Nova Question And Answer Thread

Figured it couldn’t hurt to have a Q&A thread, we’ll need one eventually. Ask questions you have about nova, something about his move set, his play style, his mission mode, or whatever, members of the community will work together to answer them.

I’ll start with this question: What moves and tactics are you using to get in with Nova? What assists are helping you? I have some pretty cool combos I’ve learned, but I sometimes have trouble getting in.

so what is the deal with human rocket super? what invincibilities does it have if any?

My understanding is that the human rocket super is invincible to projectiles, but not to physical attacks.

In terms of using moves for getting in with Nova:
-Tri-dash j.L or j.M
-boxdash j.H
-Centurion Rush H(mostly for getting in on projectile spamming, etc.)
-general ground dashing(covers good amount of distance)

In terms of assist- Generally speaking, some sort of projectile assist, and a low hitting assist. The current assist that I’m using are Wesker Gun Shot, and Mags beam assist.

I have a lot of questions.

With slide (d + M) I wanna know:
[]What slide goes under
]What slide trades with/beats esp, other char’s slides (deadpool, hawkeye, shulk, mags, frank west)
[*]How good is slide xx flight j.L? If the slide hits does the j.L combo? I think I did but I might be remembering wrong. If the slide is blocked can Nova be hit before he gets the j.L out?
I suspect slide doesn’t have amazing priority and doesn’t go under a lot of things since it goes like 3/4 screen so there has to be a downside.

With Centurion Rush M I wanna know if it’s good to throw out in anticipation of a tridash, box jump or jump in overhead since it causes a ground bounce when it hits airborne opponents. So does it:
[]Beat air normals that are just attacks like Magneto’s j.H
]Beat air normals that look like they might be projectiles like Iron Man’s j.S or j.H
[]Beat sword air normals like Dante’s, Taskmasters, or Zero’s?
]and how unsafe is it on block?

I’d like to get an idea for what pokes/projectiles Centurion Rush H beats.

I tested the Nova Strike moves a little against Zero’s s.H. Zero’s s.H beats them all clean. I’m guessing the Nova Strike moves will beat non-sword and non-projectile normals but I just don’t see any reason to ever use them. They have slow startup, they look unsafe and look like they have low priority. Nova Strike H’s crumple is nice but outside of comboing into it I have no clue when you’d use it. Anyone find a use for Nova Strike moves?

Anyone know of followups to Human Rocket outside of the xfactor j.S move from mission 10?

I can at least answer this about the slide xx flight j.L. Yes, it does combo, I was doing it in training last night.

The rest I’ll have to check in training later.

Nova’s rocket super isn’t projectile invincible from startup, only during it’s active frames. I was hit out of it’s startup by Dorms Chaotic Flame.

Well I know for a fact. Centurion Rush H goes through EVERYTHING. It acts like a Forward Moving Focus Attack or like Hsien-Ko’s Golden Armor. It nullifies hitstun but you do get a ton of red damage.

Yea I have run through some pretty absurd shit… I completely plowed through Gamma wave and Striders Legion Super today… Yes the Legion super… I think Im going to just test this thing vs everything tonight when my cousin gets here.

I didn’t mention it in the post but I tested Centurion Rush H against Zero’s s.H and Centurion Rush H loses. It absorbs a hit but Zero’s s.H has mutliple hits and the later hits go through Cent Rush H. I’d assume a similar effect against something like Sent’s c.M or Hulk’s s.H unless you see one of those moves come out and do Cent Rush H late so that it only absorbs one hit.

I was thinking a bit about Nova Strike and it might be a decent air to air attack.

I dont think the last hit of the Centurion H has armor, just all the time before it hits. If you manage to come into contact with Zero before the launcher comes out it should absorb it. I shall test later and get back to you

Tested iton Zero’s H, it definitely goes though. It just has to be during the active frames

d+M xx fly (move down forward) j.L j.H works but you can’t follow up with j.S. Call a low hitting assist as you enter fly to set up an unblockable and allow the j.S to connect. Don’t hit j.L j.L j.H j.S. For some reason the j.S won’t come out after the two j.L’s.

I’m not sure if you can get hit after a blocked slide but a well timed assist call should make it safe.

Oh and about the slide: it doesn’t go under disruptor or frank’s pie. It can go under the top two arrows of triple arrow but not the bottom one. In short, if there’s a projectile it probably won’t go under it.

im really not sure it can be stopped during its active frames.

How good Nova is has an anchor? Or what would be his main roll??

What/when is the best time to use his red health?

I still can’t pull off the OTG with :f::hp: consistently. Any visual cues or timing tips you guys use?

Mash it harder.

I’m serious, theres not alot of reason to focus on the timing, you can just mash 6C and it will come out in time to hit after a jS or Throw.

Practice? After about 20 minutes I get it 100% of the time.

from bradyguide.
Centurion H has super armor from 22-46, don’t know how much though.

also with connecting the hammer punch after sj.S.
you can usually confirm that it will DEFINITELY work if you get 3 hits on the sj.S. if you didn’t get 3 hits then just otg to super with centurion L