Not quite Super Turbo

We, the ST scene, need to discuss our console options for ST. It has come to our attention that CCC2 sucks. I’m a bit ashamed that I didn’t notice the problems with it at first, but I never compared it side by side with other versions. My bad. Anyway, I’m sure everyone is praying that ST HD will be tournament worthy, but we need a temporary solution.

I concur with what Andrew said in another thread that the best solution is AE with only ST characters. I’m assuming the “glitched” ST characters are fine, but ST ‘old’ characters don’t work because ST characters can’t tech their throws. We give up old Ken and old Sagat, but I think it’s a reasonable sacrifice.

Let’s discuss this and come to a consensus before the next tournament.

-Sam Y

From what I recall, STHD should be out by the end of the year. Granted, no one has seen it in action but we can hope.

Regarding tournaments, do you mean at Zach’s or what? I ask because I strongly oppose console play for tournaments while at Zach’s. As I have previously mentioned in the Season 2 thread, there were already a fair amount of matches that took place on the cabinet. The cabinet and the sticks are in good shape. CCC2 is fucking garbage. I get angry just thinking about how shitty it is. We are better off playing ST off an xbox. If we used AE, it would just complicate things even more.

The only issue I see with using the cab is the sticks. A lot of people seem to like japanese sticks, which is fine. If you guys can DP on a jap stick, playing on AmeriKKKan stick should be easy. At least that is how I see it.

Alex has ordered a copy of the re-released Japanese version of AE. Allegedly, that version was retooled to allow for not only tech throwing against non-ST characters, but all of the original arcade glitches (Chun’s stored super, variable fireball speeds, and shortcut inputs for Guile/Claw) were put back in. We have yet to try this version out, as Alex hasn’t shown his mug since EVO. But once we do, I’m sure the more seasoned players would be glad to offer their opinions. I’m not certain, but you might need a chipped PS2 or magic swap to run this.

Gian mentioned the Japanese PS1 version at Evo, but I have heard scathing reviews of that port. Some have speculated that it’s the preferred console version for Japanese players simply because it’s been around for so long.

As I stated in the tournaments thread, the arcade version is superior to all. But for the purposes of running tournaments, we should stick to console versions. I have no objections to holding individual tournament matches on the cab if both players agree to it. But there’s a reason why Evo is a console tournament. On consoles, people have the luxury of practicing on the same version at home so that they know how the mechanics work and can familiarize themselves with their own controls before arriving to play competitively. Plug and play controls are also a blessing for organizers, in the event of hardware failure.

Edit: Pablo, doing motions for fireballs and DPs isn’t the issue with circular or octagonal gates. The problem is with hitting corners. Charge characters like Guile, Dee Jay, Claw, and Boxer need to hug the corners. Many of those characters also need to be able to hit 4 corners in rapid succession. Accidentally hitting an axis during execution means that a move simply won’t come out.

mame + av out + pc~ps2/whatever converters?

I personally think the ST cab at Zach’s dosent cut it. I personally hate the sticks on them. I cant Dragon punch to save my life on those sticks even worse Fireball motions are a pain in the ass as well. Im not comfortable on the cab either b/c to be even with the sticks, im in the way of the other player so i have to lean over and shit.

I really think people are overreacting on CCC2. I think personally that there is no point on playing on something thats not gonna be played on major tournaments. Xbox version is never gonna happen, " modded or not ". Arcade is done and over with. Evo and the Sub Evo’s are using CCC2. and until other wise noticed change of the ST HD remix. we should keep it as such. Are big target is Evo and we should keep that in our minds before we make any decesions.

Mackinzie, one of the issues we had with running an emulated version on X-Box was that we had severe input lag with the PS=>usb converters for certain PCBs. There are currently some decent PS=>DC converters, but I’ve heard of all sorts of problems with converters across other platforms.

And for the record, a couple of these guys actually own ST boards (in some cases more than one), so emulating isn’t illegal when we do it.

I’ll be at the next one, so we can try out the new AE

we’re going to need a modded PS2 though, anyone have one?

Well, what the hell is the point of getting all these exotic versions of ST when STHD is around the corner. For the time being we can just play on cab. Nobody opposes doing tournaments on Beasley’s machine, why so much resistance for using the smaller cab? I hate jap sticks with a furious passion, but I still engage in fisticuffs because I am fearless and enjoy the challenge.

Why the fuck do we need to bend over backwards for this game. The cabinet is sitting there staring at us. If it had feelings, it would be crying. It is like the perfect woman waiting for her knight in shining armor, however, the knight in shining armor is too busy getting his rocks off at the local brothel with much more inferior females.

Evo is done, and so is CCC2. That shit is garbage. Real talk.

something to think about?

I have no objections. It’s a console version (with all the benefits that entails), most people in this scene already own a DC, and Grand Master Challenge can be found on TDC2. I’ve even got 2 Innovation converters for training sessions.

The question now is, are the differences in the DC version acceptable to all?

  • NKI and Sirlin have both said that accusations of the sprites being off are questionable. The sprites aren’t actually off, just that the CPS2 version of the game stretches the image for RGB dimensions whereas the DC version has black boarders.

  • Ken, Dhalsim, and Sagat being able to do reversal supers can be remedied in the dip switches; though someone should probably lookup how to do this and post it.

  • The delay at the start of rounds (after “Fight”) isn’t really a big issue in this game. This ain’t Marvel, and the opening attacks rarely connect, nor are they as devastating. IMHO, the only character that this really affects would be Boxer.

Other thoughts? Again, the question is whether this is a good enough version to use in tournament play until HD sees widespread play.

I’ve got a save file with all the dipswitch menus and hidden options and shit unlocked, so we shouldn’t have a problem doing that

I also heard from a reliable source that ST:HD is actually using the DC source code!

Does that file fix the dip switches for Ken/Dhalsim/Sagat’s reversal supers? Bring that VMU to Beasley’s next time so that I can copy the file. Does the save file work with TDC2? My MvC2 file works with TDC2, so I’d presume that all is well with the world.

Did EVO switch from DC to PS2 because Anniversary Collection was a better port? Was it because they wanted to change from ST to AE? Or was it just because it was a newer release?

here’s all the dipswitch info:

and yes, it works with TDC2

I have no idea

I never ever ever wanna play on CCC2 again. I agree with everything Pablo says. He’s on point like Steve Nash, the cabinet is dope I was able to bust out Dictator combos and supers like it was cake son!

Use anything, just don’t use CCC please.

Whoa, under the “Secret Options” section, it says that I have to beat the game with all 32 characters just to dip switches? I’ll just copy your save file, if that’s alright with you.

The cabinet would be tight if there was more room and the control panel wasn’t so slanted, but even if the cabinet was hella nice, that doesn’t help Portland. Should we start playing on the DC version?

Since I actually have funds, I’m looking into Super Gun options. Right now it’s looking like MAS or bust. If anyone wants to kick me some info about this or has a reliable place to by pre-built, high quality ones let me know.

Direct copy of a post I made about Guns and where to buy

For manufactured 'Guns:

Great Western Trading Company

Arcade in a Box’s Jamma In a Box

Mas Systems SuperNOVA

Custom Jobs

D-Lite’s site, good dude, am having him make me one right now.

Neo-Geo forums

I believe there are several on NG that make 'Guns, not all have custom for purchase setups but check the selling forums guns popup a decent amount.

shmups forums

Same have a decent amount of Guns popup in the sale forum.

From what could see, none of those sites offer superguns that permit PSX inputs. They all have those serial inputs that I see certain Massystems sticks being packed with (no doubt for use with their own supergun). IMHO, not being able to let players use their own controls means that we might as well play on the cab. Anyone know of places that sell superguns that allow for standard Playstation inputs?

They dont exist, Ive checked into it. Basically youd have to create an encoder to go from DB port to PS, its doable but none are out yet that I know of, laugh says he might be making some but not 100% yet