Nova 2014 Patch Buffs/Nerfs

So, with recent talk of there possibly being a patch next year for UMVC3 (which actually makes sense…new systems coming out…them not making a new Marvel…systems can’t play the previous one’s games…more than likely having to do w/e they gotta do to make the current game work on new systems…blah blah) I’m curious as to what kind of changes you all want to see for Nova…All I ask is if you’re going to incorporate a buff, try to balance it out.

Random buffs that came to mind in the lab:
Give Nova a beam for his projectile…his super is so why not his regular ones? He does some little ass fart for a blast (w/out using all red health)
-Make it so the non-red health ones start up slower (like bolts of ballsack slow but JUST A BIT faster or unibeam kind of speed) and more red health = faster start up (like disrupter fast but a little slower) + the regular properties they already have. Also make it like plasma beam/unibeam: farther = less damage
-Make it like Spencer’s armor piercer: closer = faster start up and vice versa (farther = longer start up). Red health just buffs damage and gives it the same properties as right now and the opposite of plasma/unibeam…farther you are, the more damage it does…it makes sense imo…reward for being able to successfully do it from a distance…He’s an energy manipulator…Maybe if they do this, a nerf could be if you do it with a H pulse infront of you, you blast it away (that way the “reward” of more damage for distance isn’t broken and the slower start up for distance doesnt make it usless from a distance) and possibly have the shield cause a trade of some sort? Something like if you do a no red health beam with a no red health shield, the shield is gone and the beam is regular…red health shield and no red health beam, part of the shield’s durability get blasted and the beam is regular. This way with 1 shield on screen w. red health you get a max of like 1 shield, 1 beam, 1 javelin before you gotta put up another shield.

-Maybe only characters with a crouch height of like below Nova’s abs can duck it without red health and the red health one can only be avoided by like Wolverine and smaller? This way it isn’t as wack as bolts but still usable during the game.

-Make the new beam an assist make the slowest version an assist instead of his wall bounce rocket punch. As the assist, only red health buff as an assist can be more damage…no stagger or wall bounce

-It would be mad cool if he could absorb projectiles (like Viper’s focus attack) and instead of taking normal damage it chips away at what he has and just leaves red health (like when you hit an assist or when Haggar uses his lariat) but that might be OD.

-Another buff, I would like to actually be able to beat projectiles when I react to them/read them with my PROJECTILE INVINCIBLE SUPER >_<. Not saying I want a fullscreen Bionic Arm but lord have mercy…please just give me the average projectile’s start up frames in frames of invincibility in the beginning or something like that.

-Maybe nerf his airdash a bit…if we wanna look at the speed ratio as 25-75 (the beginning and acceleration), make it like 32-68 and slightly nerf the overall speed…that way box dash H isn’t so stupid and derpy and maybe this can slow down his instant overhead speed…I’m a Nova player and all but DAMN that shit is ridiculously fast lol

-Adjust the way hitstun deterioration works with him…Like damn…1 extra L, M, or H and his j.S whiffs and shit lmaoo. If this is the case, then slightly nerf his all around damage…adjusting his hitun can make double fly-unfly free and things of that nature…This will also compensate for tweaking his fireball which might not work in combos the same way…with a beam and the adjusted air dash…uh, let’s not give Magneto players a new main XD.

Overall, I feel like these changes would make Nova bit more viable in other spots and give people FORCED to play Magneto and Doom a little more of an option for an assist. It’s not that much of a bad look either because they have to sacrifice using M Centurian Rush for unblockables/combos to get a beam while possibly having a free slot to replace the projectile assist they were using…more team possibilities. Imagine if Yipes was still able to play Dante Vergil Nova because of this?

Thoughts? And what other ideas do you all have in mind…I know overall most of us feel like he is fine as he is but I’m curious as to what kind of balances you would make.

Sorry to take this off topic, but when/who/what/where did you get info about a possible patch?

I don’t remember the exact location but I remember either reading or hearing somewhere on a stream that Champ said there’s suppose to be a patch. Even if it’s a troll, I’m still interested in what kind of changes people would want to see in an ideal world

Some dude on the FGTV stream said that there would be an announcement of a new patch during…Evo maybe? There has been no hint of any type of capcom announcement during Evo. This means that most likely the claim was just a troll.

But sure, why not, lets make a thread based on trolling. Nova should have rocket punches.

I mean it doesn’t have to be “make a thread based on trolling”. It doesn’t kill to talk about things we wish were different about our character. If you’re not interested, that’s cool. I just think it could be a cool topic for a few days…

Nothing was revealed at E3
Not even Capcom All Stars :frowning: Only some stupid encyclopaedia celebrating 30 years.

I wouldn’t change Nova at all except for a cancellable raw j.S. Improves his movement by a bit

nova beam could be :qcf::s:.

uses red health to boost speed and width of beam, or just damage if proportionally justified.

that way nova doesnt lose any utility with his other specials.

as for j.:s: just decrease startup and make it a single hit or keep as is but adjust travel speed to make it “faster”.

i honestly just deal with the damn startup of high speed tackle but fuck can we have some from of physical hitting hyper cinematic or not with just a bit of invincibility on its startup (not much maybe 3-5 frames.)
hell ill settle with just some form of armor so its inline with :dp::h:.

Buff: Give him a rapid fire crouch L

Not fair that he has no safe block strings.

I’m mad I didnt see this earlier but word! :qcf::s: is a good idea. If so, then I would take out the ability to use it in combos like I said when I originally made this. I HONESTLY think If Nova got a beam he would be complete and still not broken.

Eh…I think Nova can live without this to be honest. Idk if it is already or not, but I guess just** make his c.L safe on block?** Possibly create some frame trap situations or w/e…I think having rapid fire s.L is fair enough because it’s so good. Also, his best ground normal, c.M is flight cancellable anyway…c.M xx fly ~ unfly is really good if you can immediately fly when you see them block the c.M and if you can buffer the unfly so that it appears he flew and then unflew right away…especially if you do a falling j.L at the end of it.

I personally still stand behind:
-Giving Nova a beam (a fair one of course) and making it an assist to replace the M rocket punch assist
-Adjusting the way hitstun deteriorates in his combos in exchange for a little damage decrease across the board
-Adjusting the “start up” to “acceleration” proportion on his airdash so that it’s a little faster when it starts and a little slower when he accelerates
-Doing SOMETHING so Speed Tackle doesn’t get smacked by projectiles so easily on start up

And with Motion’s input, making the beam :qcf::s: instead of replacing the pulses like I was implying originally but in return, taking away the possibility of stagger/wall bounces and making slight increases in size, damage, and speed the only red health buffs. If this is the case, I also still believe in making it like Iron Man and Doom’s beams: Multi-hitting but the farther away you are, the less damage it does. Lastly, I still think to make Nova’s zoning game fair, it should have some kind of trade off with H Pulses in front of him.

just have it eat his own shields, only exception being fully powered shield>unpowered single beam.

Yup yup that’s what I said originally.

Nova shouldn’t be changed. Giving Nova a beam would make him more like Magneto, something the developers tried to avoid. I like Nova the way he is.


i agree but some wanted a beam for him, all i did was make it work reasonably while keeping in character!

honestly the only thing i would change at all is his j.S, single hit and sped up to compensate.

I want jump S to be super-cancelable. I’d also gladly take a damage nerf in favor of a buff to hitstun so he can do more extended combos. Otherwise #LeaveNovaAlone

a single hitting j.S would technically nerf its own damage but be balanced out due to scaling. if j.S was able to be special/hyper cancelled it would the best dive in the game! and yet fairest since there would be no option select throw haha!

i love it!!!

I want a beam dammit!! lmaooo. But yeah the absolute most important thing to me is the hitstun/j.S stuff, and Speed Tackle if absolutely nothing else.

Just thought of a buff for Nova:

+Gravimetric special moves use fixed amounts of Red Health, instead of any amounts available, so:
Level 2 = 27k (3% of his total Health)
Level 3 = 90k (10% of his total Health)

(This could possibly make Nova have more moves in the neutral as well as some more practical damage oportunities using the Gravimetric moves, issueing some new BnB’s for him, instead of having to limit his combo potential to not sacrifice, in some situations, 90% of his Health that is in Red)

+Gravimetric Blaster hyper move would require:
Level 2 = 135k (15%)
Level 3 = 162k (18%)

You can change how much you’d want to use in the hyper by:
L+M: Level 1
L+H: Level 2
M+H: Level 3

The level upgrade would only trigger if you have the required Red Health, obviously and if you don’t have it, it’ll trigger the closest level possible.

A part of me always kind of wanted to be able to control how much red health I could use…

Red health buff is interesting.
Speed Tackle is fine, if it had invincibility or faster startup it would be absolutely retarded. I don’t want people bitching MORE about Nova.

Raw j.S being special cancelable is too strong also. Cancel into Speed Tackle is enough. Would to interesting mixups and keep it safe at the cost of meter. I also hate when a character falls out of an air combo right before j.S for seemingly no reason, and they always get a free punish on me no matter what. Obviously I could just figure out hitstun better so that doesn’t happen, but goddamn.

Agree with a lot of what’s been said, Nova is a great measuring stick for fair balance in this game. Feels strong, is strong, has great tools, has to work to apply them, doesn’t have anything particularly retarded.

If i was going to apply one buff, it would be Energy Javelin assist in place of Rocket Punch. Game needs more strong assists.

One nerf, take away the fake hard knockdown thing on air throw to prevent raw tag combos.

And i agree entirely that adding pre-flash invincibility to Speed Tackle or shortening the startup by more than a frame or two would be super busted. You’d have to take away the ability to combo off it and up the base damage a little to balance it.