Not Only Final Destination! - Stages Discussion

With so much emphasis placed on the roster… people haven’t been discussing the stages much.

Of course for 1v1 no items, Final destination and battlefield seem to be common, but I think there are alot of amazing stages, both competitive and for casual play.

Personal I enjoy most of them. I find the Mushroomy Kingdom stage amazing personally, as long as with its alternate underground variant. Mario Kart stage is also a favorite of me , probably because of fond memories of that game.

Stages I hate playing on are New Pork City and Hyrule Temple… probably because I play Ike alot and huge open stages are not his friend…

The stage builder is also pretty awesome, and playing with the stage of the day from nintendo has been pretty cool, though the two i’ve played have been somewhat plain so far.

I haven’t gotten around to building my own stages yet, but I’m sure some people have made some amazing creations. It’s just unfortunate they can’t be used online.

nah no doubt New Pork is balls.

Current favorites are Delfino, Castle Seige, Bridge of Eldin, GHZ, and Spear Pillar.

Spear Pillar is god tier.

Theres a reason those legendary pokemon appear there.

Other personal favorites are Delfino, Castle Siege (stage if gorgeous), The Halberd (best music imo), and well hmm

Frigate Orpheon.

Spear Pillar while awesome, must go for serious play for obvious reasons. Castle Siege is a stay, so is Battlefield, Delfino, Skyworld, Shadow Moses, Smashville, and Yoshi’s Island. The others are debatable.

Lylat Cruise doesn’t have any background interference, right?

Nope. Just some arwings shooting at asteroids.

New Pork is WAAAAY too huge

I coulda sworn I got shot by an arwing in Lylat… I could be wrong. I hate Skyworld, I always get fucked over by the platforms one way or another:shake:

Current Faves: Port Dive, Frigate Orpheon, Mushroomy Kingdom, and Mario Circuit.

New Pork City is DAT BULLSHIT.

I must be the only one that likes New Pork City. :sad:

Lylat is an awesome stage but sucks for long distance WiFi, I’ve gotten a few disconnects and laggy gameplay from that stage alone.

The new Yoshi Story > Old Yoshi Story stage.

Yer thinking about Corneria form Melee

Isn’t it a Yoshi’s Island stage, not Yoshi’s Story?

QFT. Whatever the name is.

Fucking hate that Flat Land…

I like Delfino and Lylat and Halberd, too.

Well the design is in the spirit of the Melee stage, but the design is much better overall and is less restricting.

no im thinking of Lylat lol. Im just most likley wrong.

I really like the bridge of eldin, mariokart, lylat cruise, halberd, aerodive (even though it isnt as forgiving as mute city was), regular old battlefield and frigate orpheon.

edit-fuck new pork city

Pictochat is pro.

Bridge of eldin and mario circuit FTW:rock:

New Pork City fucking sucks. It’s so damn big your characters are like, an inch tall.

Yoshi’s Island level ftw

Oh, and fuck New Pork City.