at the top 30 of Seattle. This time I will let people put their own name who want to participate so we wont have so many dead spots.

5)** NEW INFO**To get into the next Tier, I have color coded the positions you need to be in orderto advance. So basically what this shows currently is the top 3 guys from Tier 3 are able to challenge any of the bottom 3 players from Tier 2.

  1. **Be understanding that these rules will change during the course of the year. We need to mold it to fit our communities style in hopes to help improve our game. So please feel free to comment and make suggestions to make this system unique and solid!
    NEW AfroDOJO Challenge Tier List
    1st - Afro “Dirteh” Cole (Sim, DJ, Rog)

2nd Bokkin( Clammy, Akuma )
3rd - TanakaForce (Guy, Ryu)
4th - Constantine (Blanka)
5th - Dugg (Honda)
6th - Riki-Oh (Bison,Adon)
7th - Delucifer (Blanka,Gouken)
8th - MikeHasCookies (Bison,Chun-Li)
9th - BowFlexMike (Ken,Balrog,Rufus)
10th - Zigg21 (Abel)
11th - CeramicSugar (Abel, Ken, Sagat)
12th - KrazyKoreanFrank (Zangief,Bison,Blanka)
13th - Shawn (Viper)
14th - AwesomeJones ( Dhalsim )
15th - Shredilicious (Abel??)
16th - Hyre (Chun-Li)


17th - BitQ (Cammy)
18th - Monica (Chun-Li)
19th - Mikhail (Ken,Adon)
20th - Colton (Dudley, Sagat)
21st - SunGlasses Guil-Lee (Guile)
22nd - Gimpyfish62 (Gouken)
23rd - Gmon37 (Guile)
24th - Taz (Juri)
25th - Deluster(Honda)
26th - Ronnicle (Sagat???)
27th - Frankdadank (Rose/Bison/Chun/Vega)
28th - C.P.R. (Balrog)
29th - Mufasa95 (Balrog)
30th - Ghrrk (Sagat)
31th - FamousNate (Abel)
32nd - ThaiVega (Vega)
33rd - g0tem (Ken,Honda)
34th - Mister K (Rufus,Vega)
35th - Kuenai (???)

Good Luck Everyone Time to BEAST!!!

We can continue to post challenge results or requests I will also be making the number 1 and 2 headbands for this very soon. Give something to fight over =) For a starter, I can offer holding or wearing the ST Belt for First hahaha, eh might be to cheesy lol. Ill come up with something good. I am open to all ideas as well!!!

Jason “AfroDojo Guardian” Cole

So if people can just post their results or challenge requests here, that be the easiest to keep track off. I will do my best to keep the list updated for those that want to participate.


put me on the list… i’ve been too busy to come or you guys start the tournament too early so i couldn’t even make it regardless but yeah… ill make it out. hopefully tonight… but its gonna be late like at 9-10pm.

I don’t see why I was removed from my spot when I wasn’t even there to be challenged by anybody. Especially after I did most of the work to run that fuckin’ tourney while I was trying to get it done so people like me could go home and sleep before working another 10 hour day. I think that’s fucked up. Whatever, I don’t want anything to do with running brackets for the time being, ya’ll are fully capable of running your own shit anyways.

Despite my current bad mood I will however be gunning my way up the ranks since I have been knocked down to 17th with out knowing. How do I make it back up? Do I have to play everybody above me?

Yes, I want to apologize greatly for the last minute decision on it. I only did it for the one night, I am very sorry Tanaka. I did feel that of all the people, you would easily be able to get back up on the rankings. Its just more reason to play more. Being at the top is not fun cause only 2nd place can challenge you.

I do thank you for helping running the tourney Tanakain, this is an on going fluctuation on the ranking. Its changing daily. Please do not take it in a bad way. We had a lot of people that night that really wanted to challenge and I had to put things to test to make sure it ran well.

Another thing, I will be recording the placings every week on sunday. So we can have the stats like, highest spot for a player, or lowest spot etc. Once we intergrate Julian Beaslys Point system, we will be taking character information as well to really get technical on leveling up players.

If anyone has a challenge they did, you can pm or txt me the info and ill update the page. You can also post on this thread.

Again, i am very sorry for the late night ranking tweak, within the next few days im sure the people that deserve their spots will get them back.

Also, to apologize even further. I am putting myself at the bottom of the list from the tourney that night. Everyone after me, I put on the list from the top of my head that were not at the event.



Looks like you got a PM from me?
check check it.

I messaged you back I dunno if it’s Firefox or something but I think my PM’s are pretty broke, don’t you have my facebook? Hit me up there or something!

The original post in this thread hurts my eyes. Hard to read. With that said, I challenge Nolan. Nothing wrong with challenging people below you is there? :razz:

And what about Super? Will the rankings remain the same even after that game comes out or do we have to start all over again?

Tanaka, you can challenge me if you want! Both yours and my placing is bs (in the wrong directions), and 13th isn’t too far from my rightful 9th if I do take the hit…just don’t expect Free Long again :stuck_out_tongue:

And Eman took you down from 3rd, Cole, but I got you from 4th ;]

So what time is this tourney going to start today.

put me on the list with gouken. im out of town but will be back next week to challenge fools.

Going to coles place with sampson lets play or mm$$


Haha, think you could change Zappoo to Zafo?

ok Zafo mybad. Lol and ill change the colors.

If I am currently in 7th and frank is in 5th, I would like to challenge Frank in a First to 10 for 5th place!

I’m coming for you, though dugg…bring that honda!

All those people not going to XTG’s send off party can feel free to mob through to the Dojo. Dojo opening at 8 for singles tourney. We can also do team if people want it enough.

Bring set ups if you can.

Deezo: Yes, it will remain the same. This method of ranking is to test to see how well it can level our scene up. Give us a little more to fight for then just TW and Evo. We gotta push ourselvs.


I challenge you Ghrrk because somehow you’re ahead of me now after our challenge…

If there is a list being made, please put me on it I plan on coming out tonight

Is this where we challenge people Cole?

I want to challenge someone I’ve never seen or met before:
23rd - Kyle (Rufus)**

He’s 3 spots up from me, and I’d like to get this going.