Now that is out... First impressions?

We allowed to post first impressions ? I understand it’s not released in certain regions.

Steam is going crazy.

Removed link to steam community. People can search for that themselves. Let’s keep discussions on SRK.

First impressions? You realize that most people here have been playing the game legally and illegally since last summer right?

LOL. I’m light years behind… no wonder I’m getting my ass kicked in every game.

is gud

the game is good but i do not see this lasting for 8 odd years without them adding more layers to the core mechanics.
its not exciting me with the possibilities of what i can start to do with a couple of months of practice, which was the case when i started playing street fighter 3 and 4.

PC User. Have had the game unlocked 2 hours.

Arg. Online is borked hard (tens of thousands of people trying to log in at once I suspect). The servers go up, then go back down immediatly. I was able to get into Player Lobbies only a handful of times, and only 2 of those went to matches. And both of those ended in server disconnects when the login server shit the bed again.

Kinda sucks, cause this game feels amazing.

A couple of first impressions are A) this game is a bit more graphics intense then I anticipated. I had to knock the graphics down quite a bit to get a stable frame rate. It looks fine, but I wish it was crisp. B) I’m not one to go nuts over a lack of day 1 single player features in a fighting game, especially with more features promised for free in a future update. But not being able to play a VS match against a CPU is unspeakably stupid. Especially when your servers are borked, and I’m not going to play Story or Survival if I can’t earn game currency offline. Beating up dummies in Practice mode only gets me so far.

Oh well, hopefully things will be more stable when I wake up.

My impressions are:





Pretty awesome if you ask me.

Finally got my first match and bodied an R. Mika.

I cant believe I’m the only one bothered by the soundeffects, menus and huds. worst I’ve ever seen/heard to be honest and that includes indie and flashgames.

game is fun though

the core game seems okay but everything around it (the online infrastructure, the menus, the content not being done, the unlock schemes, the clipping, the hurtboxes not matching animations, the story mode…) is a mess. I understand the desire to get it out in time for the tournament cycle but the game is not ready for release. I would think after how xT released Capcom would be really aware that first impressions are hugely important. you can make the game good six months from now and it won’t matter because everyone has already tuned out.

Great game I’m even gonna buy the season pass now ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

First impressions (or rather initial reactions):

  • Wow the main menu looks awesome!
  • Yes! My CFN name hasn’t been taken!
  • Omg R. Mika and Chun-Li are so purdy in this game!
  • Oh wow training mode is awesome here!
  • I really like being able to queue for a game whilst in other modes!
  • Trophies are popping left and right!
  • Disconnected from the server again :frowning:

What is there to say, this is a barebone release and a shoddy product. It is quite frankly unacceptable.

Capcom deserves all the 0’s they are going to get @ Metacritic. This will be a total PR nightmare for them.

My first impression is that it runs suspiciously poorly for me.

If I don’t set the graphics options to low, the game runs in slow motion. Which is weird, cause my computer runs, say, Shadow of Mordor completely fine.

The slowmo was actually kinda fun in single player. It’s like having infinite bullettime.

first impression?

the capcom network is ass!
i dont know why they did the betas when they dont manage to take
that knowledge to guarantee a good release.

so right now i just hope they manage to fix the issues or we all might see
them going back to VultraStreetFighter4 for evo 2017 :stuck_out_tongue:

Well so far my impressi[DISCONNECTED FROM SERVER]

I have it on Steam. So far my framerate is ok but yeah it knocked into offline mode a few times. I created a Fighter’s Lounge room (or whatever it’s called) and after my first match was over the game straight crashed. No error report or anything just kaput lol. Someone in the front comments section mentioned a there being a bug if you have Wacom or any other tablets plugged in which I did so I have to see if I what happens if I play for a longtime without it in there. shrugs

Come back, still tons of problems with PC version being playable. Also people are shitting on this HARD on steam reviews, which is of course kind of stupid to try and “review” a game that has been out for 5 hours and you haven’t been able to play it 90% of the time. However people are upset about things beyond being able to play it:

Keyboard support complaints are everywhere.
Joystick support complaints are HUGE, it was flat out dumb for them to launch without direct input support. That is going to put a bad taste in peoples mouths and first impressions are very very important as SFxT has shown.
Graphical settings are hard to work with and keep a consistent frame rate for many people (v-sync is gonna eat a bunch of power and there is also no benchmark tool so those two issues people aren’t talking about would help with this).

And of course, as everyone predicted, the mass casual players are very unhappy about the lack of single player content, as well as stuff like proper lobbies/spectator mode. Mostly the single player stuff.

lol, didnt even realize there was no benchmark tool, even sf4 pc had it. vsync being forced on really really annoys me because it results in input lag in the vast majority of games

Literally every single major issue that PC SFV has right now in 2016, SFIV Vanilla PC launch did not have in 2009.

Benchmark: Check
Showing players computer rating: Check
No server connection issues: Check
Majority of gamepads/fightsticks support: Check
Proper keyboard support for binding with icons showing keys instead of gamepad buttons: Check
Allowing keyboard to be player 1 or player 2 with a gamepad on other controller: Check

aside from the connection issues i like it, a major thing i dislike is the fact that it wont let me just pick who i want to play per match i have to set it as fav & i find that rly annoying.